Día 35 - 2018.09.23
Officially my 43rd country🇩🇪.

I really hate rainy days now, at the beginning I thought I can spend time doing other things, but when I finished writing, finished reading and even watched few videos, it’s still fucking raining!

However, it happened after I had a short break to visit Görlitz. At the beginning, Zgorzelec is part of the Görlitz, then after Germany failed in ww2, it redistricted to Poland with other cities like Breslau(now it’s Wrocław), historic background done.

Also I like to take pictures with the EU borders signs, most of them are in the wild fields, like some highways, probably if you didn’t drive your own car or cycling around you won’t see them normally, it’s quite pressure some of them are in the cities. How can I miss it?
Photo @ Border Crossing, Zgorzelec-Görlitz 🇵🇱-🇩🇪

My favorite photos are those that happen at random. This group of strangers approached me while walking down the main road through the #GionDistrict in #Kyoto and asked me to take their photograph. Everyone comes out to celebrate during Japan’s famous #GionFestival. The streets were alive with music, food, lights — celebration. 🎏🗾⛩🏮🎎

Venice Bitch

Día 34 - 2018.09.22
You’re like the ruins, crashed down but remarkable, buried in my deepest heart.

When I got to the train station, “what the f*ck?!” I found the train I checked yesterday was missing, I was so sure it’s on 13:44, so I went to check the timetable information, then it turned out it ran only Monday to Friday, so yesterday was Friday, I came to the station saw it on the screen, but today is Saturday!! So I had to wait 3 hours in the station, but it’s ok, the station was quite empty and had chairs and WiFi.

Wowwww, when I arrived this town, I found so many abandoned houses🤤totally my style,and there’s no tourist at all. Then I came to the border to find the EU countries border signs, there are two bridges connected Poland and Germany, but..? I can only find one in one of the bridge and it is only Germany’s, where is Poland‘s? I thought it should be two normally like the border between Latvia and Estonia.(not so many chances to stay in a town divided by a border crossing)

Ok, then tomorrow I’ll go to Germany again, or again and again.
Photo @ Miasto, Zgorzelec🇵🇱

I had another stellar beach day, this time much more surrounded by the gays at Castel Plage. What else to do in Nice on a sunny Saturday than soak up the sun?! And to continue the weekend, I’m headed to L’Omega nightclub tonight for the #beardrop party. Super pumped. That little smirk on my face...well I think it explains itself. 😏

What camping looks like on Instagram vs. reality 😂🔥🌧 swipe to see that REAL LIFE. 👌🏼
@michaelindsay89 and I are camping this weekend on the #OregonCoast, and we have found a new love for wet sand and rainstorms. 😂😂😂
Thanks to our friends @dukemic for making sure we stay alive in the WILDERNESS. 😱 (we are literally like 3 minutes from town) #wanderlust #adventureisoutthere #liveauthentic #socalitysohard #oregonexplore
First amazing photo by talented @alivialatimer

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