#larsenthompson via Instagram Story m: #gavincasalegno

{LARSEN VIA INSTAGRAM STORY} #gavincasalegno #larsenthompson

Forever having fun🧡 lets just say I absolutely destroyed the balloon dart popping game😎

Gasen's 15th months post ❤️ They just made 15th months together! The cutest couple ever! I can't stop to say thank you to all the people who are part of the Gasen fam! Thanks for be like my second family, I love you all. And it couldn't be possible without you guys @larsenthompson and @gavincasalegno ! ❤️ I love you both so much, thanks for teaching all of us that love always wins and that with love all is possible! You are so important for me and you will be forever!
//////// for this special date I decided to post a ig stories screenshot of them at Coachella!

Larsen was on live on Instagram with Gavin yesterday. I love them ❤ #gavincasalegno #larsenthompson

That's so sweet! 😍 {Larsen via Instagram Story} #gavincasalegno #larsenthompson

#larsenthompson via Instagram Story: With #gavincasalegno

You can call us Tarzan & Jane🌹
PS... happy 15 months babe

I’d love a nice ride in a convertible mustang on PCH, anyone want to join in?

"GLAMOUR" 💋 #gavincasalegno #larsenthompson #glamour Caption this :

✨🌟 hope everyone is enjoying this day!😊 used photo by @milkyway_tv
@gavincasalegno#gavincasalegno @gavincasalegno

A cutie with a hat @gavincasalegno #gavincasalegno

I love them so much 😘❤ {Larsen via Instagram Story} #gavincasalegno #larsenthompson #perfectcouple

Goodnight 💙 remember that Gavin loves you 😉💎 #gavincasalegno

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