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Si tomaste Básico y Avanzado de Thetahealing y quieres saber como emprender tu camino al éxito, y que sistemas de creencias cortar y cambiar para crear nuevas posibilidades?
Curso Game of Life, diseñado por el exitoso Hiroyuki Miyazaki, del cual aprendí.
Te invito a jugar conmigo del 19 al 21 de enero, en Santa Monica, Estado de México.
Inscripción e informes 0445540635659

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So proud of this boy and his team! Tonight he received certificates of recognition from the City of Ukiah and California State Assembly. #lionsfootball #2017 #california #calltothehall #callanswered #ukiah #nbyfc #youthfootball #gameoflife #momlife #footballmom #boysoffall

Some things you start together, you just dont finish together⚠️🤔 #mood #lade #life #gameoflife #friends #family #partners #squad #game #night #thinking

Life's hard. Just like trying to get a ball out of another ball. Just gotta keep goin at it though
#struggles #gameoflife #balls #ballsdeep

день за днем, шаг за шагом, живем-поживаем, руками разводим, плечами пожимаем, бровями поводим, в оба гдядим, никуда не спешим, некуда нам спешить, никуда не торопимся, некуда нам торопиться, не ждем от моря погоды, не стремимся успень на вселенское хуй-знает-что .
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Magnificent Chunky Emerald & Diamond Ring #LIFE

Any clue why we humans like to play ? Any kind of games - whats the deal?
Tantric philosophy claims-
Because we never know what‘s going to happen next.
The thrill of making a turn and waiting if we‘ll get lucky or loose - in games thats fine, but no thanks in daily life. Our privileged enviroment clearly shows that mankind did a major effort to get rid of unpredictable factors that made humans suffer for ages.
And indeed- in most cases they did a pretty good job.
We have everything we need, right when we need it and more of it whenever we want it.
Rockets are sent to mars.
Sickness is just a name on vaccination injections.
Machines eliminate physical work.
Around the world on weekends.
The highest of mountain and the deepest of ocean, only a catjump away ..
We humans made everything possible.
So, obviously - we are in charge.
And yet - we are not.
L I L A is the tantric concept relating to this fact.
It describes the ‚divine play‘ of powers a c t u a l l y running the world.
And us.
Like dolls.
Without excuses, data bases or signed schedules.
The cosmos dances with us - whether the consequences are favoring or break us down.
Philosophies of all kinds are made upon the truth that we creatures living on this earth have N O whatsoever control of what is next to come
And - most importantly-
how to deal with and suffer less from
an unpredictable life.
Our selfmade ‚super- evolution- society‘ tricks us profundly - our human constructed cosmos really seems pretty evolved.
Ahead of nature.
I think the only thing we C A N ever truely control is -
Our a t t i t u d e.
To a crazy, amazing game called L i f e.
You know you‘re on the way to master it,
you‘re radically ok with the things you cannot change,
knowing which things you can
and then change them.
Let‘s do it.
Making our turns.
Keeping our balance.
Loosing + finding it again.
Finding a stable stance in the jungle.
With 2 dancing feet and a curious soul.
Happy new play day to you.

📷 @jennandthecamera ❤️

Me recuerda al Tetris y me dan ansiedad esos espacios.


🖤Time to move up another level🖤 #gameoflife #noplateaus #bebettereveryday

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