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I'm half way through my second day at work and I do not feel good at all. It was hard for me to come this morning but I did. My dad said "The second day is always harder than the first". I almost cried. He just thinks I'm lazy or not pushing myself. My PICC practically didn't flush last night. It took A LOT of effort on my mom's part to get it to work, but never mind that. I'm a warrior. Or trying to be. #Gastroparesis #GastroparesisSucks #GastroparesisAwarenessMonth #Starving4ACure #PiccLinePretty

Look what arrived in the mail today! My proclamation request, which I submitted months ago, was approved! August is officially Gastroparesis Awareness Month in Texas!!! 💚🥄💚🥄 #StateOfTexas #proclamation #August2017 #GastroparesisAwarenessMonth #Texas

Hey guys little update not been doing too well over the past few days eating and drinking has been very hard and it's causing loads of pain and nausea I'm very dehydrated and have come close to A&E a few times but I'm just refusing to go. Also my BP and heart rate have been all over the place causing more issues. Another unfortunate thing is that I will be temporarily closing down my website at the end of the month untill further notice this does include my blog so if there's anything that anyone would like to purchase please do it now! I hope you all are doing well sending hugs and spoons #gastroparesisawarenessmonth 💚

As many of you know I have been struggling with a disease called Gastroparesis for the past year. August is Gastroparesis awareness month so I thought would post some facts about this disease. -gastroparesis, which literally means paralyzed stomach, is a motility disorder of the stomach, where food cannot move from your stomach to your intestines quick enough - symptoms of this disease are nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and severe bloating or swelling of the stomach -most gastroparesis patients are dehydrated and malnourished which is why most sufferers receive fluids and nutrition through a feeding tube or a picc line/port -an example of my delayed gastric emptying is that during stomach surgery my doctors discovered there was still food in my stomach after fasting for two days -gastroparesis is not common and because of that there are not many treatments available which is there needs to be more awareness
If you want to learn more I have posted a link to a video in my bio! Happy #gastroparesisawarenessmonth 💚💚

Well it's the last day of #gastroparesisawarenessmonth . This month had been filled with many appointments, botox, ivig, copays, nausea, work and school. I made it through with the support of family and friends and the most amazing husband and the great people I met on here💚 Prayingggggg September is a better month...

Day 3 of Gastroparesis awareness month! Today I had to get my tube replaced because my balloon(the bumper that keeps the tube from falling out) ruptured. It thankfully was an easy procedure and my team treated me very well!
I have had Gp for 10 years now and it took a very long time to get diagnosed, many tests were done multiple times to make sure nothing else was wrong and every doctor I've ever had redoes test to prove to themselves that I I fact have Gp because there is no standardized testing for the disorder. #gastroparesisawareness #gastroparesisawarenessmonth #gastroparesisphotochallenge2016

Watermelon with mint. A vegan protein shake. I am back to tracking calories and working out more. I've decided to not let #gastroparesis stand in my way but take it in stride until the doctors can figure out what to do. There will be days of liquid diets and pain, but I have to stop letting it run my life and I have to remember to recognize my limits. #gastroparesisawarenessmonth #gpawareness


Hiii my name is Sarah, @sarahmegannn I'm 25 and I've had GP for quiet some time now. I decided to create this project because Gastroparesis is such a misunderstood, debilitating, life-alerting illness it really needs a cure. Gastroparesis translates into paralyzed stomach so basically food doesn't digest properly often causing daily nausea, vomiting, pain, bloating. Those can lead to malnutrition, extreme deficiencies, significant weight loss, muscle deterioration, hair loss, and so much more. I personally spent over 2 1/2 years on TPN (IV Nutrition) after loosing over 60 lbs at once. Being off of TPN by no means is easy and is work everyday to stay off of it. Gastroparesis has changed me, but as awful of an illnesses it is, it's how I met my best friends who I love so much so I'm so thankful and blessed for some good to come out of GP.
#GPdoesntrock #gastroparesis #gastroparesisawareness #warrior #spoonie #gp #awarenessmonth #awarenessiskey #cureGP #piccline #centralline #tpn #awarenessproject #starvingforacure #gastroparesisawarenessmonth #pukeypukey #spoonie #spooniesisters #chronicillness #curegastroparesis

