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Love tarot message
Love is a strange thing. It has power either to create illusions. There's nothing clear in love. When u fall in love or r already in love, u feel that u know everything. Yet when it comes to reality, there's always a sense at the back of the mind that u hardly know anything. Isn't that so!
That's the game of hide n seek lovers have to play when they r in love or waiting for love. For those who r already still trying to know n for those who r looking for it still speculating.
O high priestess, ur love message is the best for the lovers for it opens the gate of wisdom. High priestess isn't unaware of love n its games. She knows everything yet conceals more than she reveals. That's what make her charming. That's what make love n it's feelings charming.
The high priestess says, in love its not possible to say u know everything n its not possible to say u cannot know anything. Love is like a treasure hunt, which lovers have to look for in each other. That treasure in the end is love. When u find that love, that's when u can say I am in love.
Love is secretive n revealing at the same time. How is it possible, is still a mystery.
Yet people fall in love n become the saints of love. For what's that life, in which u couldn't give or make love to someone.
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