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#GasStop 🚘🇺🇸 Taking a ride with my boy! Uhull! ☘️💓 #Morning #HappyDays #SaturdayFeelings

David Freund signing GAS STOP @aipadphoto booth 93 ! @artbook #davidfreund #gasstop #aipad2017 #steidl

On the road with this chick........again lol #gasstop #groundpoundin #poundinpretty #mommyandme 👯‍♂️

Best layover ever. So the other day I asked wifey were she wants to go for her bday. She's says Dubai. I said no problem. So she starts to book it and finds a direct flight to Dubai. I say how long is that. She said 14 hours. I said 14 hours! Man we need a layover. She said were you want to go. I said anywhere. Find like a 7 hour flight. Then we can do the other 7. But 14 straight. No sireey bob. So she starts naming places we can have a layover. First it was Switzerland. I said that's fine. I just can't do 14 hours. So she starts looking. She's like we can do London, Paris. I'm like what about Amsterdam! Lol. So she looking and is like yeah we actually can. I said book it. And book the same flight on the way home. #GasStop #IRolledALog and the whole cafe turned and looked at us when we lit it. Like yall must be from America. ⛽️🔋#Amsterdam #MyFavoriteCity

#GasStop before dropping some beats at #RainbowCockFest2017 🌈🎵❤️🐵🍌🐵❤️🎵🦄 #MusicFestival #SummerTimes #MonkeyingAround

My portion of the car seat vs my bro's portion of the car seat😏
With @BarkleyThePom


Come by Terra Nova Express wash for some snacks, fuel and more before you hit the freeway!

One of the last stops before arriving at Yellowknife. #gasstop #explorenwt #yellowknife #roadtrip2017

İçecekleri kamış kullanarak içmek veya dar ağızlı şişelerden içmek, gaza neden olacağından dolayı kaçınılmalıdır. #içecek #gaz #sindirim #sağlık #gasstop #gasstopstrip @imuneksfarma

Why have kids if you can't put them to work?😉 In Mexico we PAY to have someone fill up our gas tank. Here in the states we DIY our gas but if you have a kid, you can have your little one help you! Turn it into a learning experience for them. Watch the numbers go up on the gas meter and count together. Give your kid a coin for all their "hard work" and go over the name and value of the coin and once you're home, stick the coin in a little piggy bank or jar and teach your child the value of saving! Little learning moments compounded over the length of childhood will set your kid up for success as they will be learning real life skills from the person they love the most--you!

Where are you planning to go on your next trip? Let us know below!

Namibian petrol/gas stop ⛽️ #gasstop #thestepswetook #bts #behindthescenes

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