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Attending a great conference with @gapsdietkid #gapsdietmom @gapsdietmom

Aaawww Thanks! This is really my first passion in health (even though I don't post about it 😂) I've been an Aesthetician for 12 years now! I transitioned into making my own products because I constantly battled "genetic" cystic acne and it was continuing to get worse - I tried oral antibiotics for 3 months, along with topical steroid and an antibiotic cream- my inflammation and acne continued to get WORSE until I ended up in the emergency room with an allergic reaction and severe liver pain. I went back to my dermatologist and he suggested doing Accutane - I refused and he said that there was nothing else he could do unless I want to try a different antibiotic 😳😭😫😤😡 That's when I quit the prescriptions and started following the rule " if you can't eat it then don't put it on your skin" -------------------------------Repost by @gapsdietmom:
"Inspired by @gapsdietkid to make my own face cream. She is very knowledgeable and gifted in natural skincare. #naturalskincare #diy #cleanbeauty #gapsdietmom @gapsdietmom"


Taste and texture issues was a big deal for my little one before doing GAPS. She would reject many nourishing foods and most fats, which are extremely beneficial for a healing gut. Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride has a very informative section in her Gut and Psychology book titled "Its feeding time! Oh, no!". Where she explains, "First is a distorted sensory input. The taste buds in their mouth receive the information about food, which gets passed to the brain. A GAPS brain is clogged with toxicity and cannot process this information properly. As a result, to these people the food can taste completely different to what it should taste like." So grateful for the GAPS diet, taste and texture problems are no longer an issue. I know that her body has experienced significant healing on this protocol and is clearly communicating what she needs to thrive. It's amazing to see your child enjoy healing foods that they previously rejected. She consumes healthy fats with every meal and even request what she calls "creamy chicken soup" which is just puréed fat, chicken skin and connective tissue added back to the broth (pictured above). If your struggling with a finicky eater please look into the GAPS protocol. Dr Natasha offers different methods to help introduce foods to children with or without language problems, a very positive process that can help normalized meal time.
"I generally don't believe in hopeless situations. Where there's a will there's a way! There is a way, a very efficient way of introducing foods into your child's diet. It requires a lot of determination from the parents but brings huge relief and quite a bit of normality into your family's life." -Dr. Natasha Campbell Mc-Bride #healthyfats #pickyeater #nourishingfoods #broth #toxicity #candida #healyourgut #restoreyourhealth #autism #sensoryissues #sensoryinput #textureissues #gapsdiet #fullgaps #gapsintro #gapsdietmom

#homemadeghee Ghee is my favorite cooking fat and is very simple to make at home! You can make it on the stove by melting 16 oz of unsalted butter, bringing it up to a low boil. Keep scraping off the foam that rises to the top until you see clear butter underneath. Once cool pour through clean cloth into a glass jar. I like to sauté my vegetables with it, then add in meat and cover with broth to make a rich and delicious soup. #healthyfats #ghee #gapsdietheals #nutrientdense #nourish #fatsarefriends #easyrecipe #realfood #foodismedicine #gapsdiet #gapsintro #gapsdietmom

Blended frozen peaches topped with a few raspberries makes for a easy and refreshing dessert! #realfood #oneingredient #organic #healthydessert #easyrecipe #nongmo #gapsdiet #foodismedicine #fullgaps #gapsdietmom #youcanheal

Sunday afternoon lunch with the family. The Littles requested hamburgers. Sautéed the onions and mushrooms in a bit of ghee covered with a little broth, so delicious. #broth #grassfed #ghee #grainfree #organic #gapsdiet #gapsdietmom

On the road and excited to attend "Probiotics, food & the immune system" seminar, a subject I truly have a passion for and am always hungry to learn more about. Sometimes road trips can be a challenge though, especially when your committed to a gut healing protocol. These are some snack ideas to take with you that makes traveling a little easier. Fresh ready to eat veggies, avocados, nuts, hard boiled eggs and sauerkraut (optional but I love eating it with every meal and will probably eat the whole thing before I get there😆) Hope these tips are helpful to you in your journeys! #probiotics #food #immunesystem #autoimmunedisease #heathysnacks #healingfoods #youcanheal #gapsdiet #gapsdietmom

A great tip from @gapsdietmom Is to take a healthy muffin recipe and make it in a donut pan - then the kids think they are eating donuts for breakfast 😂 Repost by @gapsdietmom:
"Apple cinnamon carrot muffin/donut recipe. Start with basic #nutflour recipe from GAPS diet book. 2-1/2 cups of ground almonds, 1/4 cup of soften butter, 3 eggs. To that add 1/4 cup honey and 1 tsp cinnamon then mix. Add in 1 cup of peeled chopped apple and 1 cup finely shredded carrots. Bake 300 and check after 20 min. I bet these would of been wonderful with raisins, they taste great plain and are also amazing with cultured cream and honey🍯#healthydessert #nutrientdense #loveyourgut #foodismedicine #gapsdiet #gapsdietmom"

YUM 😍 ------------------Repost by @gapsdietmom:
"Nutritious dessert, Russian Custard Recipe from GAPS diet book. Combine 2 yokes with 1/2 teaspoon to 1 teaspoon honey. Beat till thick and almost white. This is one serving, I multiplied the ingredients and made a large batch, added juice from two lemons then froze and it was delish! #custard #cleaneating #refinedsugarfree #healthydessert #organicfreerangeeggs #nourishyourbody #healyourgut #gapsdiet #gapsdietmom #powertoheal"

