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Working with these gross-outs at the Slipper Room tonight. #slipperroom #galfriday #rosiecheeks #qualmsgalore #burlesque

#CalmHeat #GalFriday = New Faves!! πŸ™ŒπŸ½


See a free preview of my newest work GAL FRIDAY this Saturday at @northparkcenter at 3PM! #dallas #dance #galfriday #istandforgirls #creation

TONIGHT! Witness the stupefying booty of @galfridayburlesque at Wasabassco's House of Deveraux at (le) Poisson Rouge at 8pm SmartAndNaked ⏺com
Booty booty, everywhere. From the Wasabassco Redhead Show!! By @tmronin

Almost time for my favorite lady #GalFriday Strike a pose | Burlesque Night continues Wed 6/14 at 8pm | rsvp with front desk #staycurious

Backstage at Duane Park with Gal, Amber, and Ambers hair..!! #duaneparknyc #galfriday #amberray #heatherholliday

Finally got to try on @katvondbeauty / @thekatvond #Roxy new #everlastingliquidlipstick the left side is Roxy all on her own and the right side is Roxy + #GalFriday glitter from @litcosmetics πŸ’•πŸ’πŸ»


@chriscookmusic is serious before @galfridayband gigs. Let's do this Tuscaloosa!


Repost @galfridayband
Well I heard Mister Young sing about her
Well I heard ole Neil put her down......
#gfb #galfridayband #pepsi #southernoriginal #deepsouth #isitfridayyet

Tonight we roll in to Tuscaloosa, Alabama. See you soon @rhythmandbrewsttown! @galfridayband

#wcw goes out to my #galfriday and the best #roomie a girl could ever ask for! Love ya Bubbs!!!!!! #Tammy #Tommytrumpet #slossfest #dancingintherain these are the days of our lives!

Why flowers? Because they’re pretty, and I like pretty things. Because between working with my sweet sister @margotblair and my lovely client @austinflowerco, I’m always around flowers and never get tired of them. Because I want the desserts that I make to look at good as I know they taste. For me, flowers were a natural choice for my brand 🌸✨🌸✨🌸 // @heather_page via @loverly.life

I’m super excited to be featured over at @atx.and.o today for their #MakerMonday series, so head on over to read a little more about me and my superhero origin story πŸ˜‰ Ashley and Becky, thanks so much for the spotlight! 😘

Our 🍬sweet 🍬#MakerMonday is Jessica Blair, who you may know as @galfridaysocial, the social media guru behind some of your fave ATX brands. Read on for her story on taking the leap back into entrepreneurship to pursue her passion for sweet treats as @galfridaybakes. 🍰🍦🍭 1. Who is Jessica?
I am an introverted, daydreamer middle child from the suburbs of Houston known for my crazy good memory and witty sarcasm. Baking is my biggest passion and hobby (if I bake for you, I love you), but I also spend a fair amount of time watching baseball and putting that memory to good use playing trivia. I’m a night owl that prefers long road trips to short flights, and my cats are named after Houston Astros players.
2. Tell us the story behind Gal Friday.
Gal Friday started thanks to my sister @margotblair. Since she started her event planning and floral business, I’ve been her go-to assistant for anything and everything - running errands, bookkeeping, delivering and setting up weddings, meeting with clients, and making hundreds of boutonnieres. I took that approach to being an all-around assistant, left my job at UT, and started working with other amazing creative businesses in town like @inkedfingers, @lootvintage, and @thisisrevelry. I was inspired by the beautiful things they were creating, and it led me to change the nature of my business from supporting to creating. I’ve always loved baking so much, and after working with my sister and flowers for years, it was a natural way for me to make delicious desserts beautiful. So now I’m getting a dessert blog rolling, teaching cake decorating workshops, and taking custom dessert orders, and have taken my support services to strictly social media management services over at @galfridaysocial. I do something different every day and never get bored!
3. How have you impacted ATX and how has ATX impacted you?
It feels crazy to think just little ol’ me could impact ATX, but I took my ideas and created something new that became another facet on this already multifaceted city. Austin has impacted me by giving me my life as I know it. ATX embraces the makers/ creators and supports the small business unlike anywhere else!

@laurenessl found the bakery of my color-loving dreams 😍🌈✨ // @zakthebaker

I had such a productive workday planned today, and then woke up to no internets. I've been on the phone with the provider three different times, and am being held hostage while waiting on a technician. So much for being super productive, but on the bright side, my floors are bright, shiny, and clean ✨ Oy, cheers to the freakin' weekend, right? πŸ₯‚

Disclaimer: these are not my legs. But damn, it's hot, and I just need a pool in my life, and if there are flowers involved, even better β˜€οΈπŸŒΈπŸŒŠ Image via Pinterest

Yellow bougainvillea is a thing and I squealed when I saw it πŸ’›πŸ˜βœ¨

Fact. Even on a Monday. ✨πŸͺ✨

National Ice Cream Day? Yes, please! And, like all other desserts, it's only made better with flowers 🌸🍨✨

Went to see my new favorite band @galfridayband today in China Grove & of course, spotted an @unknownbrewing hat onstage. #smokeandmirrors

Daaaaaamn Lauren. @galfridayband

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