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The rest of my seeds have arrived! Big thanks to @charity_seeds & @surfrsauctionfund . But now I have a problem, a very good problem. This garage remodel and AC install can't get done soon enough! 😫 At least I have my outdoor to look forward to, which I'm sticking them outside this weekend. Also I don't have to pop my @archiveseedbank #rudeboiog seeds now (at least for awhile) since my bro hooked me up with a huge one! Adding this lady to my outdoor for sure. My 15 month old 150lb+ English Mastiff Eli wants to eat it. #baddog #englishmastiff #toomanyseeds #toomanytagstolist #ganjagrowerproblems #happy4thofjulyweekend🇺🇸

Took a trip to LA thinking it would be easy to dump some herb 😂😂 talk about a mistake they're all a bunch if big shots out there its a joke "we dont see vendors ever" all condescending like the pussies they are... fuck hollywood dispensaries they can suck a fat dick dont get too big time and forget wgere you come from #ganjalife #fuckhollywood #fuckbigtimers #growyourown #usversusthem #LA #iloveLA #ganjagrowerproblems #dontforgetwhereyoucamefrom #mulhollanddrive

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