Today is the day! Glitter & Sawdust is officially OUT. I'm still overwhelmed by all the love last night at the release party. You are all incredible. Thank you to my amazing band and all our dear friends who came out to celebrate with us. Thanks to @kandthesorrows and @mylo_cs And everyone at @cmoneverybodybk . And a big thank you to the many many people who made this album. Without your time and talents this never would have happened. I'm incredibly grateful and humbled. In no particular order I want to say thanks to; our producer @fancyassmusic , you understood my vision from day one. The top notch musicians who played on the record and at the show; @mayonemusic @sunshinenightsmusic @folllowthemusic @jackalate @davidcohnmusic @studiotangent @williethomashuston @ericbazilian @aronblue Hannah Thompson, Matt Doctor, and our engineers @dbow_bowman and Alex McCollough. Our visual team; @mondoguerra @mikhailtorich @electrickiwi, @flippeout @jvdesigner , my publicists @eileenshapiro and @jimmystarsworld and my family and friends who supported me throughout this journey. We are just getting started!! So excited to hit the road and share this music with anyone who will listen. I believe in Glitter & Sawdust and I'm extremely proud what we've done. If you haven't heard it, I hope you'll listen and maybe share it with a friend or two. Thank you times a million for infinity. Honky tonk hugs and cowboy kisses. 🤠🌈💋 PS - thanks @_dearest_prudence_ for the champs! 🍾

#tbt to this fun shoot in Nashville! 📸 by @matthewsimmonsphoto 👔 by @pvrofficial

"Why queer country music? Because sometimes you love a culture that doesn’t love you back. And when everyone came to the first Gay Ole Opry in April of 2011 in all their country finery, we knew we weren’t alone." Don't miss #GayOleOpry's Spring Fling: Marlene Thaws Out on Monday 3/12. Tickets are only $10, available now at citywinery.com/nashville, link in bio. #marlenetwitty #nashville #nashvilletn #lgbtqnashville #nashvillelgbtq #citywinery #citywinerynashville #do615 #615 #nashvillenights #livemusicnashville #musiccity #downtownnashville @marlenetwittyfargo

Over the past decade I’ve photo-documented and witnessed first hand rapid changes in our precious #queercommunity but there’s certain things that sure doesn’t seem like it’s changing, suicide being a piece of that. Bryn Kelly was a creative powerhouse and one heck of a gorgeous goddess. Her intensity was so palpable to me when I photographed her, I loved it. On January 13th, 2016 Bryn Kelly killed herself, much to the shock of so many in the #lgbtqcommunity . Bryn’s memorial was held on February 7, 2016, heartbroken community members filled St John the Divine’s in #NYC, front to the very last pew.
I’m posting these photos intentionally on #wcw because Bryn crushed it in music, activism, the arts, fashion, mentoring trans women who were new to transitioning or writing & zine making and... she crushed it at pure talent! I have no doubt her amazingness embodied many more outlets than I can possibly list. It’s evident our community is still grappling with her loss, god knows it sure was felt when I was covering #anothercountry , the queer #country #musicfestival this past summer.—————————————————————
#queercountry #gayoleopry #suicide #mtf #transwoman #transphobia #musician #lgbtphotography #queerphotography #queerlife #rememberance #heartbroken #queerappalachia #womencrushwednesday #womeninmusic #author #zine #hivpositive #transrightsarehumanrights #oneofthem #gendernonconforming #transrights #instaqueer