Hello! And welcome to the #GPdoesntrock project. I created this for Gastroparesis Awareness Month in hopes educating people who have never heard about Gastroparesis. So what is Gastroparesis?? It translates to paralyzed stomach, so basically you're stomach doesn't digest food like it should. Symptoms often result in daily nausea, vomiting, pain, bloating. Those can all lead to all other problems like malnutrition, extreme deficiencies, chronic dehydration, and so much more. There is no cure and not many treatment options leaving a lot of patients on feeding tubes or TPN (IV nutrition.) It can be very debilitating and life changing which is why awareness is so important. #gastroparesis #GPdoesntrock #starvingforacure #cureGP #weneedacure #GastroparesisAwareness #TPN #feedingtube #digestivetractparalysis #GastroparesisAwarenessMonth #gp #chronicillness #raisingawareness #gogreenforGP #greenforGP

Look what arrived in the mail today! My proclamation request, which I submitted months ago, was approved! August is officially Gastroparesis Awareness Month in Texas!!! 💚🥄💚🥄 #StateOfTexas #proclamation #August2017 #GastroparesisAwarenessMonth #Texas

C'est qui qui a fini par exploser c'est bibi 😁

Non mais il y en a marre de ce service de merde ou je suis en permanence maltraiter par une infirmière du service, encore aujourd'hui j'ai du me débrouiller pour me laver, pour me déplacer etc... J'ai du mordre sur ma chique pour obtenir des anti douleurs parce que entre l'appeler et qu'elle arrive faut compter 1h30 après m'avoir énerver et que mon infirmier libérale s'énerve j'ai fini par appeler la direction de l'hôpital, une plainte est donc déposer contre cette infirmière, la solution serait de me changer de service mais si cela n'est pas possible il faudra avec l'aide de la médiatrice avoir une discutions avec cette infirmière pour remettre les choses au clair... Quand elle rentre dans la chambre j'ai une de ses pression c'est énorme je me met en pleure par sa faute, c'est inhumain ce qu'elle fait avec moi. Demain une réunion entre médecin sera fait pour remettre les choses au clair et surtout rappeler que la mucoviscidose est une maladie dont les soins doit être immédiat et pas dans 2h.
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Après avoir eu une explication avec les infirmières et m'énerver un bon coup, il a été dit que demain je verrai le médecin du service et j'aurai une explication avec lui. Concernant la chambre seule elle m'a mis sur la liste d'attente donc des qu'il y a une chambre seule j'irai directement. Niveau kine ça c'est la meilleure, ils ne sont au courant de rien mais demain ils feront le nécessaire pour que la kine vienne et qu'elle me fasse ma kine respiratoire et la kine de mes jambes. Niveau nutrition ils vont tenter de l'augmenter pas de chance pour eux j ai pris la décision de la stopper moi même et de tout enlever mais à 14h elle me branche de nouveau et si sa va pas je l'arrêterais de moi même ça a des avantages de connaître tout par coeur. Bref aujourd'hui j'aurais pas vue ni de médecin ni Kiné car apparement ils n'y en a pas la bonne blague... Mon infirmier va essayer de venir pour leurs dire les 4 vérités c'est rare quand je m'énerve mais faut pas pousser le bouchon trop loin. #cysticfibrosis #cystiquefibrosic #muco #mucoviscidose #cftr #cfwarrior #gp #gastroparesisawareness #gastroparesisawarenessmonth #gastroparesie #gastroparesisfighter #hopital #like4follows #like4like #likeforlike #likeforfollow #likes

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