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is gay 😩
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✺ it keeps us alive

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Love me a man who never bent the knee and stayed true to his people
—b4 jon stans give me shit about how robb is dead and jon isn't, jon already died too! he just got lucky and had someone bring him back ((: so don't start w/ me –my audio!
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— Dany T.
· I need to see my babe happy in season 8
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ashara of house dayne ;
elia of house martell
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— im CRYING the overlay messed up the eyes I masked :')

:: minor flash warning ::
i miss them
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deleting later but i need smth to post

3- Sansa Stark

My strong baby. The strongest character on the show. Raped and beaten my man, misunderstood, alone on a unknown place, used, abused, mistreated and lost. But Sansa has risen and now I’m really sorry for whoever crosses her way. My girl is not even close to deserve all these disgusting and sexist comments she keeps receiving. I, honestly, don’t know how someone can actually hate on her. Yes, she used to be annoying but she was a FUCKING CHILD. She’s changed and it’s about time for people to recognize that. She’s Sansa Stark of Winterfell and you can’t frighten her. Her skin has turned to porcelain, to ivory, to steel and I’m proud.
❗️none of these characters are low, I really love them all and the difference between them is very little. One of the reasons why GoT is my favorite show is that I’m very attached and crazy for all the characters, so please don’t you ever question my love for anyone of them ❗️

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