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When fans say your lyrics are like PAC but without MILLION dollar record deals n publicity and that my music that talk abouts real life subjects I can say that's a compliment as he was a dope artist but even being indy not signed the music n lyrics will always speak in volumes #FanLove had to show fan love back my dms are crazy u guys are reppin 👉🏼👈🏼#GangsterLove album is out ✅🙏🏼

#gangsterlove #chupachups #sunshinerege 🤓👲🏻💑☀️🚗

Everyone always tells us we look alike, and you guys are right! I think we are twins that were separated at birth. @hankandhenry_ is literally the male version of me. I'm so glad to call this amazing human friend. Love you baby!
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Late post with my human 😄#gangsterlove #boredom #wce #thandile #wintervibes 😉

Okay so I have been playing this romance game and it's addicting like u guys should totally play it. It's in the view of a girl and you have like all different stories and even lesbian story's. I suggest getting it!!i do have to say thought u have two pass and u have to wait for them to come back but I flew through the a story in a week and I'm on season 4 of it now.
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#46 in ROMANCE!!! I've never been this close before! I just want to say Thankyou to everyone who supports me and patiently waited for the update! I was so overwhelmed with all the negativity and you guys pushed me back into a better place! I've never felt so loved before to see everyone building everyone up. This is one of the many reasons I love writing and I love the episode community ❤️ and to all the people who hate and bring negatively , if you have nothing nice to say don't say it . And if you don't like my story or anyone else's okay you have the right to your own opinion you won't like everything I like or write . Because we are different people just stop reading and move onto a story you do like there's no need to bring someone down . Writing is a lot of hard work! And it takes time and patience and it's frustrating. Appreciate the effort! And say okay she put a lot of effort into this . It isn't really my style. Il just go find a story I do like . It's that easy!!! That's all for now ! And thank you so much again! ❤️ #gangsterlove #epsiode #epsiodeinteractive #epsiodechooseyourstory #epsiodeinteractiveapp

As far back as I can remember I always wanted to be a gangster. #thuglove #gangsterlove #Mycka

Gangsterlove is officially back and updated! Go check out the new episodes #gangsterlove #epsiode #epsiodeinteractive #epsiodechooseyourstory #epsiodeinteractiveapp

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