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Dry erase markers + mirrors = affirmations to the next level
Maybe unconditional love is the only thing that works...!?!
#louisahay #gayhendricks #mattkahn
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#kendinisevmesanati ozellikle #kisiselgelisim alaninda cok okuyanlar icin siradan ve yuzeysel gelecektir. Nefes, afirmasyon, meditasyon, yazma, affetme... gibi her alana azar azar degindiginden olsa gerek okuma kismindan cok hoslanmadim cunku yuzeysel buldum. Ancak icinde bazi uygulamalar var- ki bu yonuyle bir uygulama kitabi diyebiliriz bu kitaba- ve kendini iyilestirme yolunda iyi bir baslangic olabilir bu alistirmalar.
Genel olarak pek hoslanmasam da "her kitaptan alinacak bir ders vardir" inancima riayet edercesine bu cumle cikti karsima. #ofkenlebaris icin katki olarak goruyorum bu cumleyi. "Sorunumuz, hissettigimiz seyi eyleme dokmemiz gerektigine inanmamiz." Bence de sorunumuz bu.


If you have anything holding you back this is the #book for you! #thebigleap #gayhendricks #mastinkipp

|You are right on time. You are standing right where you need to be, right now.| Have you ever heard of the concept of Einstein Time? I've started applying this concept to my life and not to be cliche, but it's been life changing. #gayhendricks #einsteintime @arvo

Really didn’t feel like it today as I’m feeling a little run down but I have walked the tiny pooch, listened to #GayHendricks #TheBigLeap & am back home in the warm 🤗

Current mood: busting through #upperlimits Next leveling everything 👊 #gayhendricks #thebigleap

In the Big leap, New York Times bestselling author Gay Hendricks reveals a simple yet comprehensive program for overcoming our one barrier to happiness and fulfillment , providing a clear path for achieving our true potential and attaining not only financial success but also success in love and life. #thebigleap #gayhendricks # newyorktimesbestsellingauthor #foodformind

Day 2 of a #101daysOfMeditation 🌸🌸🌸✨✨✨ last evenings meditation left me quite tired as I processed huge amount of latent emotions and understood that emotions must be transmuted not pushed down or wished away. #gayhendricks


This weeks Virtual Book Club recommendation📚📲 Conscious Loving Ever After #gayhendricks . ■ □ ▢ ▲ △ ▼ ▽ ◆ ◇ ○ ◎ ● ◯ Δ ◕ ◔

For up & coming Retreats Follow here at @retreat_keeper Retreats hosted by Emily Dawson @imagineican .

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I commit to allowing my full capacity for love & creativity. I expand in love. Abundance. Success. Inspiring those around me to be/do the same. #consciousloving #gayhendricks #thebigleap

New YouTube Video is up. Wie könnt ihr das nächste Level erreichen. Ich stelle euch ein Buch vor, dass euch vielleicht helfen kann💪🏾👊🏽 👉🏾Link in Bio👈🏾

Are you doing what you love to do? Live in your zone of genius. #livinghealthy #livinghappy #gayhendricks #lovemylife #livingthedream #livingmypassion #thisisme #dowhatyoulove

👸📚📖PropelHer's Book Club: January Book Announced! 📖👸📚
On Monday 8th January PropelHer’s Book Club will be discussing The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks.
Are you planning on making big moves in 2018? This book will help you realise what’s been holding you back so you can truly fly in 2018.
Want to know more? Grab a copy and come join one of PropelHer’s discussion groups.
When: Monday 8 January, 7pm
Where: Library, ‪112 St Martin's Lane, London
When: Monday 8 January, 11pm (GMT)
Where: Video conference call
Limited tickets available. Book at https://www.propelher.co.uk/the-big-Leap-book-club/ (link in BIO 👆👆)
#TheBigLeap #GayHendricks #BookClub

