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Dick would never admit it but he was always quite jealous of the relationship Conner had with Me'gann, it seemed so...perfect. Like they were meant for each other and from what Dick could see they were. They were perfect for each other and Dick craved a relationship like that...he wanted to be with Wally so badly. Wanted to feel his touch and feel his lips against his, Dick loved him so much but...from what Dick could tell. Wally was straight or at least that's what he used to think, now he was feeling the speedsters lips against his and his feeling his touch...but this wasn't how he wanted it. Wally just wanted sex. Nothing more, just Sex. It wasn't anything like how Dick had wanted it. Wally would just come in most of the time shirtless, Dick would either be working or just reading. The first time it happened Dick was on his computer typing something up a mission report for Batman that the team had been on earlier that day. "Hey Rob" Wally said happily wrapping his arms around the boy wonders neck, Dick was unsure what to think but he went along with it even though he knew Wally was dating Artemis which made him more jealous then he would admit. "KF...what are you doing?" Next thing Dick knew he was being kissed being shoved onto the bed, Wally's lips pressed to his and his tongue invading his mouth forcefully. It's not that Dick didn't want this, he did...badly. But he didn't want to be with Wally like this, just some late night fuck session and that's it. So dick played along for now, he let himself enjoy the sensations that flowed through his body. "M...More...please" Dick whimpered pressing his body to Wally's. Wally wasn't really giving much to regard to Dick he was only there to satisfy his own needs and nothing more. "Take off your suit. Now." He growled lifting his body up just enough for Dick to take his suit off which he did, he had never seen this side of Wally for, so he complied taking off his suit. "Don't scream" He growled pressing a hand over his mouth to muffle Dicks screams. "Why would I-" His eyes widened and before he get another syllable out Wally was forcing himself inside Dick thrusting with possessive grunts and the occasional low moan.

It didn't start off as a full blown relationship, at first it was whenever Wally and Artemis got into a fight, Wally would show up at Dicks place and they would...get intimate. Dick loved Wally much more then just a quick fuck but Artemis had beaten Dick to the punch...swiped Wally right from Dick. Sometimes Dick swore Artemis would publicly flaunt Wally around Wally just to taunt Dick that she had gotten him first. He remained silent how would you even start of a conversation like that? Dick didn't have the guts to tell Wally how he felt, not that it would do anything...Wally was taken, by sole chick with a bow. What was so special about her? What did she have that dick didn't? Dick asked himself that question so many times, it would always start out the same way. Dick would lead Wally to his bedroom. He would sit him down and let him vent and then...Wally would get frisky. He would pull Dick close kiss him hard and rough shoving his tongue into the boy wonders mouth as hands moved at the speed of light to Dicks shirt and pants, before Dick knew it he was being kissed as Wally thrusted inside him. Once Wally finished...that was it. He would walk into the bathroom clean up and then leave. He would just walk out leaving Dick a mess on the bed. The only reason he didn't say anything was because...he still loved Wally. If this was the best he could get to a relationship then so he it, he would be Wally's booty call. Then Wally kept showing up more and more, sometimes when nothing was even wrong. Soon they would be hanging out more and more and then one day Wally came to Dick in tears. Artemis and Wally had broken up and that meant Wally was free. Dick would treat him right...like he deserved to be treated. Now here he was sitting at the meeting room with Bruce. "Robin...Dick. What the hell is this?" He snarled slamming a newspaper down on the table. Right on the front...the headline in big bold black letters read "Richard Grayson Gay!? Who's the ginger he's kissing?" Dick pursed his lips and looked up at his adoptive father already fearing him. "I...I love him?" He chocked out, it came out more as a question and not a statement which is what Dick wanted to do, but


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