This has been my motto for years now. Never listen to the people who put you down, or question your goals. Never let anything get in the way of you achieving your dreams! @sbd.usa @sbdapparel @xploape @w.o.w_straps @theheliopatch

The training is almost done, only a few more days to dial everything in and then it’s off to @theworldsstrongestman. All of the hours in the gym come down to this. Time to focus on being the best version of myself and bring the strongest package to the competition!! @sbd.usa @sbdapparel @xploape @uniconutrition @w.o.w_straps @theheliopatch

Quick chest, shoulders, tris rest

In order to be the best, you have to surround yourself with the best. The saying goes “if you’re the strongest guy in your gym, it’s time to find a new gym”. Im honored to be able to stand on the same stage and compete with athletes like @savickas_bigz and @thorbjornsson . Next week at @theworldsstrongestman all of the hours of training and all of the sacrifices come together and I get to shock the world! @sbd.usa @sbdapparel @xploape @w.o.w_straps @theheliopatch @uniconutrition

No matter how many times you do this event, it never gets easier. The only thing you can do is put your head down, and embrace the suck! @theworldsstrongestman is only a little over a week away, time to shock the world and prove that I’m one of the strongest men in the world!💪🏼🌈 @xploape @sbd.usa @sbdapparel @uniconutrition @theheliopatch @w.o.w_straps

Just trying to catch up with @worlds_strongest_gay in the strength department. He can’t be the only strong gay around here 😜💁🏻‍♂️

“You are not just doing it for yourself. Your transformation can inspire others”. Starting this journey 9 years ago, my goal was to prove to everyone else and myself that I was strong even though I was afraid to come out as gay. Physically and Mentally today, I am the strongest I have ever been. @jaleixo has pushed me to become a better me with his constant love and support. And together we want to break the stereotype that gay guys can’t be strong(men). @xploape @sbd.usa @sbdapparel @uniconutrition @theheliopatch @w.o.w_straps

From competing in backyards, to stepping on the biggest strongman stage ever in front of 12,000 people. 9 years of hard work. 9 years of not listening to people tell me I would fail. 9 years of dedication, determination and working harder than anyone else. Don’t let anyone dictate your future, you hold all the cards, you are in charge of your destiny. @xploape @sbd.usa @sbdapparel @theheliopatch @w.o.w_straps @uniconutrition

“Behind every strongman is an even stronger man.” Thank you @jaleixo for your continued support, your undying love and your amazing ability to annoy the shit out of me and somehow make me love you even more.

I have arguably one of the most competitive groups at @theworldsstrongestman this year. Being amongst these great athletes is an honor, but it also lights a fire in me to prove that I am one of the best in the world. Time to show what #kearneypower is all about! @xploape @sbdapparel @sbd.usa @w.o.w_straps @theheliopatch @uniconutrition

This is the 200kg/441lb Log press from this past weekend. Not living up to my potential only motivates me to work harder and push farther. @theworldsstrongestman is just a few short weeks away and nothing will get in the way of me reaching my goals!!! @xploape @sbdapparel @w.o.w_straps @sbd.usa @realprepinc @theheliopatch

Being able to watch @worlds_strongest_gay compete at the Log Lift Championships at @europestrongest this past weekend has put a 🔥 under my 🍑!! Seeing all his hard work and dedication into this sport makes me love him even more!

This weekend may not have gone as planned, but I was still able to show my strength and put on a show. I have some weaknesses to work on for the next year and I promise I’ll be better. Thank you to @lightningfitness860 for giving me the best gym to train in and my fans for pushing me harder than ever to reach the top! I have big plans for 2018 and this is just the beginning!
Thank you to my amazing sponsors @xploape @sbd.usa @sbdapparel @w.o.w_straps @realprepinc for the amazing and continued support throughout my journey!


Amazing fan art by @timidknight08 l!! Excited to spend the weekend with my main squeeze @jaleixo at the @giantslivewsm Log Lift World Challenge at the @firstdirectarena!! It’s go time!! @sbd.usa @sbdapparel @xploape @theheliopatch @realprepinc @w.o.w_straps

This weekend I step onto the biggest stage of all at the @firstdirectarena for the @giantslivewsm Log Lift World Challenge to prove that I am one of the best Log pressers in the world!! Competing in front of 12,000 people is a dream come true... now it’s time to unleash the #kearneypower @xploape @sbd.usa @sbdapparel @theheliopatch @w.o.w_straps @realprepinc

Feeling nice and snappy! Last final log presses before this coming weekend, just dialing in the technique and being perfect! Thanks at @rossr813 for the help and video!
@sbd.usa @sbdapparel @xploape @theheliopatch @realprepinc @w.o.w_straps @giantslivewsm @theworldsstrongestman

Death by Log 💀 😳

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