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clearly confused as to why donald trump/mike pence think they can fuck with LGBTQ+ rights #gayistheway

My Valentine is better than your Valentine. #Balentimes ❤️ #GayIsTheWay

I can't help but love this little shit so much. @jordan721_ Come see us do our thang together today, tomorrow and Friday. WHATTTUP MANSFIELD. 💁🏻💁🏻 @mainstreetstudiosmansfield #jewelrysnobs #lovers #gayistheway

Does your mother know what we get up to after dark? #gals #sass #karokenight #gayistheway

It's 2017 bitches! 📷 creds: @aboydddd

GAY IS THE WAY!😉lol....anyways Remember to be proud in who you are and not let others influence you to be someone you aren't. Today is a day to be who you truly are and have pride. Being lgbtq+ isn't a choice, its just being you and being lucky because we're obviously fab. However, don't feel forced to coming out just because it's national coming out day, that'll come the time and day you feel ready. Today is a time to love and take pride in who you are💪p.s for the ones who for some reason still don't know, well IM GAY😌🌈 #nationalcomingoutday #ImGay #GayIsTheWay #glg

things are getting a LEEtle NUTTy ;) #gayistheway


6 months strong with this beauty , uff it went by too fast , I can't believe it, I got blessed when you came into my life , I'm seriously the most luckiest girl ever , you make me soo happy and complete , you definitely stole my heart baby girl and I'm happy it's you who has it ❤️ you are everything and more to me , you became my Bestfriend in such a short amount of time , you're one of the few that I know will always be here for me when I need you the most . You remind me everyday to stay strong and that everything will be okay , I love you for it more and more everyday , I know we're not perfect but I love how crazy we are I love our relationship up and downs and I wouldn't trade it for the world , you're my grump lol 😂😘💕 this is the start of something that's worth wild ... you and me against the world papa and I'll keep fighting till the last of me 💕😘😍 1022 always babe #wce #Wca #1022 #gayistheway #love #6months #mine #beautiful #baby #likeforlike #iloveyou #forever

My little girl😍

Cant wait to get my hands on her tomorrow.. 😍

Representing the orange in the Rainbow lets throw back to our amazing nominees :) #100coloursofcapetown #lgbtpride #lgbtlove #lgbtcapetown #allforlove #allinpride #gayisokay #gayistheway #hereandqueer #gaygram #colourful #orange #rainbows

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