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Really embracing that springtime vibe by breaking out all of the plant-inspired designs (not that it needs to be Spring for me to show my obsession with florals)

Hey guys, so my friend @that.nigga.atreu needs to raise 4k by next Thursday for his moms funeral. Anything helps!
The link is in my bio!
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I’ve accidentally started this tradition where I drink an Irish coffee on Thursday nights while watching the newest episodes of @rupaulsdragrace. Honestly, I’m super into this accidental routine. Not sure how plausible it is to keep it up, but I’ll take it, for now.
Did you catch the episode, last night? Which queens are you rooting for, this season?

You keep tellin' me your ex dude gave you problems but you ain't gotta call him, I'm down to solve 'em.

If you want all my time then show me somethin'.

It wasn’t until I looked at these photos side by side that I realized how much of a difference 6 years can make. I’m more confident, and more sure of myself than I was back then. You can even see it in my eyes. Still a work in progress, but I’m getting there ✌🏼 #2012vs2018

Probably thinking about what Kirby would look like with a floral hat, honestly. (This is a testament to just how much #KirbyStarAllies I’ve been playing, lately)

I'm thinking I can rock this new tank-top look 😍😍😍😍 #newoutfit #itscuteokay #gay #gayaz #rockingthatgaylook

This is how I looked at the Lorde concert. I may have tried ~too hard~ to look the part.

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