For my favorite YouTuber @matpatgt !!!! I hope that if he sees this he likes it! #gametheoryedit #matpatedit #matpat

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Ac/ib - @alchemite

— steph ♡
she’s literally such a beautiful, sweet, intelligent woman, how could i not make an edit for her??
dt; @cordypatrick
ac; dazedaudios

Edit of Steph, like... I love these new photos on creatorink.com!

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@matpatgt @cordypatrick

Before I say anything, I'm sorry for the glitchs in it. It really bothers me.
Here is anlost of some of my stans. Obviously that's not all of them, but there main ones? Like everyone from click crew, and many people from other things and stuff like that. Anyway hope you enjoy? ~Sam

Ac: @kaonniaudios
Dt: everyone for knowledge
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I know this edit doesn’t include Ronnie, it was made before the news broke, but Matpat (the person in this edit) was the first YouTuber I ever started watching (all the way back in 2013) when I was but a wee ten year old. I’ve watched him since then, and he’s the only person I’ve stayed with since the beginning. It’s truly been an amazing journey watching him and others create and mold the Game Theorists style, and he and Ronnie were and still are some of the biggest influences in my life. I was first introduced to psychology on that channel, which is definitely what I see myself doing in the future. It’s a sad sad month for most of us fellow theorists in the wake of Ronnie’s passing. But through this tragedy I’d like to encourage you to watch his works. To anyone who doesn’t watch Game Theory, at least give it a try. I promise there is at least one series that will brighten your day. And if you’re not into video games, try Film Theory instead! Or both. Both is good too.
You will be missed, and your influence has spread across many, many people and will continue to do so. Hopefully the stars are kinder to you than the world was. Fly high.

-(Deleting this Later)
My Two Favorite People in the world!🌎
-ughhh some of the transitions glitched 😖
(#omgpage ~#matpatedit )

👏 The Only Dad I Stan 👏

Ac: s.oftaudios
Dt: @rayofjylan ; @matpatgt @cordypatrick (tag them??)

Victoria 🌻
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— Sunshine
Y’all wanted me to post this so here it is
Honestly watching Game theory streams is so fun and I always listen to them while I edit or draw so here is this 💓💖
Song: Sunshine - Kyle
Ac: kuteaudios
Dt: @cheerio_arts because his laugh cures our depression
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