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This boy 😍😍😍!! He's amazing, funny, annoying, cute, smart, frustrating and absolutely perfect for me. Can't wait to get home to him tomorrow πŸ’™πŸ’™ @jaleixo

Our girl @dominiquerae__ just moved into her new place:) she's a full blown adult now😍❀️πŸ’ͺ🏼 good job!!:) Im sore from moving her furniture up those stairs
#gaystrength #gay #friends #adulting #loveyou

Second present from my friends to decorate and organize my office! Bringing it from home was its own special treat. Thanks to @a_lover_and_a_fighter, @jmiguelfit, @emshadow, and @rminerath! #sweatyboy #gaystrength #muscles #victory

I had such an amazing time competing against some great athletes at the Lift for Autism. Competing alongside @kearney_robert was everything I could have asked for. He helped me push through the day and made sure I did my best in every event. Great energy and vibes from everyone!! #gaynz #gaystrongman #liftforautism #strongman #gaystrength

Beautiful days makes me feel ready for another journey!Good morning!

"Train to be the person they said you'd never become"
@sbdapparel @sbd.usa @startingstrongman @theheliopatch @w.o.w_straps

Can't wait to watch this guy compete and crush it at the @internationalstrongman competition today! You've worked your butt off for this! It's go time @worlds_strongest_gay ! πŸ’ͺ🏼


"Train to be the person they said you'd never become"
@sbdapparel @sbd.usa @startingstrongman @theheliopatch @w.o.w_straps

Deficit deadlifts and mermaid spandex 😍

My sunday quote !! πŸ‘¬πŸ‘¬ cant wait to have a family because it be all worth it !! No difference once you give love to your family !! πŸ™‹ #gay #gaylove #gaystrength #gayo #gays #gayproud #proud #beyourself #love #alwayslove #beyou #beyourself #family #loveispowerful #instalove #instagay #familytaught #happy #happyny #πŸ‘¬ #😍 #πŸ’™

The face you make when @jaleixo won't stop annoying you.... #gaypowershark

Today I won the Canadian National Log Press Championship at the @wallysclassic with a lift of 452.5lbs (206kg). Such a fun day competing with @ironbiby and @max.boudreault23 . Thank you @jaleixo for making the 7 hour drive with me and being the best copilot/coach ever! Now time for a break from competing for a few months!! @sbdapparel @sbd.usa @startingstrongman @w.o.w_straps @theheliopatch @wallysclassic @kingsoftheoverheadpress

The final event of @giantslivewsm ... the atlas stones! Ranging from 275lbs - 410lbs I finished in 24 seconds which was good for 2nd place and securing my 1st place finish in the competition! @sbd.usa @sbdapparel @w.o.w_straps @startingstrongman @theheliopatch

Event #4 at @giantslivewsm was the carry/drag medley and I got to go against @nickbeststrongman. 350lbs farmers in each hand and an 800lb chain drag. I took 2nd place to @aj_derks in this event finishing just over 12 seconds! @sbd.usa @sbdapparel @startingstrongman @w.o.w_straps @theheliopatch

Event #3 from @giantslivewsm was the Deadlift. 765lbs (348kgs) for max reps. The number to beat was 8, and second place had 5. Going into this event, the number in the head was between 6-8 reps. Stopped at 6 to secure 2nd place in this event. @sbd.usa @sbdapparel @startingstrongman @w.o.w_straps @theheliopatch

Event #2 from @giantslivewsm .... the press medley! 172lb DB, 230lb Block, 362lb axle, 375lb Log... first place on this event in 30 seconds! @sbd.usa @startingstrongman @w.o.w_straps @theheliopatch @kingsoftheoverheadpress @proteindynamix @sbdapparel

Event #1 from the @giantslivewsm North American Championship, 900lb (410kg) yoke x 60' against @ironbiby. Finished 1st in this event in 7.25 seconds @sbd.usa @startingstrongman @w.o.w_straps @theheliopatch @proteindynamix @sbdapparel

GIANTS LIVE NORTH AMERICAN CHAMPION!! πŸ’ͺ🏼@worlds_strongest_gay !! I am so proud of all the hard work and dedication you've put into training and competing in the sport of strongman. You deserve this win and a spot at WSM (@theworldsstrongestman) next year!! πŸ’ͺ🏼 This weekend was amazing and getting to share it with friends who enjoy the sport as much as you is priceless! Finally, a big shout out to Aaron and Jess Molin and their amazing parents for giving us the opportunity to come and be apart of this amazing contest every year!

Today I competed at the @giantslive North American Championship. I had my mind set on winning and that's exactly what I did!!! This guarantees my spot at the 2018 @theworldsstrongestman !!!!! I can't thank @jaleixo enough for everything he did for me today and throughout this entire competition season.... "behind every strongman is an even stronger... man?" @sbd.usa @startingstrongman @w.o.w_straps @theheliopatch

So proud to see all your hard work pay off @worlds_strongest_gay and see you on the big screen for WSM @theworldsstrongestman !!

Tonight on @cbssports at 9pm EST, tune into @theworldsstrongestman and watch the most gorgeous strongman in the history of EVER (me) compete in Botswana! @startingstrongman @sbd.usa @w.o.w_straps @theheliopatch

Competing this weekend at @giantslivewsm in Martinsville, IN. The stone series isn't too heavy, but the platforms are HIGH! here is 275lbs to 72" during one of my last training sessions! @sbd.usa @w.o.w_straps @theheliopatch

Just imagining that this log was a burrito 🌯🀀

#tbt 8 years ago on the left... 17 years old and a 425lb axle Deadlift. On the right, 25 years old and a 925lb Deadlift!! Amazing what happens when you stay consistent and always stay focused on your goals. "Train to become the person they said you'd never be" @sbd.usa @startingstrongman @w.o.w_straps @theheliopatch

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