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Garlic Naan 😍

After sharing with a @naturalgrocers cashier how I make my dairy free pizza, I felt inspired to share it here as well ☺️ I really like a naan bread over your typical pizza crust because of how it cooks in the oven. It comes out with a soft crunch, and I finally found a vegan garlic naan bread at @naturalgrocers 😍 then I spread @traderjoes pizza sauce on top, and I use @traderjoes almond mozzarella shreds because it’s the only dairy free cheese that I have found that melts like regular cheese 🧀 As far as toppings, I add some spinach, mushrooms, sometimes kimchi, whatever my heart desires really to make my pizza worth every bite 🍕enjoy!

Naan bread (cheese). Garlic naan bread. Cucumber 🥒 The garlic naan bread was very delicious just on its own. The pure garlic flavour was more delicious than having the naan bread with cheese.
#garlicnaanbread #naanbread #cheese #cucumber #ericaandlisa

Garlic Naan bread (cheese). Naan bread (plain). Naan bread (promite). Cucumber 🥒 The garlic naan bread with cheese was very delicious. The cheese was crunchy in some parts and was nice and gooey in others.
#garlicnaanbread #cheese #naanbread #promite #plain #cucumber #ericaandlisa

In Love with #indianbreads
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