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But when you see me you better refer to me as MISTER

Been in this bathtub for over an hour. Still not enough time to wash my sins off. #bathbomb #bathtubselfie #gayfollow #gaylondon #gayboyrealness

Me during frozen cancellations. #Ceresei #GoT #Queen #gayboyrealness

#NoFilter Love all my Vice Sample Lippies! +The actual lipstick I bought! Yasss Gawd! #TheRealness #GayBoyRealness #DragQueenWannaBe


And this house is not a home, but it's a good place to start. #blackandwhite #gayboyrealness #room #photography #house #home

How I'm feeling. I stayed quiet just to hear you talk, but it wasn't enough. Well hopefully you enjoy how much I'm talking now.


Slowly picking up my pieces... getting there

My business card on top, my organization's on the bottom.

You are nothing now, and I am everything.

I don't owe him shit!

Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine... this place reminds me literally of Rick's

Me currently...

Need help picking a business card for myself for a mixer coming up soon. Let me know which one you think I should get, options 1-10.

The empire will be fantastic! And all my friends I love you all and thanks for being with me as I been an emotional mess this past week. To the future. #tomakingitcount

When I went through my first break up I I wrote my longest and most personal script. It is only appropriate that I now find myself in a place where I want to be incredibly creative. I'm starting my novel and I feel very excited where these emotions will take me, as I pour my heart into each line I feel a small amount of power return to me. I am now ready to rediscover myself.