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Say a prayer for my favorite guy and his family for the next few days. The strength you’ve shown over the last few days amazes me and I’m so blessed to call you mine. •

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A healthy lifestyle isn't about being skinny and looking good. It's about loving yourself enough to give your body and mind the nutrients and movement they need so you can live the life you want to lead.
Lately I've been taking long walks with Logan and treating myself everyday without overindulging. What have you been doing to love yourself and take care of your body and mind?

Happy birthday to the MOST amazing man!💗 I am so thankful for you and thankful I get a front row seat to your life. You are the funniest most genuine person I have ever met! I hope to make this day as special as you are, even though you wanted to go to work🤦🏽‍♀️ I love you for always and forever💕 #jeremysfeelin22

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Long time no Instagram post 🙈 I’ve been enjoying my spring break at home and I shared some exciting news on the blog today (link in bio)
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Sundays are for wine and trying out new recipes. I can't wait to try it this vegan French onion soup recipe from @itdoesnttastelikechicken. I've been craving French onion soup since gong vegetarian and I swear the LO can hear me open the cookbook and decides to wake up from his nap. This is my 4th attempt, wish me luck!
What are you up to this Sunday?

This sweet day was exactly one year ago! I can’t believe how time has flown by💗 My heart is overflowing with how far we’ve come in this year. We’ve gotten married, got a cat and have grown so much!!!🤗 I can’t wait to see where God is going to continue to take this relationship💕

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The one of the best things about being abroad is the endless supply of insta photos hehe 😇 I took this one in London a couple weeks ago, which I talked about in my latest blog post! Click the link in my bio to get a lil update on my life abroad >>

Wishing I was back in Lafayette enjoying all the good food they have to offer instead of sitting in my car drinking my coffee mentally preparing to go into work😅 Our Louisiana trip feels like a lifetime ago even though it was only a week ago. On the blog today I’m sharing all of the yum places we went to last weekend!😋 warning, it will probs make ya hungry

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When I first found out I was pregnant I took some time to think about the direction of my blog. I knew I didn't want to stay fashion focused, but instead shift towards overall healthy lifestyle but I didn't think I would include that much about Motherhood and become "just another mom blog". Little did I know just how much my life would change. -------------------------------------------
On January 20th when little Logan came into this world my world completely flipped upside down.
I'm still a #girlboss trying to be the best me and build my success through blogging. I'm also a mom who's life now revolves around the schedule of my baby.
I still love playing with natural beauty products and trying new things. I'm also a mom who on most days has condensed my hair and makeup routine to 5 minutes with a few go to products.
I still love working out and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I'm also a mom who rocks most of her exercise with a stroller or while baby wearing.
I still love socializing and maintaining good relationships with close friends. I'm also a mom who loves staying home staring at my baby and doesn't want to mess with his sleep schedule.
These are only a small fraction of the ways my life has changed as a mama bear and I wouldn't change it for anything in the world. Now that my little one is here most of my focus is on him and that change will be reflected on the blog and what I post on social media. It won't all be motherhood, but at least half of it will be.
I hope you stick around and follow along with the craziness and realness of everything I want to share with all of you, but I totally understand if you're not that into this new direction. With all of that in mind I'd also love to hear what you would like to see me talk about. Leave me a comment below! 💞

I put my new runners to the test today and had an awesome long walk with the little mister all around Langford 😊 It's so nice to be out and about and pushing it a little harder since I got the ok from the midwife to exercise again. I'm hoping the little man will sleep a little longer in the morning so I can do some at home yoga, it didn't work out so well this morning 😒 Do any of you have any favourite yoga YouTube channels? I'd love to check them out ❤️

House inspo 🌸🌸 I am so excited to close on my house and move in. One thing I can’t wait for is having my own bathtub. Although I wish it was a bear claw tub like this, I’m just excited for bath bombs and not having to share with roommates.

Missing my favorite city and my favorite (only!) sister today - even though I love exploring new places, NYC will always have a very special place in my heart 💓🌇 What's your favorite city and why??

Jeremy has some great photography skills, dontcha think?😉 Had such a blast this weekend! It was so nice to get away and just focus on Jeremy and I! We’re almost to the 6 month mark and that blows my mind! Time has just been flying by!💗

I try to get out of the house a few times a week and I love having my @theovercompany baby cover from @belliesinbloom 😁 It keeps the sun/rain/wind out of the little guys face and it keeps prying hands off of him. Added bonus, it works great as a nursing cover and shopping cart cover! I definitely recommend it to other on the go mamas! .
On a total side note @cobsbread is the best! They printed off a bunch of ingredient lists for me so I could make sure what I wanted was dairy free. They're always so nice and everything's so tasty 💞
I hope you're all having a lovely weekend! 😘

It's nice having the hubby off work for the weekend. I broke out my old favourite @elatecosmetics custom palette this morning and took some extra time to get ready. It feels nice to have a full face of makeup on even if we're just going to my MIL's for a late lunch 😊 PS I can't take credit for the smooth skin. I think the skin smoother on my phone was turned up too high 🤷‍♂️
I also finally recorded everyone who participated in my email newsletter giveaway and we have a winner! Congrats @krisha4444 and thank you to everyone who entered ❤️ @krisha4444 please dm me your shipping details so I can verify that you're a Canadian resident and get your prize shipped to you ❤️
On another note, I really need to fix the roundie on my wall 🙈

Made it to Louisiana late last night!😴 But we literally have the CUTEST @airbnb!!! It is the sweetest little cabin! We’re on our way to a farmers market and I am so excited to explore Lafayette today!🤗 Any places we need to check out today!?! Leave us rec’s in the comments below👇🏼

Reminiscing on exploring these cute lil streets while working on assignments today 🌇 Click the link in my bio to read my York travel diary!!

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