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#ETGLASS Art by RepostBy @et_glass: "It is such and honor to be apart of "The Treachery of Images" exhibit at the @nationallibertymuseum here in Philly! It's so amazing to watch such a transformation in the glass community! Here a little info about the show from their website. "In this new exhibit, we will showcase work that pushes the limits of functional glass pipes. The “Treachery of Images” embraces the technical, as well as the #socialchallenges #pipemakers face in their efforts to be accepted within the art world. Let’s celebrate the love these artists have for exploring the material of glass — a love that shines through within their #unconventionaldesigns and #amazingcraftsmanship. ☀️🌞☀️🌞☀️" Have a great weekend everyone 💛✨💛" (via #GLASSMAPS ALWAYS FREE REPOSTS) #stoner #stonerdays #marijuana #cannabis #stonerlife

I've been sick all day & have barely been able to smoke 🤒
So here's a little video of Spike munchin' on some kale 🐲 #beardiesofinstagram
Maybe I'll eat some too...


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