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Quiero una ensalada de higos.... :).. Γ‘am!
(E ancora una volta divertirsi)...

Super Gatinho #gayfeet #novinho #malefeet 😈😻😱



Just finished a 6 mile hike. My feet are hot and sore. #sweatysocks #sweatyfeet #footfetish #sockfetish #gayfeet


My mother sees this little, homeless woman every time she comes to Santo Domingo. But she doesn't just hand her a few pesos and say "Be blessed". She gets down and hugs her and speaks with her for a few minutes and finds out what she needs. And her heart breaks so much that she spends the next few minutes crying.
That's the type of amazing person my mother is. That's the person I want to be. Of course, I'll always help when and where I can, but to be so empathetic that you literally cry for other people you've only met a few times is what EVERY ONE OF US should strive to be. This world would definitely be a better place.
❀️ #SpreadLove ❀️


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