Myself & @__bryn_____ /#brynkelly on stage at the first #gayoleopry in Brooklyn. This weekend is the anniversary of #brynkelly choosing to explore what comes after this consciousness. At the time I could never imagine being able to find any light in such darkness. Being able to read all of your responses & feels yesterday that y’all are having for the zine helped. This project started out as a memorial zine, to help work through grief for a group of friends. Thanks to you, it’s become so much more.
Through our combined social media we get to connect with 36K queers that call home below the #masondixon everyday. We’ve been able to donate money to @ignitekindred, #j20defencefund, @folksouth, @translifeline and many of your crowdfunding campaign‘s. We have raised $30,300.00 to print our zine. Of that $20,000.00 will go back to you through community micro grants. I’m so grateful to y’all for creating a space where this work can be done in Bryn’s memory. Bryn left us with some departing wisdom (2nd Slide) on her last Facebook post before heading to the stars, let’s be kind to one another (& ourselves). Rural HIV positive trans woman, I see you, I read every email, you are not alone. “– YOU HAVE TIGER BLOOD AND ADONIS DNA –
– YOU –
– HAVE –
– T I G E R –
– B L O O D –“ Bryn Kelly, Nov 17 2015 AIDS IS MAGIC #queerohio #queerwestvirginia #queerappalachia #queersouth #electricdirt

"Why queer country music? Because sometimes you love a culture that doesn’t love you back. And when everyone came to the first Gay Ole Opry in April of 2011 in all their country finery, we knew we weren’t alone." Don't miss Homo for the Holidays: A Marlene Twitty-Fargo Christmas on Monday 12/18. Tickets are only $10, available now at citywinery.com/nashville, link in bio. #marlenetwitty #gayoleopry #nashville #nashvilletn #lgbtqnashville #nashvillelgbtq #citywinery #citywinerynashville #do615 #615 #nashvillenights #livemusicnashville #musiccity #downtownnashville

@kandthesorrows new record comes out today and if you don't buy or stream it you are seriously missing out! I just ordered myself a copy of The Narrow Place on vinyl from their band camp. They're seriously one of my favorite bands. Go get it!! I'm so honored to be a part of their release party next month where I'll be playing keys for the legendary Lavender Country. In honor of their release day here's a picture of us from the Gay Ole Opry tour last year when I had short hair and Tami and Karen were fed up with my selfie antics. Congrats on the new album!! Love you guys! ❤🌈

New album fm @kandthesorrows #karenandthesorrows Friday! #TheNarrowPlace #comingsoon to our #podcast. #queercountry #gayoleopry Ode to #brocountry that just might make you rethink the appeal of painted on #daisydukes by the lake. 🤔

Backstage practicin' at Another Country. #Gayoleopry

We made it to Another Country: a queer, trans, and POC country music festival. Get off the Internet and meet us here! Here's a pic of the wonderful Yva Las Vegass!! #gayoleopry #queercountry

Just found this action shot of me singing as #patsycline @steersandqueersparty The Gay Ole Opry last Thursday at the Great Hall. Thank you so much to everyone who came out and to my lovely band @bigtobaccodrums @seanclarkmaclean and Alex for playing with me, having my back and making it all come together so beautifully. #countrystyle #staycoal
#gayoleopry #steersandqueers #singitlikepatsy #strange #walkingaftermidnight #singingcountrysongs #paigeturnerandthesniffers #eclecticcultivation #paigeturnerspreservation

A day for love. Happy Pride! #gayoleopry

Last night was so magical that I thought I would post just one more picture of the amazing @retroretro playing the banjo at #steersandqueers #gayoleopry #allysinchaynes #talentedfriends #magicalevening

Thank you to @seanclarkmaclean for ducking out of work and playing the bass like a boss last night! Super grateful that it all came together the way it did.
#talentedfriends #playingbass #seanclark #paigeturnerandthesniffers #steersandqueers #gayoleopry #thegreathall

Watching @retroretro play the banjo and sing Wagon Wheel made my life complete. Love this magical creature so much!! #gayoleopry #steersandqueers #allysinchaynes #playedthebanjo #mindblown #talentedfriends #staycoal #paigeturnerspreservation

This picture is everything!! I couldn't be happier than I was tucked away in a corner Bobby and Shane.
#steersandqueers #gayoleopry #thegreathall #greatfriends #tuckedawayincorners #intherain #staycoal #paigeturnerspreservation

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