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Hanging out with our new mate, Priscilla the Penguin at Punta Tomba in @chubutpatagonia Argentina. There's around 1 million of these cute Magellanic penguins here. What makes them more endearing, they normally mate for life and are often seen hanging out together in their nest.

Can't wait for a bed day tomorrow! With @dsquared2 underwear 💪🏻 @prowleruk

You're probably telling me I'm sexy, but I can't hear ya... (hint, you need to shout louder)
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📸: @photostoryjoannabladh

Details from latest blog post up on thomasfalkenstedt.com, click link in bio or just type that in your browser!

Know yourself ▫️ Know your worth 👋🏻


Snapchat craziness

When pizza is life 🙌🏼
It's all for the gains 😂
#pizza #gains #muscle #cheatday #gay #gayuk #gym #instagay #chill #arms #gayboy

Finally made a Facebook page link in my bio! Would appreciate the love if you could like and share ❤️🌏

Selfie from when I was at the gym a few hours ago :D #gym #getfit #instagood

I've picked who I want to win #eurovision and I've had this song on constant repeat 😍 #yodelit #ilinca #alexflorea #romania

Feeling very honoured and overwhelmed, my best friend asked me to be her Bridesman/Man of Honour...

Hurry up and get to Toronto, @eggbort - I'm running out of decent pictures of the two of us!

Holiday Throwback - October 2016, Beach Selfie! This picture epitomises all that's wrong with trying to catch the sun at a particular angle that compliments your face and also gets the Sea in the background! Still posting it though because as awkward as my expression is (the sun = fabulous lighting, terrible squint factor) it's the best I have. One day (God willing) I'll look back on the days of my youth and appreciate all the aesthetics I complain about now; i.e. the occasional dullness of my complexion, new wrinkles or the size of my nose (cartilage doesn't stop growing)! We don't know what we've got until it's gone, so I'm learning to appreciate all that I have now...

"#Fight , just a little."
I'm so in love with @racheltucker01's version of #SheUsedToBeMine ! I could watch it all day. But as I do, I'm reminded that I had such an awesome time in London again this week, as I always do and as I was only saying on here yesterday! This time watching one of my favourite performers in a stunning live music venue, after enjoying some delicious Japanese food and wandering around a sea of different people.
London has always been a vibrant, exciting, diverse and inspiring place for me... And for millions of others; and it will continue to be so. London, and free people across the world, will continue to live and to love and to die in pursuit of #freedom and #safety for EVERYONE; everyone that allows those that do no harm to be free, everyone that protects those in need, everyone that treats those most different to themselves with respect and everyone that refuses to be terrorised or intimidated into diminishing their enjoyment or fulfillment in their own life! #BeSafe , but more importantly #BeStrong . ▪️ ▪️ ▪️ ▪️ ▪️ #London #StandWithLondon #Westminster #StayStrong #livemusic #Waitress #fun #love #nightout #LiveAtZedel #RachelTucker #Wicked #WickedtheMusical #WickedUK #gay #gayuk #bi #biUK #TeamBi #instahomo #instagay #gaystagram #GayLondon

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