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Can't GLOW wrong with these girls 🌟#gcuwelcomeweek2017

Me and thunder are pretty stoked about it being GCU welcome week! Welcome to the herd new lopes!πŸ’œπŸ€˜πŸΌ #gcuwelcomeweek2017 #gcuwelcomecrew2017

ITS GCU MOVE IN DAY! Officially said bye to community college a few weeks ago, and saying hello to university life #GCUWelcomeWeek2017 #LookAtAllMyCrap

#fbf to my GCU new student orientation, from earlier this summer. #gcuwelcomeweek2017 starts this Monday!

Best car dec of the day. #gcuwelcomeweek2017

And we are done moving in students πŸ’œπŸ€˜πŸ»#gcuwelcomeweek2017 #gcuvolunteer2017

Meet the Isom's.
Moving from their home state of Texas 6 years ago to Phoenix with one goal in mind - start a family and start a church that would love the lost, make disciples, train leaders and plant more churches - locally and globally. This Sunday - Pastor Bryson, Marlee, Asher Ross and Lively Rose would love to meet you at the GCU Fall Kickoff - come by and say Hi. You'll be glad you did. Fun starts at 5pm - See you there! #bettertogether #gcu2021 #gcuwelcomeweek2017

Root Beer floats at Zoyo Neighborhood Yogurt at Grand Canyon University Welcome Week!!! How are you going to Froyo at Zoyo this semester GCU? #howdoyoufroyoatzoyo #zoyogurt #zoyo #gcu #gcuwelcomeweek2017


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Hey! On Oct 1. at our NEXT STEP event we are partnering with several great organizations. Take a look. More to come soon! #actnow
@gcuyounglife .
#gcu2021 #bettertogether #gcuwelcomeweek2017 #gcu #lopesup #lopes

How can I help? We have Community Groups preparing to give, go, and serve this week end. If you want to jump in with them - email us today at hello@valleylife.church or DM us right here. Thanks for jumping in - in prayer, in giving and in going. #bettertogether #gcu2021 #gcuwelcomeweek2017

We are praying for Houston and surrounding areas today. We have Community Groups preparing to give, go, and serve. If you want to jump in with them - email us today at hello@valleylife.church or DM us right here. Thanks for jumping in - in prayer, in giving and in going. #bettertogether #gcu2021 #gcuwelcomeweek2017

Thank you.
From Pastor Bryson...
"Thank you to all who came out to the GCU Fall Kickoff - we had a blast connecting with you. Huge thanks to everyone who served so well. I am beyond proud of all of you. The best is yet to come! Join us this Sunday for an incredible night of worship as we jump back into our new series - The Pursuit of Happiness. Look forward to seeing you there! We are praying you have a great 1st week of school. Do work!"
#bettertogether #gcu2021 #gcuwelcomeweek2017

Food is ready and hot. Come and get it. #gcu2021 #gcuwelcomeweek2017 #bettertogether

Ready to go! --->>> 1hr.
GCU Fall Kickoff at 5pm. See ya there! #gcu2021 #gcuwelcomeweek2017 #bettertogether

Powered by Stampede and Volunteers. Getting ready for the GCU Fall Kickoff - serving, feeding, connecting with hundreds of GCU students. Party starts at 5pm! #gcu2021 #gcuwelcomeweek2017 #bettertogether

Today @ 5pm...
- DJ Who - Shaved Ice - Free Food .... and more!
Bring a friend! Come by and say Hi. You'll be glad you did. #gcu2021 #gcuwelcomeweek2017

Today is the day. What day? GCU Fall Kickoff at 5pm - we are hustling around getting ready for the party. Can't wait! Wait...Where is it, again? Between the Encanto dorms and the Arena there will be two main entrances and gates will be open. Look for the canopies and Follow the music. See you there! #bettertogether #gcu2021 #gcuwelcomeweek2017

Can't GLOW wrong with these girls 🌟#gcuwelcomeweek2017

Because I'm at college this week for #gcuwelcomeweek2017 , I wasn't able to see them today. But thankfully, my memories with them made this year's #nationaldogday still worth celebrating! Hang on guys, and I'll see you soon!

1 day away!!!
It's here - almost! GCU Fall Kickoff is tomorrow at 5pm. Feat - GCU Alumni - DJ Who aka @iamjonesoneone ---> Join us as we Serve, Feed, and Connect with hundreds of new and returning GCU students. #bettertogether #gcu2021 #gcuwelcomeweek2017

Thank you to everyone who attended our Welcome Week Workshops!! We are so happy that we got the opportunity to help you start your year off informed and ready for academic success! πŸ’œπŸ€˜ .
#gculounge #gculopes #gcu2021 #lopesrising #gcubound #gcuwelcomeweek2017 #college #collegelife #academicsuccess #freshman #gcu2020 #gculopes #grandcanyonuniversity #welcomeweek #gculearninglounge #followtheLEADers

Groups are more than bible studies or fun social clubs. It is a family of broken people doing life with broken people: eating together, serving together, sharing together and worshipping together. Community Groups meet all over the city at different times and locations - you can sign up and find out more this Sunday at the GCU Fall Kickoff at 5pm - all questions and opportunities can be found at the Info Table - stop by, say Hi and ask about Groups near you. #bettertogether #gcu2021 #gcuwelcomeweek2017

Welcome Week is coming to an end and the beginning of my last semester of undergrad is going to be starting soon! Volunteering one last time was a blast and even though it was HOT, I will miss it. 3 years of volunteering for welcome week βœ”οΈ .
#gcuvolunteer2017 #gcu #lopesup #senioryear #lopecountry #3years #gcuwelcomeweek2017 #gcuwelcomeweek

Heads up.
We have a busy Fall on the way. Be sure to mark your calendars now.
Aug 27 - GCU Fall Kickoff @ 5pm

Sept 11 - Newcomers Dessert @ 7pm

Sept 17 - 2021 Night & Community Groups Launch

Sept 24 - GCU Night of Worship @ 5pm

Sept 25 - Membership Class @ 6pm
Oct 1 - Next Step Fair @ 5pm

Oct 8 - Special Guest Speaker !!! .

Oct 15 - Dating/Sex/Marriage Series*** ..... #bettertogether #gcu2021 #gcuwelcomeweek2017

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