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I wish to be the rl girl version of Deku~ D: ✨
Hair color is from @arcticfoxhaircolor


I have so many pics w/ black hair I never got around to posting so here's this. Also I had a dream I dyed my hair black and I woke up mortified lmao. I'm thinking dying my hair brown or something for 2018, I have good vibes about next year.

🖤still trying to have "cool" hair


Even though summers over, beer drinkin' is year round! Bedazzled beer openers are making their way to the new website!! Y'all get ready - SOOOOO much new stuff is coming your way!!

Always grumpy

I was just an only child of the universe
And then I found you
And then I found you
You are the sun and I am just the planets
Spinning around you ✨🌙 #dgd #ew #gauges #music #ugly #makeup #band #bands #ukulele #cagetheelephant #cte #lame #falloutboy #saywecanfly #thelastoftherealones

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