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Regram from @newleafwriter: Druids. Mystery. Sorcery. Yes to the yes. Game of Shadows by Erika Lewis, published by @torbooks, seems poised to be one of my faves.
Synopsis: A young man plagued by the ability to see ghosts races to save the mythological land of Tara from a terrible fate in Erika Lewis's stunning debut, Game of Shadows.
Thousands of years ago in Ireland, an ancient race fought a world-changing battle—and lost. Their land overrun, the Celtic gods and goddesses fled, while the mythical races and magical druids sailed to an uncharted continent, cloaked so mankind could never find it. This new homeland was named Tara.
In modern day Los Angeles, Ethan Makkai struggles with an overprotective mother who never lets him out of her sight, and a terrifying secret: he can see ghosts. Desperate for a taste of freedom, he leaves his apartment by himself for the first time—only to find his life changed forever. After being attacked by dive-bombing birds, he races home to find the place trashed and his mother gone.
With the help of a captain from Tara who has been secretly watching the Makkais for a long time, Ethan sets out to save his mother; a journey that leads him to the hidden lands, and straight into the arms of a vicious sorcerer who will stop at nothing until he controls Tara.With new-found allies including Christian, the cousin he never knew he had, and Lily, the sword-slinging healer who’d rather fight than mend bones, Ethan travels an arduous road—dodging imprisonment, battling beasts he thought only existed in nightmares, and accepting help from the beings he’s always sought to avoid: ghosts. This L.A. teen must garner strength from his gift and embrace his destiny if he’s going to save his mother, the fearless girl he’s fallen for, and all the people of Tara.
The gorgeous Druid Animal Oracle set was a gift from my mom this Christmas ... can't wait to learn to use it!
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Внутри каждой женщины живет еще одна мадам, но с которой знакомят не сразу и не всех. #justfollowyourlifelinesthrough #gameofshadows

Straight for the eye of destiny. #vsco #vscocam #gameofshadows #streaksoflight #iphone7

Konya belediyesinden daha fazla geometrik ve beyaz binalar yapmasını talep ediyoruz
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Melihatmu dari sisi gelapku

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My favorite kind of mail! Thank u @culvercityschools for the #GameofShadows luv ❤️❤️😘


The hero's shadow always lurks in the darkness .
But the hero always flirts with light

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My favorite kind of mail! Thank u @culvercityschools for the #GameofShadows luv ❤️❤️😘

Игра теней
Фото получилось случайно, но я видела уже такую идею где-то 😎
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