Grateful for the gift of BOOKS 📚I Love the feel of turning a page, holding the beautiful literature in my hands ❤️I’ll add I’ve found a new appreciation for audible books and podcasts, so many stellar blogs too! In my years I’ve discovered reading, learning and continuing to explore my mind has kept me from getting stuck in my head. I honestly believe it’s helped with my anxiety as well, and low vibrational energies or patterns I wish to release.
I’m particular Day 6 Gratitude; I’d like to share my gratitude for the The Big Leap, by Gay Hendricks. In briefly to me, the book explains/breaks down some fear based conditioning that has been embedded into us, to limit us and keep us small. If we are living in fear we will always have our guard up, and our intuition disconnected. .
Example of releasing limiting beliefs; on my sunrise drive today admiring the mountains and having immense appreciation for the breathtaking view... all of a sudden a thought came into my head, ‘did I turn my heater off’ ‘did my sage go out this AM’ ‘oh my, is my tent going to be up in flames’. WTF (excuse my language Ma) but wow, negative spiral real quick! Thankfully I recognized, took some deep breaths and released the limiting thoughts. We are all highly capable of releasing what does not belong to us, I believe in Love and will continue to Live in Love all my days! .

#gratitude #gratefulness #grateful #dailygratitude #ILoveBooks #nerdlife #readforlife #Love #TheBigLeap #GayHendricks

Bayangkan anda berbaring diranjang kematian, lalu seseorang bertanya "jika and menganggap kehidupan anda adalah sebuah kegagalan, hal-hap apa saja yang akan anda harapkan dahulu bisa terjadi yang akan membuat hidup and menjadi sebuah keberhasilan

Sambil membayangkan diri diranjang kematian menunggu ajal, Hendrick pun menulis 5 keinginan tentang apa saja yang seharusnya ia lakukan

Kondisi : segel
Penerbit : Kaifa publishing
Harga : 15.000

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Share your gift 🎁 with the world! [and also read “The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks - I just finished it via @audible_com and it blew my mind! 💥]
#thebigleap #gayhendricks #wednesdaywisdom #motivation #denvertherapy #millennial #millennialtherapy #themillennialtherapist #millenialtherapist #therapy #liveyourbestlife

After we had been dating awhile, I asked a boyfriend of mine why he had told me several times while we were courting that he didn't want to date me. He said, "Aren't I allowed to change my mind?" And I said, "Well, yeah, of course." But then why was I having resistance to the idea he had moved opinions on the matter? To be completely transparent, his statement was like a revelation. Things between us had changed and it was okay, even wise, to shed the old boundaries of our interactions. We forget so often that our lovers are new people everyday, that their flow is just as individual as ours. They change, we change. Learning to adapt with those changes is a true expression of love. #thebigleap #gayhendricks

This made me laugh. #thebigleap #gayhendricks

🎧 The big leap - learning about my zone of genius. Hitting my to do list that’s woken me up .... what keeps you awake at night.... or in the morning ??

[NEW VIDEO DIARY] 🎥 The author Gay Hendricks says that virtually all of us have what he calls an “Upper Limit Problem:” that is, parts of us are programmed to stay safe – not shine or stand out from the crowd. It’s a bit like we create our own internal glass ceiling. We fear the consequences, so we limit our fullest expression and hold ourselves back because of a core set of beliefs we might not even know we have. Well, I’m sharing the 4 most common hidden barriers to our success and what to do about them in this video 😊 #thebigleap - link in bio

What do you love most to do? Genius question number 1... #sunday #reading #relaxing #businesscoach #coach #love #fire #goodbooks #thebigleap #gayhendricks 🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁

"We do not know the entire meaning of life, but we are very sure it is not to have a bad time" 💞✨ #GayHendricks

I’m a lover of books and these are some of my favourite 🙌🏽 💗💗
I have to say that the most transformational book I have ever read in my life that has allowed me to respect and build a beautiful relationship with my body is Health at Every Size By Dr Linda Bacon. I am so grateful I picked this book up 🙏🏼💛
What are some of your favourite books? 📚

If you want to add more joy to your life, if you're prone to self-sabotage if you need some help with time management, and you know you're good at your job, but want more from it, then "The Big Leap" by Gay Hendricks is good for you. There isn't one person in life who this book is not relevant for.

