The gardening season has begun and this year I’m going to be doing weekly updates about our garden, so stay tuned! 🥕🌽🥒

#asparagusharvest. That big beefy lady in the middle is a meal all on her own! It’s been warm, which makes it hard to keep up with the new shoots and them trying to fern. Did you know it can easily grow 8 to 10 inches a day when the weather is warm?!? #mykidsaresickofasparagus #asparagus #homesteading #backyardfarm #microscalefarming #microfarm #vegetableproduction #vegetablesofinstagram #vegetables #eatyourveg #healthy #harvest #springgarden #gardeninginutah #springinutah

Blanket Flower - Gaillardia - this is a great perennial for the sunny waterwise garden. It will bloom all summer with regular deadheading. #newutahgardener #blanketflower #gaillardia #perennials #flowers #xeriscape #plants #gardeninginutah #plantsforfullsun #plantsthatbloomallsummer

I got the compost for my little hobby flower farm today! *insert happy dance* The soil is the make it or break it ingredient to cut flowers and I dithered over it for a few weeks. I finally decided to go with @oakdelleggfarms compost. It is made locally and if Thanksgiving Point’s Ashton Gardens uses it...then it should work for my flowers! Now if the weather would cooperate so I can get it out of my car and into the garden... 🤗 ⛈#firstyearflowerfarmer #lehiutah

What a difference a week makes! Instead of a blanket of snow we have blanket of blooms! Spring is coming!

This is a concept drawing I presented to a client yesterday. I really enjoy the conceptual process and opportunity to collaborate with my clients. I usually come with about three ideas the overall design could go and it helps work as a jumping off point for new ideas and to get buy-in from the client. More images of some of my conceptual drawings in my stories. .

#diglandscapedesign #diglandscape #saltlakecitylandscapedesign ##designprocess #saltlakedesign #gardeninginutah #landscapedesign #gardendesign #designwithintention #clientcollaboration

Fava beans (unlike other beans) are another early crop that can be planted as soon as the soil can be worked. These broad beans are native to the Mediterranean but are frost tolerant. They are very high in protein.

Feels good to sit and collect my thoughts when embarking on a new project. At first my mind is blank but as I start to take notes of the views, sun angles and other problems or requirements of the site ideas start to surface and it all starts to feel a little less daunting. .

#juststart #deepbreaths #moveforward #diglandscapedesign #diglandscape #saltlakecitylandscapedesign #saltlakedesign #gardeninginutah #landscapedesign #gardendesign

This Portuguese squill (scillia peruviana) has us dreaming of warmer weather. It is native to the western Mediterranean not Peru as it species name implies.

White blanket covering a blue spruce. We hope you're enjoying this magical snow. What beauty did it bring to your landscape?

Beautiful Amaryllis for Valentines.

Seed Savers Exchange seeds have arrived! This seed supplier focuses on preserving garden diversity by growing rare heirloom varieties.

Native plant seeds arrived today! Now is a perfect time to sow some of these varieties because they need a cold stratification period in order to germinate.

Little baby jades.

Primrose! The yellow ones smell the best!

This cheerful campanula, commonly called a Canterbury Bell, is currently camped out at our Salt Lake store. This is another cutie that can cheer up a windowsill and later (when it warms) grace your garden.

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