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Överallt byggs det på höjden. Finns inte en enda monter utan vertikala inslag 🌾 #fieramilano #fiera #trädgårdsmässa #milano #gardenfair #vertikalgarden #odlingpåhöjden #gardenexpo #njuter 🙏🏻

“A journey of a thousand miles, begins at one’s feet” -Dao De Jing ⛩

Day 4: Lights, Camera, Action ⛩

It is a big and beautiful world but most of us live and die in the same corner we were born and never get to see it. I don’t want to be like most of us. 🌎

Another carnivorous plant, the popular venus fly trap, at the @uwmadison botany and conservation table at the @wisconsinpublictelevision Garden Expo last weekend in Madison at the @alliantenergycenter. You can actually see a bug that has crawled inside one of the traps.
I also took all of the information from their table and I am definitely inspired to learn more.
#uwmadison @uwbotany #carnivorous #plants #venusflytrap #plantlife #gardenexpo #madison #wisconsin

Full disclosure: we are geeks when it comes to driving onto the floor of a show venue. It’s on that list of what we never thought we’d get to do. We’re doing it!!
Ride along! #GardenExpo #gardenchat

Calling all garden societies! We are currently taking vendor applications for the 2018 Garden Expo. This year's event will take place on May 5th from 10am to 2pm at Fort Zumwalt Park. It is $10 a space for crafts/merchandise booths and FREE for non-for-profit booths. #garden #flowers #succulents #visitofallon #gardenexpo #fortzumwaltpark

I wanted to share, technically, three more things from the @wisconsinpublictelevision Garden Expo last weekend. @carleyraetokyo and I split up a six card set of preserved plant life prints made up at the Wisconsin State Herbarium @uwmadison @uwarboretum @uwbotany and the three I chose are this lovely Asparagacea, the carnivorous pitcher plant: Sarraceniaceae (which you could have purchased at the expo and we saw at @olbrichgardens) and the coneflower: Asteraceae. These are so beautiful that I wanted to make a seperate post for each and every one, but I controlled myself. I do hope you all slide through and look at them all though. I can't wait to find a spot to hang them. ❤🌱 #preservation #plantlife #pressedplants #herbarium #wisconsinstate #madison #wisconsin #cards #gardenexpo

This is the last plant from @kleinfloralgreenhouses that I picked up from the Garden Expo. I debated between this purple variety of sage and a spicy variety of oregano. I decided to go with a little color and I am pretty good at growing sage already. It should look nice with my pineapple sage.
You can also see how it got so much darker in just ten to fifteen minutes as I switched out the plants to photograph them. The first three I posted have no shadow and these last two are casting a shadow very clearly and everything is just a touch darker. It is crazy how short the days still are. I am so ready for spring! #purplesage #sage #herb #herblove #gardenexpo #madison #wisconsin #plantlife #feedyourself #greenthumb #doorcounty

I couldn't resist another thyme plant. After I picked up my coveted lemon thyme, I snatched up this lovely spicy orange thyme from the @kleinfloralgreenhouses booth at the Garden Expo. I am very excited for these little varieties and to be growing thyme for the first time. #thyme #spicyorangethyme #gardenexpo #herb #newplants #madison #wisconsin #plantlife #greenthumb #doorcounty

It is astonishing how fast the light can change in ten minutes. I could hardly tell until I brought them in but two out of the five plants I photographed are much darker than the first three. It is only four in the afternoon. I can hardly wait until it is spring and sun lasts til it is actually night.
This last post of the day is an orange mint plant. I spotted this one at the @kleinfloralgreenhouses table on the first go through at the Garden Expo on Saturday. I decided to buy it to replace the one I bought from Mountain Valley Growers, even though that one is still hanging on. I purchased this one along with the pineapple mint and for the third plant to get the three for fifteen, @carleyraetokyo got herself a very fragrant lavender. She also grabbed herself a little succulent. #plantlove #orangemint #mint #ladybug #eveninglight #newtable #kleingreenhouse #herb #herblove #madison #wisconsin #gardenexpo #greenthumb #doorcounty

It is finally sunny and just warm enough out to take some good photos of these lovely little plants I bought from @kleinfloralgreenhouses while at the @wisconsinpublictelevision Garden Expo in Madison. This is a variegated Pineapple Mint plant. I couldn't resist buying a couple of mint plants to replace the three I bought too late in the season and didn't have the proper lighting situation. That will all change this year! #pineapplemint #mint #herb #gardenexpo #madison #wisconsin #plantlife #greenthumb #doorcounty

Here is one of five herb plants I smuggled home with me from the @wisconsinpublictelevision Garden Expo from @kleinfloralgreenhouses. I had Lemon Thyme seeds in one of my online carts for days and I walked by to see this little plant all ready to go! I am so excited to add it to my plant collection. I will post the others over the course of this week. I got some good ones! ❤🌱 #lemonthyme #thyme #herbs #gardenexpo #madison #wisconsin #plantlife #greenthumb #doorcounty

‪Lucky to have our garden pal @kissmyaster hang out in our booth @wispublictv #GardenExpo We blushed when we heard her sing the praises of our Seed Keeper Deluxe!! #gardenchat

This was the third seminar that @carleyraetokyo and I attended this past weekend at the Alliant Energy Center for @wisconsinpublictelevision Garden Expo. This one was New, Different and Unusual Plants, which was my favorite one because all I want to grow are those kinds of things.

I heard about @mr_plantgeek through @bloomandgrowradio and he mentioned some of the plants he had helped promote and one of them was egg and chips, a grafting together of eggplant and potatoes, which I will try one day after I first master growing either (my eggplants are coming along nicely, I must say) and then figure out how to graft things properly.

I did, however, look the idea up and was redirected to a hybrid plant, a cross between kale and brussel sprouts, that was called kalettes, which Michael referred to as something else in his presentation. I was super excited to see them mentioned in this seminar though because they are my main plant goal for this year. I have a couple of sprouts growing right now. The cat did eat one of them, but I think I am going to figure these bad boys out. I can't wait!!! #newdifferentandunusualplants #mrplantgeek #wisconsinpublictelevision #kalettes #newplants #hybrid #gardenexpo #girltrip #madison #wisconsin

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