Wow! Look at all that hard work paying off! @debtfreeshopaholic_ is really killing it!
How many charts have you filled in so far?

Here's my grocery bill from this morning, and coincidentally the #frugallivingchallengeday4 topic is groceries! Keeping an eye on sales and buying in bulk cheap and utilizing the freezer is something I'll be doing all month long, but $37.80 is so much cheaper than my old grocery bills! In one trip, for just us two people I could easily spend $100. The difference is, now I shop my pantry FIRST and this supplements it! From the meal plan from Day 3, I already have chicken, rice, corn, pot roast fixings (just not the seasoning), ground beef, spaghetti sauce, and soup! What I purchased today will last us both until Memorial Day! I'm so glad I signed up for these challenges by @sweetfrugallife because it's definitely going to be saving me money!

Hahaha this is SO true. I was at a friend’s birthday party when someone mentioned “Dave Ramsey’s methods...” and I basically jumped on them and recited the baby steps like an eager soldier. #Repost @thedebtfreeguys with @get_repost
This is so true. I swear I want to become friends with anyone that mentions Dave’s name. There is nothing like finding likeminded people.
#debtfreecommunity #debtfreejourney #babystep2 #daveramsey

May totals are in and holy hell!!! I can’t believe that I was able to pay off so much in my first month on this journey! I was able to know out 3 loans (Mom, sister and 1 student loan) and get my total under $40,000! I am so proud and happy to see all the overtime and hard work pay off! #debtfreecommunity#debtfreejourney#daveramsey#debtisdumb#debtfreedom#debtsnowball#cashisking#gazelleintense#livelikenooneelse#financialpeace

Discover card knew we were struggling! When our minimum payments didn't cover the monthly interest And put us over our credit line.
We are now on a payment plan with them for the next 12 months with a reduced interest rate.

1 year into our #debtfreejourney this is how much less debt we have. Its a small # compared to do many others in the #debtfreecommunity . But to us it's huge. In the last year we have used and replenished our emergency fund 3 times , actually incurred more debt do to how minimum payments and interest rates worked out for awhile, and no longer have any debts under $5,000.

I've renamed my June Minimalism Challenge to End of May Minimalism Challenge because I just couldn't wait! So last night my husband and I went through our closet and picked out 56 items to donate/give away! Total would actually be 222 from a couple days ago and today but Jon didn't want me to give away a stress ball that is an accurate representation of a globe. We throw it around from time to time and it's fun for us to share so I said, "ok, let's keep it!" The total would be 465 for the month so I'm still working on it!

It’s a known fact that free food tastes better than food you’ve paid for.

•Tightwad Tip Tuesday•
This may seem like a no brainer but the tip for today is...drink water! It’s the cheapest beverage available but there are so many other great reasons to drink water.
•Increases Energy & Relieves Fatigue.
•Promotes Weight Loss.
•Flushes Out Toxins.
•Improves Skin Complexion.
•Maintains Regularity.
•Boosts Immune System.
•Natural Headache Remedy.
•Prevents Cramps & Sprains.
These benefits can help you save money on healthcare and personal care so, in turn, water can save us a lot more than just the cost of a beverage. Even if you choose filtered/bottled water, it’s still cheaper than buying any other beverage. Think of how much you could save in a year’s time if you cut out every other drink except water.
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ATTENTION ATTENTION! Yesterday my personal loan I took out to consolidate my credit card debt is now $0.00!! I worked 7 days a week since the end of January just so that I can make extra money to put towards this debt of $4,500. Well I am proud to say that I officially done with this debt and I am officially consumer debt free! Next up is my student loans! •

#debtfreecommunity #debtfreejourney #debtfree #debtfreegoals #financiallyfree #gazelleintense #debtfreeliving #debtisdumb

Just a reminder for Tuesday morning.

Finally start the new job I managed to get in a couple of days! It's been a long wait and I never would have found the confidence to negotiate my new salary and working hours without the support of the #debtfreecommunity . So here's to more money and less hours! Can't wait to have extra time to put to my side hustles and get started on what I think might actually be my dream job! Thank you all for your support!!!
#debt #totalmoneymakeover #daveramsey #babystep2 #gazelleintense #debtfreejourney #newjob #sidehustle #killingit #confidenceiskey #cashisking

Do you know how much interest your debt accrues each day? It can be a pretty eye opening calculation. And if you are on the fence about getting started aggressively paying down your debt, or not feeling as gazelle-intense as you’d like, this calculation can help. ———————————
To figure it out, just convert your interest rate to a decimal (5.625% —> 0.05625) and multiply it out like this: interest rate x current loan balance = interest accrued in a year. Divide that number by 365 to see how much interest accrues on your loan in a day (or by 12 to see how much monthly interest accrues). ——-——————————
At the beginning of this year, my loan accrued $14.17 in interest every single day! That’s $430/month just to interest! I had to throw every penny at this thing to start making headway. And the first $430/month didn’t even count. And y’all my standard regular payment on this loan is $591. How long do you think it would take me to get out of debt at that rate?! $160/month to principal on a six figure loan?!?! I’d never get out!!! ———————————
After a few months of gazelle-intensity, my daily interest has decreased a ton! It’s still around $320/month, but that’s $100 less per month in interest than at the beginning of this year. ———————————-
Have you ever calculated this number for your debt? What’s your daily interest look like? I encourage you to figure it out! It may help you put a few extra dollars toward your debt!

When it’s your birthday and your husband decides to be a wise guy 😂🎂🎈🎁#totalmoneymakeover #gazelleintense #debtisdumb #daveramsey #debtfreecommunity #babystep2

Ahhhhh. The smell of $0 credit card debt is so refreshing in the morning. 🐸☕️ thanks @financiallifocused 😘

we have to stop and remind ourselves to enjoy this debt free journey for what it is— remember— this too shall pass 😊🌸✨
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This is my new frugal way of thinking! Im done buying things JUST for the sake of convenience. I'm gonna make do with what I have or follow all these steps FIRST!

A zero balance never gets old!! Bye BofA 👋👋👋.

I posted at the beginning of the year I desperately needed to take control of my finances. It was common to dread checking my account as I needed money to get to work, seeing minus £90, stressing because that direct debit will mean a £10 charge, then asking my partner to borrow some money till pay day and the cycle continued even when I first began my journey. I got into this terrible rut of living with little money, paying my bills and making do. But I knew things had to change, budgeting and balancing, tracking my spending and checking my daily account, noting my DD dates were afew of the tricks. That dreaded feeling of checking my balance has gone because I don't spend! The beauty of a no spend period is your purse has a break from the purchases and the money just...stays there, It doesn't disappear.

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