Read more: http://doctorscollective.com.au/book-club/the-big-leap-by-gay-hendricks/

#doctoscollective #bookclub #reviews #thebigleap #GayHendricks #upperlimitproblems #glassceilingofhappiness #zoneofcompetence #zoneofgenius #time #Einsteintime

Tarot narrative for November 21 creative self-sufficiency #tarotnarrative #eachdayajourney
You’ve been working on multiple projects for a while and feeling satisfaction and sense of achievement. You’re feeling more connected with your self and voice and direction. At the same time, there’s a sense of overwhelm, of too much, and that you can’t quite get through to what you want. Notice where you might be self-sabotaging, getting in your own way, making things more difficult than they could be. Or telling yourself the same negative or limiting story over and over. Tell a new story of creative self-worth and self-sufficiency where you know the wise way to progress your vision.
Reading notes: Cards: Nine of Cups and Ten of Rods (Wands) from the Sakki Sakki Tarot and #37 Never-ending Story from Wisdom of the Oracle
Book notes: Gay Hendricks in ‘The Big Leap’ talks about the ‘Upper Limit Problem’: “when you attain higher levels of success, you often create personal dramas in your life that cloud your world with unhappiness and prevent you from enjoying your enhanced success.” (p37) Look to see where an Upper Limit Problem might be making success or progress harder for you now. #quietwriting #thebigleap

“Along the path to the Zone of Genius, all of them learned the same life-changing secret you will learn in this book: the glass ceiling they were operating under is held in place by a single problem - a barrier they didn’t know they had. Once they saw the problem - and how to solve it - they were free to go beyond ordinary success to a new and extraordinary level of abundance, love and creativity in their lives 🌟” #thebigleap #gayhendricks

I'm often asked what self-help books I recommend. And even though there's an abundance of inspirational authors like Cheryl Richardson, Gay Hendricks, Byron Katie and many more... here's what I like to do best:
I go to my favorite library or bookstore and stand in front of the self-help or psychology section. I let my eyes wander and let a book call my name. I flip it open and enjoy its message. Like wise guides, they open with helpful reminders, nudges or insights.

What are your favorite books that have changed you in some way?

#cherylrichardson #gayhendricks #byronkatie #harvillehendrix #eckharttolle #louisehay #sark #katherinewoodwardthomas #mariannewilliamson #doreenvirtue #breneebrown #debbieford

What do you want to get done this week?
Besides preparing for sessions both for clients and my coach, I’ll be finalising my Christmas shopping list and reading The Big Leap by #gayhendricks
How about you?!

Győzd le a rejtett félemet, és emeld a következő szintre az életed. 🙏🙏🙏 Úgy érzed elvagy az életedben, a munkahelyeden?
Vágysz valami pluszra, valami olyan élményre, helyre ami megváltoztatja az életed?

Én döntöttem, hogy a következő szintre emelen az életemet.
Megtettem a Nagy Ugrást!
Az én életemben a #Ring jelentette az Ugrást. Érzem, hogy úton vagyunk egy szabad élet felé. ❤

Merj belevágni az új lehetőségekbe, ami szembe jön veled. Nem véletlen, hogy felbukkan az életedben.
Készen állsz? 🎯Vigyázz 🎯Kész 🎯Nagy Ugrás

#nagyugrás #gayhendricks #jókönyv #ringervagyok #teddmegazelsőlépést #változtass #merjélni

Whether you are married, in a relationship, single or it's just plain complicated, male or female, this is a must read for us all.

Only on chapter 1 and I've already learned a lot!

Thank you to the beautiful soul that advised me to read this book.

