"Get the Adderall, honey! Looks like the kid's gay!" Horror of Horror's the kid likes Barbie better than Hulk Hogan.

Could there be any "Crime" bigger in our Nation?

Probably not!

Wonderful Claire Danes (Homeland) helms what this means to the suburban wasteland. It will be 'sensitive' for sure!

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Understated and not at first what it seems, The Strange Ones begins abruptly. This is perhaps the first DVD in existence that didn't try to sell something, no promo, no previews nothing but story. On that count I must applaud.

The story consists of two 'brothers' on the road travelling to a cabin in the woods. There is a boy, about 15 or 16 and he seems a bit belligerent, so at first you're unsure of this 'relationship'. Then it becomes clear they are brothers and you're like okay, and so forth, but as the film continues you realize there may be more to this story.

In fact the older brother played well by a scruffy Alex Pettyfer is more than just the boy's brother, played sensitively by James Freeson Jackson.
Looks like there is a sexual dynamic here... the boy admits that it was both of them having an intimate affair, but on the other end it's hard to tell if the boy may have been 'in on it'. I'll leave it there for you to see.
Worth a watch for sure.

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