Rakshabandhan is round the corner and you will be listing out sweets to try. I will add three more to your list. Made with coconut and mawa, I will be posting three flavours of easy to make burfis. Try it and I am sure you will please your dear ones.

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These almonds may not look cute or beautiful but they are absolutely yum. Coated with caramel, chocolate and dusted with sweet cocoa powder, these are such an addictive treat and you really can't stop at two. This is one of the French recipes I chose for the week. These are given as return gifts in marriages, baby showers or any festive occasions. You can use any nut of your choice and it would be great.

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I am doing French recipes this week. Today's dessert is an easy breezy one to make which is absolutely yum. Check out the recipe for Chocolate pots de creme here - https://gayathriscookspot.com/2018/08/no-bake-chocolate-pots-de-creme-easy-french-recipes/

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For the third day of chia puddings, it is an exotic dessert which needs no cooking. I made it for myself and enjoyed it. It is a layered dessert with sweet hung curd, chia and mango. Take a little of everything in a spoon and it tastes amazing together. You can make this for parties too.

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Cast iron pans and skillets available from Gayathris Cook Spot. The first batch went out and the second batch getting ready for delivery. #gayathriscookspot #castironpans

Please check this page for more details of products - https://gayathriscookspot.com/2018/07/cast-iron-pans-shop/

Here is today's chia pudding. This one is for chocolate lovers. You can put this together in five minutes and it tastes so good. Just give it some time to soak up the milk.
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How about some easy no cook desserts? For the three days, I will post three easy to make desserts which involves no cooking. And they are delicious too. For the first day a simple chia pudding. Chia seeds are considered super food and are full of important nutrients. Having chia daily is so good for health and this is my attempt to not get bored with the same recipe.

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It is always better to make smaller portions so that you can avoid over eating. Here is a collection of 18 sweets which you can make as single portion for your instant cravings. Check it out and make one for yourself.

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Today's sweet is one of my fav. When I made icecream sandesh for April Indian sweets marathon, I couldn't stay away from the sugar loaded version. So when I get a chance to make sugar free version, I would definitely use it. This turned out absolutely yum. I was really so proud that I made this.
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Single serve sweets is one of my latest crazes and for three days I will be posting sugar free single serve sweets. This was the perfect opportunity to try my fav sweets. The first one is the famous Chenna Poda from Odisha. Making it just for myself was super fun.
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Made with just four ingredients, this caramel custard turns out really good. So soft and creamy, it just melts in the mouth. The bitter taste of caramel goes really with the sweet custard and makes a delicious melange of flavours. For the whole recipe check out my channel in YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73YXjMw6Igk&t=4s

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Caramel custard which is absolutely delicious. Wait for the video in my channel tomorrow.. #gayathriscookspot #caramelcustard #cremecaramel

Today's salad is something I made for my sweet craving. Made with a lightly tangy mango and nuts, this salad is the best one when you want something healthy but sweet.
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Today's salad is so easy to make. With carrots, cucumber and yogurt, this one is perfect for this scorching heat.

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Salads are easy to make and depending upon the ingredients used, they can be filling too. I love chat but the diet keeps me off it. But whenever I crave for some, I make this salad which has the chat flavours and you will definitely be reminded of them when eating this. For the best crunchy salad use freshest cabbage as possible.
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Eggless Iyengar Bakery Mawa Sooji Cake - Made with mawa, fine chiroti rava and topped with assorted nuts, this cake is amazing in taste and texture. I just wanted to show you the texture of the cake in this video. For the whole video recipe visit my YouTube channel - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2SVnWeltGs&t=147s

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I have been searching for an induction compatible cast iron pan for long. They are too expensive online. Finally got these three locally and I am more than happy. While the pan alone is priced at 3000 INR online, I spent less than 1000 INR for these three. Yay!!
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Mango mousse cake with out eggs or gelatin or agar agar. With a egg free mango cake as the base and a cream and two layers of mango mousse, this cake tastes so much like mango ice cream. As the mousse doesn't have a setting agent, it is frozen until set and then sliced up and served when soft. The final slice is just amazing.

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Check out my video on making the cake - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AlOHHYEQIsI&t=30s

After a long time I baked an eggless butterscotch cake which was so good and got nice feedback from friends. Made with two eggless super soft butterscotch cakes, filled and frosted with a delicious butterscotch buttercream and topped with a creamy butterscotch sauce.
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Check out the video on my channel - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIvMOTGP9FE&t=103s

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