god I miss the nineties

wow, @lilyjamesofficial is gorgeous🥰💙

one last note for all those concerned: taki is FINE. just startled. he is a huge flirt and i hope will be back in fighting spirits soon. he has never been pinned by a dog that he couldn’t wriggle out from (in .1 seconds) before, so this was a first. we have also had the good fortune of avoiding mean dogs at parks and in general (people usually say “don’t come near” etc) which i am happy for.
on our last walk of the day, we ran into a student that lives in the building—he and his two roommates call taki “the men in black dog” (#lol #TBT also that was a fawn pug and his name was like... fred?) which always makes me giggle because if taki had a job it probably would involve spying on aliens, and he would be not only a spy but also an alien.
that might explain why he is so willing and excited to eat EVERYTHING. dirt. vegetables. you name it. #herecomethemeninblack #galaxydefender

Too close for comfort 🎵
Mood today.

Fashions fade, style is eternal. Just ask the men in Black. 💯

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