The most important relationship is the one we have with ourselves. So always work on that & always put yourself 1st

Purchased on @amazon for $20 ish
#selfimprovement #selflove #toloveothers #positivity #knowledgeispower #love #consciousloving #gayhendricks #books #mustread #stayblessed #godisgood

This lovely came today. Thanks Amazon. Lately I’ve felt such a pull to move past my fears. And anything really that feels limiting. I’m learning that fears come in all forms. And they are tricky little emotions. A “habit” or a “personality trait” or “that’s just who I️ am” can really be us giving ourselves an excuse not to confront something. Maybe it’s because I’ve been on this planet 41 (gulp) years now or maybe it’s because of the company I️ keep (talking about you @thedailyessentialco) but I’m starting to see through all the fog. I’m starting to be true to how I️ am really feeling and face those demons. I’m 20 pages in and I️ already feel so much strength from this little read. .
I️ love to read! Bring me all the good books...I’m always looking for something new to fill my cup! What inspiring book are you sinking yourself into right now? Share all your goodies with me!

Really didn’t feel like it today as I’m feeling a little run down but I have walked the tiny pooch, listened to #GayHendricks #TheBigLeap & am back home in the warm 🤗

I read the book "The Big Leap" earlier this year and it had a huge impact on me.

I was honored to be able to talk with the author @gay.hendricks about the book.

If you've struggle with self doubt, limiting beliefs, or just can't seem to make it into your "Zone of Genius", check out this interview and the book!
#GayHendricks #thebigleap

My October @audible_com book was The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks. One of the chapters focussed on Einstein time. To cut a long explanation very short, Einstein time is when you spend your days doing that which you love, where time expands to allow you to get everything done that needs to be done, and where time as we traditionally know it has no meaning. Some might know this experience as #flow. My business mentor Ben @skyeleeoils told us at our last business training that time doesn't exist... my science brain rejected the idea but now I get it!! I've just rediscovered flow/Einstein time today... so good!! #einsteintime #loveit

What I'm reading right now. The Big Leap by #gayhendricks. Great book about finding your full potential. Key point: We all have expert zones and a genius zone. Don't let an expert zone keep you from finding your genius zone. Just because you're really good at something doesn't mean it's what you should be focusing on.
#leader #leadershipbook #leadership #hustle #entrepreneur

Gay Hendricks: "I figured out something about time, something that changed my life profoundly, ...
First I discovered that everything I knew about time was wrong. There was never enough of it and I felt rushed, or there was way too much of it and I was bored.
Plus, I never got all the things done that I needed to do, even though I felt like I was working over-time.

Then one magical day I had a big realization: My understanding of time was based on an outmoded, Newtonian paradigm. In a flash of insight I saw that Einstein’s paradigm was the way time actually worked. I felt a shift of consciousness inside me, as if my very cells were rearranging themselves around the new understanding. Everything changed in that moment, and from that day forward I’ve gotten everything done in half the time and had a great time doing it.

As a result, I haven’t been in a hurry in twenty years, although from the outside my life would appear to be wildly busier than it was when I had my big insight...
Ich mag die Idee von "I am time", ... weil es stimmt schon, es scheint nie genug Zeit da zu sein, genug Zeit für alles, was du erledigen willst.
Nie genug Zeit, für alle Freunde und Freuden.
Die Zeit scheint nicht zufällig mehr zu werden.
Wurde sie nie, oder?! Was wir verändern können, ist unser Verständnis und unser Denken über die Zeit.
Wir sind die Zeit.
Dann sind wir auch nicht länger Spielball, nicht länger Opfer der Zeit.
Wir machen die Zeit. 💕

#time #einsteintime #gayhendricks #thebigleap #coaching #impulse #impulseinespressolänge #empowerment #happyempowerment #instacoach #seminare #goodthinking #think #lebensfreude #power #liebe #kraft #coachingcaferegensburg #coachingcafe #abitofcolor #veronikaraess

