When making pasta from scratch, don't throw out the leftover odd bits and pieces!
They make a yummy dish all on their own. Simply tossed in a garlic butter sauce, toasted pine nuts, garnished with parsley and shaved truffle pecorino cheese.
Simply delicious!

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when I’m tired I always try cook up a quick pasta dish as it’s pretty easy and basically guaranteed to taste amazing 💖 with this dish I cooked up some wholewheat spaghetti whilst roasting some cherry tomatoes, when spaghetti was al dente I drained the water but left a tiny bit with the spag, dashed some butter in a pan with chopped garlic, let that sizzle, add spag and the tiny bit of pasta water, add Italian seasonings (be generous ✨✨), give it a lil stir, season with salt n peps and add half of the roasted toms, mix well, load onto a plate and topped with the rest of the cherry toms.. add some vegan Parmesan if u have any and bobs ur uncle woo 😊☺️ literally 15 min job and is some gourmet grub 💖💖 #vegetarian #vegan #veggies #tomato #pasta #garlicbutter #eatgood #vitamins #loveyourself #lunch #yummy #eater

Tandoori chicken with garlic butter steamed veggies (2) - I’m feeling a little under the weather and feeling a big bit sorry for myself today.... #tandoori #steamedveggies #garlicbutter #sorryformyself #spday #healthylunch

Gearing up for my next recipe! This will be fun. 😆

Lemon pepper salmon! With asparagus, spinach and garlic butter mushrooms. 🙌
Next time I think I’ll have it with greens and cauli mash 🤗

Rediscovered my love of fresh cooked crab today. Yellow plum wine, rice vinegar & #garlicbutter dayem!

Steak Dinner for One 🥩!

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