Black Face Daydate 3.50 carat VS diamond Bezel Black Roman Diamond Dial $14,200
Red Face 3.60 ct VS diamond Bezel $14,500

Datejust Customized with class 💎💎💎
Two tone jubilee band set with VS diamonds mother of pearl diamond dial with a 2 carat diamond bezel 👌 $11,500

Per Caso e Gavelli. #gavelli #caso

Keeping it classic 36mm date just two tone jubilee band all original diamond dial....Everything on this watch is 100% factory Rolex! Dont forget to mention that you saw on our IG At $3,800 regular price is $4,500.
This is not one of those rolexes they try to sell you for $2k non of that Chinese replica parts are on any of my watches don’t fall for those tricks. Jus cuz they look nice always ask every question before you buy a rolex it’s your right! If your ready to buy with a a peace of mind or just have a couple questions come on in I’ll be happy to assist you!
All our preowned watches are in pristine condition and
include a 1 year warranty from purchase date. 😃 DM me or text me for inquiries on new style models if I don’t have it in stock I’ll be able to have it within 24 hours... 🙏🏽 #istandbehindit #quality #honesty #originality that’s what #Gavelli is all about! #

Good Morning Mr. Daydate2 should I put a bigger bezel on you???? or should we keep it 5.25 ct 🧐 I’m thinking 6.50 ct would be 👌What do y’all think???

24k pure gold chain what do you think of this Dragon head lock ? 🐲 🐲

En grådimmig måndag, fast det klarnade upp. ”Bar Luna” i Montefranco verkade köra ”Machiato Monday”, det var vad jag fick (efter att ha beställt ’caffè’) och vad jag kunde snappa upp. Sen lite berg jag nästan fick svindel av nedifrån, och eftersom det var fint väder cyklade jag upp bland bergen, bland små pittoreska byar och vildkor. Vid drygt 1100 m gick det nedför så jag vände, sen kom det regn. Måttligt kul uppe på berget. Kon försvann illa kvickt upp i skogen när jag kom med frihjulet surrande som en getingsvärm. Det här regnandet är ett dilemma för Girot imorgon och övermorgon. Inte kul att vara genomblöt och stå och glo uppe på ett berg för att sen ha 50 km hem.

Shout out to my homie @kalan.frfr it was a pleasure to see you again after so long & it was even better to see that FRFR piece around your neck, where it belongs!!! For y’all that don’t know this cat listen up follow him, check out his music I promise you you gunna like what you hear n keep your eyes out I guarantee he’s bout to do BIG THINGS!!! #FRFRgang #Gavelli

Rolex Datejust 41mm 5.40carat diamond bezel with matching VS diamonds on the band for sale $24,500

Cartier Stainless steel watch casing with micro pave setting 🔥 perfection is key stay tuned to see the finished watch

Check out my boy @skinnyfromthe9 ‘s new on song on #worldstar #gavelli #hustlehard

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