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Being a yoga teacher is... being a student 😁. Only thing missing is a cup of ☕️. #yogilife #yogaclass #gaiatv

Watching #ancientcivilizations on #gaiatv while I practice a little #alchemy for #dinner 🔮🍜

Honored today to have been blessed by a special visit from H.H. Pujya Swamiji Chidanand Saraswati and Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati. #swamiji is truly a living embodiment of love #purelove #parmarthniketan thanks for today. See you in India @sadhviji @pujyaswamiji #yogaphilosophy #gaiatv

When 7000 people meditated they reduced terrorism and crime by 75%. We are part of a collective mind. How you think impacts the world. If we all think happy and loving thoughts then we shape our community. Think about it!! If you want an abundant happy healthy and loving life, then your thoughts directly relate to this outcome. #gaiatv #seekthetruth #awakening #openconsciousness #meditate

The Change comes from within. #GaiaTV

Back to school, good friends, treat shopping, bath bombs, rooting for the underdog, and lazy Sunday's! #blessed #GaiaTV #McGregor

Me with Geeta Iyengar sitting in her father, the great BKS Iyengar's chair. #Pune #india #Iyengaryoga #yogamasters #gaiatv


Accountability is key to healing our world, our societies, and ourselves. Lately I have been fortunate enough to have life reflect back to me the ways in which I have contributed towards hurt, pain, and suffering in the lives of others in the past. I bow in humility and sadness as I say, “I am sorry.” Some of you I have reached out to personally but to anyone else I may have hurt I would like to offer my heart, as that was surely not my intention, but my ignorance at the time. Please connect with me if it serves you to do so and we can share. One of my teachers once said to me that everyone is doing the best they can with the tools they have been given. Luckily I pick up new tools everyday thanks to community, authenticity, and the people I surround myself with. The journey never fails to amaze me. The reality is that we change the world and affect people every day by our actions, words, our thoughts, even our social media posts - Mabye we bring a little more awareness as to HOW we are influencing the world around us.... - Furthermore, I simply ask that we recognize that everyone is doing their best...that who someone is today is not who they will Be tomorrow...and that an authentic conversation can often shed light on our toxic assumptions. - The first step to truly see who someone is not to judge them, but to LOVE them.

An oldie but goodie 🎥 There have been many authors and spiritual teachers over the years (and ages) who have taught the connection between the mind and our thoughts and how they affect the physical world. However this documentary (What the Bleep Do We Know) was one of the first of its kind to connect all the dots in a cohesive narrative and positing a spiritual connection between quantum physics and consciousness. .

If you haven't seen it yet, it's highly recommended, and follow it up with 'Further Down the Rabbit Hole,' and 'The Secret'. If it's what you're into! Promise it will at least make you look at things a little differently, lol.
Remember, the subconscious doesn't have a filter and absorbs everything it sees, so giving it new stimuli can make even subtle changes in our lives, and when we harness the infinite potential of our waking conscious mind, watch out! 🤓 #nerdalert #myfavoritetopic .
#gaiatv #whatthebleep #whatthebleepdoweknow #independentfilms #documentary #quantumphysics #consciousness #higherconsciousness #lawofattraction #loa #thesecret #thesecretdocumentary #mindovermatter #foodforthought #thoughtleaders #quantummysticism

Gaia TV te consiente 😏😙

Ya cuentas con la nueva programación de Gaia TV? Y qué esperas para solicitarla, llama hoy!! PELÍCULAS, SERIES, CANALES PREMIUM, SIN MENSUALIDADES!!

Disfruta con tu familia en la comodidad de tu hogar de la mejor programación de Gaia TV

Lil' cosmic reading for the collective during this super-moon, Mercury retro-madness. Serenity says, yes, by all means, take time to chill. Remove yourself from chaos when you feel like things are getting a little invasive. Don't feel guilty about taking some quiet time, and make sure to seek out like-minded people during this time. Go ahead and leave that holiday party early and throw on some Netflix (or #gaiatv !). And the Queen of Swords is so perfect for Mercury retrograde, as she reminds us to see through illusion and make sure we get all our facts before taking action. This is also a reminder to not give in to fear, as things feel very heightened at this time, but rather to look at situations objectively before reacting.
Aaaand be extra patient with your electronics...😉✨🔮🌕
#starchildtarot #tarot #tarotreadersofinstagram #mystic #intuitive #peachmoonstone #supermoon #mercuryretrograde #holidaysarecoming

Take this kiss upon the brow!
And, in parting from you now,
Thus much let me avow —
You are not wrong, who deem
That my days have been a dream;
Yet if hope has flown away
In a night, or in a day,
In a vision, or in none,
Is it therefore the less gone?
All that we see or seem
Is but a dream within a dream. ~ #edgarallanpoe Bring your Dreams to New Living Expo, April 27-29, San Mateo Event Center. Sign up for our NL for special package offers! #dreams #vr #augmentedreality #meditation #nature #gaiatv #selfawareness #selflove #newera #futurism #ecology #consciousconsumer

A couple of years ago, my friend Terah made me this book of lists with the caveat that I always put down some #tobe time too...when I'm to-being, I'm also working on causing effects...a beautiful concept I've learned from @officialdrjoedispenza from an interview he gave on #gaiatv a few weeks ago. It's been a game changer! #soulgrowth #emotionalchemistry #mindandbody #gratitude

The Process of Awakening - Kevin Courtney. Week Two- You Are Not What You Think.
@binfords_all_naturals - gettin’ slippery over here!
#gaiatv #thrideye #awakening #woke #dontneedyourapproval #lovinmyself #work #process #manas #ahamkara #buddhi #mind #ego #conciousness

Scrolling through my feed yesterday this pic jumped out as so absolutely relevant and powerful. Borrowing it from @nahkobear - in my opinion one of the greatest songwriters to walk our beautiful planet and a brother I am sure I will share space with one day- you see the reality is that we are human, we will make mistakes, BIG unbelievable mistakes. We will disappoint ourselves and those we love , we will even hurt people in ways we never intended or thought possible. And the second we get caught up thinking we have even “most” of it figured out it will kick us in the ass and take us back to school. - ONE of my teachers @ryanleier once showed me the difference between #humility & #defeat. It’s times like these when you have to catch your head in your hands before it hits the ground. Do NOT let your head fall to the ground because while we are Human we are also Divine and this is all part of our process. Soak it in, feel all of it through self-reflection, introspection, accountability - and #do better next time. Eventually you will lift your head out of your hands and your capacity to LOVE will be so much more.

