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Sometimes you have to stand alone to let 'em know you still can stand!! 🤙💪
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To others they may wonder why I got strength and may find it meaningless. Though to me it is special. I have been faced with many obstacles, challenges and struggles throughout my life, where I have had to learn to be strong and survive. Without these though, I wouldn’t have found my strength, the good people that surround me now or become the person I am today. This will forever be a reminder of what has happened and continually be a reminder to be strong in the future #strength #strengthandsurvival #firsttattoo #gainednotgiven

Weak people revenge. Strong people forgive. Intelligent people ignore. 👋👍🏻🙏💪🏻 #polishpride #polska #respect #gainednotgiven #thatguy #blessed

These are the difference of work, torn hands, blocks of chalk, rolls of tape, late nights and 14 hour days. When ‘thickish’ became ‘stronger’. When tears became legwork and more plates on a barbell looked like rainbows. When DOMs became friend. When epsom baths became meditation. When food changed hands and became sustenance not a social engagement. This is the result of a lot of events missed, a lot of parties where I didn’t eat and share the cake. The result of a lot of relationships friendships being ignored except the one to myself, Luke and my #girlgang because others are too negative to serve me as I do them. Im an athlete. I’m not sorry for my relentless pursuit of strength, I’m not sorry for not replying or responding to your self depreciation whilst I’m training my mind and body or at all. I’m not sorry for missing your birthday or your kids because you couldn’t make it to a comp or pay any attention to how hard things might be for me. I’m not sorry. This sport is my passion it is what I live and breathe if you can’t make it to my swole- party and be better for yourself then you don’t make it. The internet is full of people with roundabout problems that turn on themselves like pages in a book again and again. Quit that job that doesn’t make you happy, stop talking to cunts and stop being sad about things you can change. Keep your negativity confined to you... don’t fuck with someone else’s chi. My life revolves around lifting where it’s all in or all out attitude and strong mind is everything. Get it or get gone. Hopefully empowers people to clear the negativity from their lives and know you’re not selfish, be better.
Thanks to @goranweightlifting @caityhan @luke.gazzola @asa_s83 @hartofsarah @sar_bearxo coaches Phil and Matt you’re my A- team love you and grateful for you everyday💚🏋🏻‍♀️💫💫 #teamgold #wolf #tough #gainednotgiven #thankfulforsuffering #choosingme #beingbetter

Heute war Rücken / Bizeps dran. Das Training hat richtig Spaß gemacht.

Today was pull day (upper back, lower back & biceps). Workout was fun.
#gym #sports #gymlove #gymlife #bodybuilding #pumpitup #upperback #lowerback #biceps #rücken #bizeps #gainednotgiven #motivation #trainhard #fitness

Gym ✅ family seen ✅.. Cheers for the savage birthday present @niallmartinfitness1 💪🏼 10 exercises 25 reps each in 14mins #SmashedIt .. also only went and hit a 100kg #Deadlift .. #HappyBirthdayToMe .. #BirthdaySession #PersonalTraining #PersonalBest #Goals #Training #Fitness #Wellbeing #Lifestyle #GoHardOrGoHome #GainedNotGiven

2 years into this fitness journey today:
01st June 2016: 10st 3lbs
01st June 2017: 11st 12lbs
01st June 2018: 12st 8lbs
Body fat has held at 15% throughout 👊🏻 Overall gains of 14.3 kg 💪

Onto year 3 and new goals ⬆️⬆️⬆️ #fitfam #gainednotgiven #results

I almost forgot that I took this one, maybe because I wasn't really prepared to take it, I just wanna test the water as they say, but indeed it is really God's will. What can I say, Praise God, to God be all the Glory 🙌🙏😇 thanks to those who congratulated me and send me the screenshots I won't be able to know this if not through you guys. Thanks so much. This is for everyone who believed :) here's to a brighter tomorrow :) 🌈🙌😘😍😇
#cscprofpasser2018 #gainednotgiven #csceligibility

#Legday done 🙌🏼💪🏼 **
Squats 5 x 5 at 92.5kg **
Deadlifts 3 x 5 at 80kg
lunges 3 x 8 at 45kg ** Front squats 3 x 8 at 45kg **
Weighted step ups 3 x 8 eachleg
Single leg flute bridges 3 x 12 each leg **
Calf raises 2 x 15 at 75kg ** #Workout #Weights #Legday #GainedNotGiven #GetItDoneMonday #SolidStartToWeek #Fitness #AimToGetShredded #Strength #Training #Fitbit

2nd leg session of the week done! Focusing on my squats and attempting deadlift for first time in an age .
Squats -> 3 sets of 3reps at 92.5kg -> 3 sets of 3reps at 95kg finally hitting depth *
Deadlift -> 5 sets of 5reps building up from 70kg to 80kg * yes form isn’t greatest not attempted them since way before Christmas certainly need to work on them and mobility more but it’s progress *
#Training #Legday #Squats #Deadlifts #Exeter #Focus #GainedNotGiven

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