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Off to this parent teacher conference with gigi baby #mydaughter #gaymom #lesbianmom

Moving into 2017 with some inspiration from this power collage I put together. #womensmarch2017 #gaymom #butchmom

📍the toilet ft special guest maggie
#itme #gaymom

Boy you fuckerrr! Enjoying summer in October😆#gaymom #beach #gay #love #sickeningno

Definately look a little more gay than usual. #gaygirlsofinstagram #lesbian #LGBT #gaymom #shavedhead


Lily found out what "gay" meant today. Kids don't make a big deal out of stuff unless you do. She also said that she thinks all bad people should be put in cages with animals that eat meat. Not sure where that one came from. Maybe it was inspired by today's trip to Central Park Zoo. Anyway, here we are at the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop. Literally.

#modelmom #gaymom #keepgoing


ⓨⓐ ⓜ∅ⓜ ⓖⓐⓨ ���
#limbo #mental #420 #gaymom #meme #memes #suicide #kek #spongebob #spongebobmemes #trippy #trippyshirt #alternative #emo #cunt #hentai

It’s my day off! No work after two long 12 hour days. Parent teacher conferences always force me to step way outside my comfort zone. Way out. By the time we’re done...I’m exhausted. (Though these are a lot more relaxed than at the middle school). My bed was cozy. But we’ve got a few things to do today and I know I’m better off getting my sweat on before the boys are up. It helps me to start my day calm and focused. Without it I’m never quite on my A game.
There’s always going to be excuses. There’s always going to be “I’ll do it tomorrow”. But when does tomorrow actually become today?
Do it now. Don’t wait. Take control of your excuses. Be bold. Be you.

Off to this parent teacher conference with gigi baby #mydaughter #gaymom #lesbianmom

“Being a role model is the most powerful form of educating.” John Wooden
I gained a workout buddy this morning. He definitely makes things more challenging-climbing on my leg during uppercut jacks, climbing over me during ab moves, playing with the cords. But he’s always smiling (unless you tell him no) which makes the time go that much faster.
Did you know this is the first generation predicted not to outlive their parents? Obesity is on the rise. Kids don’t know what healthy is (seriously, check out “healthy snack time” in my classroom). They don’t know how to be active. I don’t want that for my boys. I want them to see what healthy is and WANT to follow my lead.
Think about it. What are you telling your kids on a daily basis? It’s never too late.

“Believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable.” We all fight battles in our heads. I haven’t met a person yet that hasn’t.
Today is parent teacher conferences. One of my most dreaded times of the year. Want me to talk to kids? No problem. Talking to adults or in front of peers in a work related event-even on a topic I’m supposed to be an expert on? No thanks. And it’s especially hard when it comes to talking to them about their baby.
Most of the time it’s easier than my mind makes it out to be. At this point, the things most parents are going to hear...they’ve heard it before. And honestly, I think I’ve only had one or two “bad” conferences in my career. But my brain takes control and anxiety sets in.
I know what will help me push through today and I’m going to stick with those things...my workout, Shakeology and probably a few stress pieces of chocolate (just being honest). There’s ways to fight the thoughts in your head-whatever they’re about. Working out is number one for me. And surrounding myself with a supportive group of people. I can be a support for you...if you’re ready.

Hello Susan. ❤
Am 27.11 beginnt endlich die schönste Zeit des Jahres.
Weihnachten 🎄🤶🎅
Da es sicher das letzte Jahr ist an dem Ruth noch an den Weihnachtsmann glaubt, hat er uns auch direkt einen seiner Elfen geschickt. 😍
#elfontheshelf ist eine Tradition aus Amerika. Santa schickt den Kindern einen Elf. Diese geben ihm einen Namen und von dort an ist er Augen und Ohren für Santa. Am Tage beobachtet er die Kinder und des Nachts fliegt er zu Santa und berichten davon. Am nächsten Morgen ist er wieder zurück, aber nicht an dem Ort an dem er Abends gelassen wurde. Jeden Morgen muss also der Elf gesucht werden. 😊 Dieser macht nachts aber auch jede Menge Blödsinn. 😀
Wir dürfen also gespannt sein, was unsere Susan so treibt.
Ich freue mich jetzt schon auf die Vorweihnachtszeit. 🎄❤🎄
#elfontheshelf2017 #elfontheshelf2017🎄🎅 #santaslittlehelper #elfie #elf #christmas #holiday #weihnachten #etderausserirdische #ettheextraterrestrial #achristmastradition #elternblog #familienblog #lifewithkids #gaymom #mommyblogger #hauptstadtmutti #mutterblog #blogger #regenbogenfamilie #lebenmitkindern #räubertochter #lieblingskind #blogger #christmasblogger #EOTS #ElfonShelf #northpole

Today, be the badass girl you were too lazy to be yesterday.
What did you slack on yesterday that could be better today?
Your workout?
Your nutrition?
Your sleep?
Your positive mindset?
Your family?
There’s alway room to grow. Don’t look at yesterday’s slips as failures. Figure out how to be a badass today.

Buuuut he soon forgave me when he got his puppacino for being a good boy at the vet today 😊 #proudmomma #gaymom #dogsofinstagram #starbucks

It’s Monday! My heart is full after a weekend of love. I’m ready to tackle a short school week, conferences and a three day weekend!
But first a workout. A workout that allows me to focus on me and for a few minutes each day at least, allows me to throw out the worries of the day.
How do you start your day? Is it helping or hurting?

It’s 5:30. On a Saturday. The house is quiet and I’ve already crushed a workout and am on my first cup of coffee ready to crush some report cards and school stuff.
Small changes every day lead to this. Get up just a few minutes early every day. After time you’ll find that you want to get up (most days) because you’ll love the feeling of accomplishment you get after a workout.
Small changes. Start today.

Afternoon cuddles belong solely to #Josie #CatsOfInstagram #CatsWhoSmile #GayMom #catmommy

Sometimes I struggle with posting my workouts. True fact.
I’m not as strong as some people. I’m certainly not fast. I have fat to tone up still. My mom pouch is taking forever to shrink (thanks donuts). I can’t jump as high. I’m not comfortable in tight skinny workout clothes that show off my body. Those are thoughts that go through my head daily. Every. Single. Day. No joke.
But every now and again I catch a glimpse of myself in a different light, like today, and I think, “Man! I really have gotten skinny!” And it often doesn’t last long before I wish I had skinnier thighs or that I could last longer in a cardio move or that I had a six pack.
But it’s there. That positive mindset is there. I just have to dig deep. And I’m going to guess most of you have to dig deep too. It’s what we do as humans. We compare. We wish for things to be different.
But how often are we really willing to put in the work? To do something about those negative thoughts? It’s never too late. It’s never a bad time. And there’s never going to be a perfect time either.
But it’s time you start doing something about that negative that creeps in and steals your joy. Start making your own highlight reel.

Me and the handsome on his way to school #myson #my1stborn #alwaysbemybaby #gaymom #lesbianmom #singlemom

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