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Thong THOTS & Dick Hats = Cheeky Vibes 🍑 Enjoying My #Gaycation With My Chosen Family On 🔥🌴! PERFECTION In Every Way ❤️ Hat By @project_claude

*Mr Frog g g g 🏔🐸 🌊*
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
-Panda, in the mountains time moves slow and calm, like the lake.
-True Mr Frog, and everything seems silent yet alive, like the forest.
-Probably we are just too used to city life, all this is just an impression...
-Not at all, Mr Frog, it's real. It's the soothing spirit of the mountain, in the form of thin and pure air.
-I'm taking a deep, long, long breath.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Over the years I've been learning a lot about myself as a person. I recently moved from NYC to Cape Town and here is a few things I've learned thus far;
Never give up
Never settle for less
Never doubt yourself
Always believe in yourself
Always remain confident
Always follow your heart
Never look back, stay true to you, always.
Keep up with me as I takeover the Travelin Bum's instagram for the day!
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Good morning, have a nice day! SMILE !! ☀️😍💕

My friend took a picture of me while I was sharing a fresh Coca-Cola Zero with him at the bar LeFrance, and we realized it just looks like a Coca-Cola ad in a vintage student way😅😅
-My outfit:
midnight black and rich black suit jacket by Giorgio Armani / red satin pleated blouse with black logo buttons by Just Cavalli / black and white check silk tie by Burberry / slim fit trousers in silk-cotton jacquard in black by Roberto Cavalli / bear with a crown brooch / black leather belt with a pegasus gold buckle by Roberto Cavalli / brogue leather shoes in black and red by New Rock / Apple Watch Series 2 with white sport band
-My hairstyle:
spiky shiny hair with l'Oreal Professionnel (liss control plus serum / fix max gel / infinium pure hairspray / shower shine wet domination hairspray)
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MONDAY 😊Espero que el día de mañana sea totalmente increíble. Tengo un sentimiento negativo en la boca del estomago, es que realmente quiero que mi cumpleaños sea divertido. #almostmybday #monday #workout #workingout #instagay #gaycute

I dunno what to post part 2

I dunno what to post

Queria que os héteros fossem GAY por um dia, porque ser GAY não é apenas gostar de pessoas do mesmo sexo. Ser GAY é você perceber que seu aperto de mão virou assédio, que ser feliz é incomodar os outros, que amar é contra princípios religiosos, é ouvir "Anda igual homem pelo menos..", é ser julgado por querer adotar/ajudar uma criança, é ouvir "Só não te chamo pra sair, porque pode pegar mal pra mim, é ouvir "Me apresenta aquela sua amiga piranha ai...", ser gay é ouvir " Isso é coisa do demônio, você vai ser curado", é ver sua mãe com um sorriso que tampa choro, com medo da violência contra a HOMOSSEXUALIDADE atualmente, é ser "bicha, preto, pobre e favelado", é sorrir pra não chorar e usar máscaras para disfarçar as marcas que não curam, não cicatrizam. SER GAY são fatores, não se trata só de gostar de pessoas do mesmo sexo .. Vai muito além disso, ser GAY envolve CORAGEM, CARÁTER e a ESPERANÇA de que um dia viveremos em um mundo onde a nossa felicidade, não vá incomodar ninguém. Porque SER GAY é ser muito HOMEM!
Palavras do meu amigo "Felipe Valério".

#motivationmonday yall. You see that extra skin on my side and back? I'm not a fan of it. But it's the result of my hard work. I am trying my hardest to be okay with it but I'm not gonna lie. I'm SOOOO READY to have my next surgery to remove the rest of my #extraskin mainly so I can see what my #physique looks like with this gone. The last surgery removed 2.5lbs of skin just from the front. I bet there's that much and more left. So this has come full circle because it's my motivation now to get in the best possible shape before my next one. Have a good night y'all sorry for the rant lol #stayfocused #SetAGoalAndDontStop

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