As humans we've been conditioned to believe there's a limit. A limit to how much money you can earn. A limit to how much success you're entitled to. A limit to how much love you are worth. A limit to how much positivity is allowed to flow into your life... Renowned author #gayhendricks will tell you in his book #thebigleap exactly why this belief system is WRONG ✖️
There are not limits in this world. Because we are unlimited beings. So when I began my journey to self-healing and entrepreneurship, I often found myself reaching that 'limit' when things started to get really good. Without even realising, I would sabotage things so that I could bring myself back down to that zone of excellence. But these 3 life savers are part of my journey now. Why? Because they allow me to freely flow through the uncomfortable process and attract more abundance into my life.
💙DigestZen: Assists me in learning to let go and flowing with ease through the changes of life.
💛Frankincense: Helps me tap into my Sacral Chakra Energy to stimulate creativity.
💜Lavender: Reconnects me to the Divine when struggling with pressure around my Third Eye, reminding me to honour and trust my intuition.
#thescarlettway #essentialoilslife

“You can learn a lot more with a spirit of wonder and enjoyment than you can with an attitude of criticism.” - Gay Hendricks .
Something I really appreciate about Lee is that he always brings an element of play to our sessions. We’re always giggling and dancing together. I’m inspired by Lee’s joy, curiosity, and willingness to try new things and laugh at how strange movement can be sometimes. Thanks for the ways you show up, Lee. 🙏🏼✨💕🌻🌱 #growth #joy #curiosity #fitnessasfun #strengthinhealing #healinginstrength #gayhendricks

Jó reggelt nem tudom ti , hogy vagytok az óraátállítással , de én imadom ❤️így most 5 Óra helyett 4 kor kelek és így még több időm van olvasni ❤️#jameseryan #farkasjános #robinsharma #gayhendricks #szabopeter #pozitivgondolatok #fejlődés #tanulás #szeretet #tisztelet #áttörés #önfejlesztés #barátok #coaching #life#happy #morning#positiveenergy #positivethinking #thankyou #

Weekend was lit. Went a little crazy at the library. 👌🏼 can’t wait to dig into these!

"Think of yourself for a moment as a beautiful acoustic guitar. Life is always playing on our strings, and sometimes none too gently. If we try to arrange it so life doesn't get to us- so our strings are never plucked- we don't get to hear the music. If we let our strings go slack through disuse or lack of care, we never get to know what we could sound like." - From the book "Conscious Living” by Gay Hendricks ☺️🎶
Photo Credit @doloreslowe 🦋
#guitar #acousticguitar #ilovemusic #playingguitar #consciousliving #gayhendricks #author #inspiration #inspirational ❤️

Some great information in this one. #thebigleap #gayhendricks #zoneofgenius

Some great information in this one. #thebigleap #gayhendricks #zoneofgenius

What are ya doing this weekend? Running? Relaxing? Decorating for 🎃 ??? Whatever it is, be sure to catch up on @strongherpodcast to fill up your TBR list—because Ms. Laura and I are discussing all things books in this itty bitty snack. Enjoy, and pretty pretty please comment below with your favorite books, ‘cause ya girls need to add to their already overflowing bookshelves, natch.👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

Our latest episode has dropped and you fellow bookworms will 💜 it! All about our current and fave reads. Let us know yours, and what else we should read! Enjoy!
Listen through iTunes podcasts or at www.strongherpodcast.com

Loved tapping back into this beauty!! Filled with so much enrichment! Comment below if you’ve read it 👇🏻👇🏻
#enrichedentrepeneurs #bigleap #gayhendricks

Gay Hendricks, “The goal in life is not to attain some imaginary ideal; it is to find and fully use our own gifts”. Love this man and his wisdom. This world is a better place for having him in it.

人前で話すのは緊張する?それ、人間なら当たり前のことなんです!今週のブログでは、プレゼンの「恐怖」を「楽しみ」に変える5つのヒントをご紹介しています! “I get so nervous about speaking in public.” Many clients tell me this when we start working together. And my response is usually, “Good. That means you’re a normal human being.” In this week’s blog, we look at five common symptoms when we get nervous about presentations as well as what we can do to shift from feeling fear to fun.