#homemadecoconutyogurt directions- blend two cups of young coconut meat with 1/2 cup coconut water. You can pour it through a strainer but I didn't and it was very thick. Add two probiotic capsules and mix. Place jar in yogurt maker or oven with the light on for 24 hours. Serve with raw honey🍯#coconutyogurt #fermentation #gapsdiet #healyourgut #foodismedicine #gapsdietmom #raw

Chicken soup with vegetable "noodles"-sauté 1 chopped medium onion and 2 cups of chopped celery in a few tablespoons of ghee until soft. Add 8 cups chicken broth and shredded chicken. Next add carrot and zucchini "noodles" and cook on medium heat for a few minutes until tender. Salt and pepper to taste. Simple, satisfying and delicious. #gapsdiet #healyourgut #foodismedicine #vegetablenoodles #youcandothis #gapsdietmom

5 years ago when our GAPS diet journey began, I remember feeling over whelmed. We were coming off the "Standard American Diet" and cooking nutrient dense food was not my strength then. It was a struggled to teach myself new ways, I made many mistakes and didn't always get it right the first time. 😊But this community isn't about being perfect, it's about supporting each other through the healing process. My goal is to encourage you and to share helpful tools I have learned along the way. This is not an easy journey, but with the support we draw from one another the walk is much easier. Here's my method for 24 hour yogurt. 1)bring organic milk up to 180 degrees on medium heat(it helps to have a digital thermometer) 2)next place the warm milk pot into a large bowl of ice and cool it down to 108-112 degrees, then remove from ice bath 3)in a separate small bowl add in a little of the warm milk and mix in the culture until dissolved 4)add the culture milk mix back into the pot of warm milk and stir 5)pour into glass containers and ferment for 24 hours. It should look thick and taste tart. Sweeten with a little raw honey. If you don't have a yogurt maker don't worry, I plan to share other methods that don't require one😊#24houryogurt #homemadeyoghurt #probiotics #fermentedfoods #gapsdiet #gapsdietmom #youcandothistoo

I remember praying for wisdom on how to restore my daughters health. For a long time I felt like we had no peace in our home, but a higher power heard my prayer. Today I am blessed, we have come such a long way. I no longer have anxiety about what the next day brings because I have the strength to keep moving forward. Fear and doubt no longer have power in my life. We have been restored more ways than I ever thought possible. I can't help but continue to share with others and empower them that they are in control of their health. If you give the body the proper tools it needs to heal, it will restore. Be encouraged that YOU CAN HEAL. #payitforward #thankful #gapsdiet #youcanheal #empower #encourage #inspire #repair #restore #naturally #gapsdietmom @gapsdietmom

I was gifted an Instant Pot recently and feel this is a very helpful tool. Today I cooked a whole frozen chicken in 30 minutes. I'm very impressed, it looked as if it had been boiling on the stove for hours. This may even be helpful to those who are trying to make their broth lower histamine, since its such a short cook time. Recipe for Instant Pot- place whole frozen or raw chicken in instant pot. Fill 2/3 of the way with filtered water and natural salt. Place on the "soup" setting for 30 min. When finished take chicken out and set aside, shred when cooled. Add to the remaining broth GAPS approved vegetable of your choice (I did broccoli and cauliflower). Place back on "soup" setting for an additional 10 min. When finished add back the shredded chicken to the broth and that's it! Hope this is a helpful resource. #instantpot #heal #autoimmunedisease #hives #allergies #histamine #lowhistamine #restore #repair #guthealth #naturally #gapsdietmom @gapsdietmom

Probiotic foods are essential to introduce right from the beginning on the GAPS diet (stage 1). This will help repopulate good flora by providing probiotic bacteria, healing the gut lining and strengthening the immune system. Sauerkraut and other ferments are known to restore normal stomach acid production allowing for more thorough digestion. Anytime you begin consuming probiotic foods you want to start slow to avoid a "die off" reaction. Dr. Natasha Campbell Mc-Bride suggest starting with 1-2 teaspoons of sauerkraut juice per day for 1-5 days, then increase to 3-4 teaspoons a day for 1-5 days until you are tolerating a few tablespoons into every cup of meat stock. Fermented foods are very easy to make. I like to use a good vegetable culture starter, like Dr. Mercolas Kinetic Culture or Caldwell's, for consistent results. #fermentation #saurkraut #flora #probiotics #heal #repair #restore #autoimmunedisease #vegetables #kineticculture #ferments #youcanheal #foodismedicine #gapsdiet #gapsdietmom @gapsdietmom

Awesome! High quality products for Low cost --------------------------Repost by @gapsdietmom:
"Making your own beauty products may seem intimidating but is actually very cost effective and easy! Healthy lifestyle changes is more than considering what we put into our bodies, but also products that we apply topically. There are almost 13,000 chemicals in cosmetics and the majority are NOT evaluated for safety. An average woman can use up to 12 personal care products a day which can total up to 168 different chemicals! Most of these chemicals are hormone disrupting, cause reproductive harm, and can even raise your risk of cancer. If you are unsure about how safe your beauty care routine is I highly recommend checking out EWG's Skin Deep cosmetic database (ewg.org). There you can search your cosmetics, deodorant, shampoos, baby care products and much more. Hope this information is helpful in reducing the "toxic load" in your life😊#nodirtybeauty #cleancosmetics #cleanbeauty #diycosmetics #reducethetoxicload #chemicalfreecosmetics #essentailoils #healthylifestylechange #naturalproducts #ewg #skindeepdatabase #skindeep #gapsdiet #gapsdietmom @gapsdietmom"

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