Dags att städa trädgården inför vintern.

Recording of a Greenhouse #galleriarnstedt #jenshenricson #sculpture #woodwork #installation #greenhouse #broken #garden

Installation picture from Ditte Ejlerskov’s last show at gallery Arnstedt. The exhibition ”The Beach Club Shop” took place in a deserted beach in Barbados ⛱
Swipe right to view Breeze Weave, Oil on 2 canvases weaved together,
200 x 180 cm, 2017.
You’ll find ”Breze Weave” in bio 🏝

skulptur av P-O Persson #galleriarnstedt

målning av Johan Furåker ✨#galleriarnstedt

History is an important part of Johan Furåkers’ work. His current show is about the story of Luisa Casati, who lived an adventurous life in Italy during the 1920s.
The show together with Johanna Ekström is at Galleri Arnstedt, in Skåne. Open, Tue-Sun:12-17
Fetured image; @johanfuraker

Sehnsucht, 2017, oil painting, on view at @galleriarnstedt until August 17. Don't miss the simultaneous solo show with @johanfuraker
#ericlength #galleriarnstedt #sehnsucht #oiloncanvas

Ur skogen.
Mellan slukhålen.

Galleritips! Varje sommar kräver ett besök hos Arnstedt i Östra Karup, ett stenkast från Båstad. Just nu bl a Ditte Ejlerskov och Linn Fernström. Skulptur i trädgården! Här har även Bjarne Melgaard, Marie-Louise Ekman m fl ställt ut. ⭐️

Snart omsluten inför avfärd mot Skåne. Galleri Arnstedt 1 aug. #galleriarnstedt #arnstedtöstrakarup #exhibition

#galleriarnstedt #östrakarup #marcuseek har några verk utställda nu

Wonderful day at Galleri Arnstedt. We have spotted several pieces we definitely would like to bring home. These ones for example, by Peter Frie! 🌄

Plan for today; visit the charming Galleri Arnstedt located in Båstad, whiooo! There are many great artists who are exhibiting this summer, just look at this oil painting by Kristina Janni Ståhl!
We’ll update you later with more!! ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️

Documenting a few new Beach Club Papers for my upcoming show at Arnstedt this summer! #beachclubpapers #galleriarnstedt #statenskunstfond #thebeachclubshop #comingup #arnstedt #arnstedtöstrakarup #ditteejlerskov

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