Link in profile

Photo: @ toptiaphotos

#communication, #presentation, #nervousness, #fromfeartofun, #gayhendricks, #コミュニケーション, #プレゼンテーション, #緊張, #プレゼンの恐怖, #プレゼンの楽しみ, #ゲイヘンドリックス

I'm taking time out just to be ... be still ... go within.⠀

Feels like something's up ... not bad, per se ... more like another layer being shed.⠀

Certainly some fear about the next phase of my journey and getting a publisher. ⠀

Yesterday, I recognised within me what psychologist, Gay Hendricks, calls the "Upper-Limit problem" (from his book, "The Big Leap.")⠀

Hendricks asserts that we set upper limits because "each of us has an inner thermostat setting that determines how much love, success and creativity we allow ourselves to enjoy." This 'limits' are programmed in early childhood.⠀

The Four Hidden Barriers that characterise one's "Upper-Limit Problem" are:⠀

1. Feeling Fundamentally Flawed⠀

2. Disloyalty and Abandonment⠀

3. Believing That More Success Makes You a Bigger Burden⠀

4. The Crime of Outshining⠀

Number #1 resonated. ⠀

Henricks explains that it “brings with it a related fear: If you did make a commitment to fully using your unique gifts, you might fail. This belief tells you to play it safe and stay small. That way, if you fail, at least you fail small."⠀




New phone lock screen with the 'Ultimate Success Mantra' from the book 'The Big Leap' by #GayHendricks
#MakeaDifference #InspireOthers #LiftYourFuture #Motivation #Abundance #LiveYourGenius #Potential #Fulfilment #BeTheBestYou #Success #Goals #FindYourWhy

#msy_bookclub | If you focus for a moment, you can always find some place in you that feels good right now. Your task is to give the expanding positive feeling your full attention. When you do, you will find that it expands with your attention. Let yourself enjoy it as long as you possibly can #gayhendricks

Crystal and I became best friends in high school, and we've gone through A LOT together over the years. We've supported each other through breakups, deaths in the family, pregnancy scares, relationship woes, and moves to other provinces, and of course we have also enjoyed our fair share of good times, too! We used to go out dancing every Sunday night together, were tag-team pros at the best thrift stores in Calgary, and we'd spend HOURS hanging out in the 7-11 parking lot trying to guess what people would buy (which is actually way more fun, cool, and hilarious than it sounds, PROMISE!)
Crystal's partner, John, was recently hospitalized with acute pancreatitis, and he was given the dubious honour of being the 'sickest patient in the ICU'- not exactly a distinction anyone would want to receive. They have two young girls, Hazel and Olive, and the whole family has been rocked by this sudden turn of events. John is expected to be in the hospital for the next few month (yes, MONTHS!!), and I'd love to support this family in any way I can. .
I decided to record an energy healing session on the Fear of Success (or the fear of your own power). This 60-minute video session offers targeted energetic support to help you overcome these fears, and I'm offering access to the recording on a Pay What You Choose basis, with 100% of the proceeds going to the Davies family. Everything helps. .
If you'd like to receive this video and contribute to Crystal's cause at the same time, you can find the payment link in my bio or directly at http://bit.ly/FearOfSuccessMeditation. Thank you so much for pitching in and for helping to ease the financial strain on my sweet friend at this time. It is so, so appreciated. xoxo

Kinda hokey, but kinda cute. "I stand by your deathbed and look you right in the eyes and ask you, "Was your life a complete success?" #instaread #5wishes #gayhendricks #instagay #bookstagram

WHAT WOULD GAY SAY? | I'm 'taking life to the next level' with a pot of rhubarb and raspberry tea along with me ✌🏼☕️ What are you doing this Wednesday? 🌻 #wellnesswednesday #gayhendricks #thebigleap #whatwouldgaysay #greenblog #wellnesswednesdays #wellness #mindfulness #mindful #greenbloggers #health #mentalhealth #positivementalhealth #positivevibes #positivethinking #positiveenergy #selflove #selfcare #selfgrowth

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