You want to know the truth? Sometimes I feel like the weight of the world is on my back, my heart is being ripped out of my chest, and all I want to do is disappear just like that; poof. - then I get it.... how dare I? What a cop out! - to have been so blessed that I have been fortunate enough to know what LOVE is... family, true friendship, food, shelter, nature, stillness, “education”, to have been blessed with the most amazing teachers, to Know GOD and that our existence is more than our body.....imagine how mundane life would be if you could no find a reason to believe in Divinity or Magic. - and with all of this...How Dare I think about walking away from my call to LOVE, to forgive, to be compassionate, to stand up, to show up!!! To think for a moment that it was about me. I am so grateful that I am allowed to fall to my knees just long enough to gently slap my in my face and remind me that I am being called to demonstrate a LOVE that is limitless beyond imagination.... a call that WE all hear everyday.... what’s your answer?

YES 💕😊💖 Sending peace, LOVE, happiness, luminous rays of white light and many blessings out to you all 💕 pic via @awakeningpeople

Hello Loves! Please click the link in my bio to watch my Lunar Oracle Report for the New Moon in Scorpio! 🌛🌝 🌜This New Moon is exact on Saturday, November 18th at 3:42am PST and 6:42am EST

For more information, or if you'd like to dive deeper and see how this incredibly powerful and transformational energy is personally impacting you and your natal chart, please visit my website http://www.thespiritualchannel.com

Thank you so much for all your love and support, your likes, comments, shares and YouTube subscriptions mean the world to me and help support me in creating continuous spiritual content for you all :) Wishing you all a beautiful and blissful New Moon- and from my heart to yours, sending you so much love!

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Blue Avian 👽🔮
with Quartz Sphere
Hand Painted/ Hand Sculpted

Have you had a chance to check out my YouTube yet? Please visit www.youtube.com/erikaothen (link in bio above) for astrological guidance and original spiritual content including inspiring horoscopes and Lunar Energy Reports every New and Full Moon! 💓🌛🌝🌜💓 Sending much love and sparkles to you all- your likes, comments, shares and YouTube subscriptions mean the 🌍 to me! 💞💖
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Grateful to @harmoniousinfinity for bringing this back around a year later. This is what Christmas 2016 looked like to the beautiful people in my life. 2017 Christmas will definitely look similar. Let’s try to move away from the surface stuff, the things, and more things: what people want is your Heart, what we need is more LOVE, more compassion, more gratitude,and get this more Forgiveness!!!! - make this 2017 season different, make it truly special, and make it “not a season at all” but our daily existence.

I found myself really bored with Netflix today (I'm home and in bed not feeling well) and scrolled through Gaia.com ✨ (Yes, I have seen Stranger Things already, of course!😉) Some series and documentaries seemed interesting on there. Do any of you guys know about Gaia TV? I like videos on spiritual growth and energy stuff, not so much aliens and conspiracy theories and definitely nothing pushy about diets. ✋ Is it worth joining? Any suggestions on what to watch first?
#gaia #gaiatv #healing #inspiration #awakening #spiritualgrowth #spirituality

“Here we go again Creation, .... Mother Earth still got my soul, wish on a butterflies wings, take that crown and put it on that king.” - I get really excited about meeting God face to face one day.... then from time to time he gives me a little shove and whispers in his husky voice, “ Yow Yow, I am right here Son, in front your face everyday but you are looking with your eyes: my wardrobe is infinite and my form beyond name, shape, or identity. Do not see me with your eyes, but with your heart.”- What does God look like for you? How does He show up in your life? How do you react to Him, Resist Him, overlook Him? How do you love Him, appreciate Him, Communicate with Him? Can WE see Him/Her in everything, good and bad, light and dark, Divine & Mundane....?

Amazing 2 days with a master Regina Meredith surrounded by red rocks in Sedona www.reginameredith.com .
@wearegaia #gaiatv #reginameredith #vortex

En route back home with so much love and gratitude. - the las few hours I feel like I have been in a human zoo of sorts: hundreds of people rushing by and no-one even taking the time to look you in the eye and acknowledge your presence. Service without eye contact, without a smile, without anything really. While we may feel that we don’t have much influence on the disconnection in our world I am going to be sure that these flowers know what they mean to me and how much I appreciate them. And if you are reading this I would like to let you know how much I love and appreciate you as well. - tell someone, tell everyone what they mean to you, how they affect your life, and how much you love them..... go!

Decided to do an athletes yoga class today on #gaiatv 🏃🏻‍♀️ It was definitely challenging, but I feel good because of it. Slowly but surely getting back to a place of body awareness, body health, and body love. Feeling good! :) MooShu also decided that he wanted to join me in the beginning, but by the end he was fast asleep on the couch. #keepon #keepinon #bodylove #bodyswareness #strengthen #stretch #release #heal #yoga #joga

I like to build my knowledge daily ✨ Tonight involves a plate full of vegetables after meditation and watching Gaia TV. 🌻 I live and breath everything that involves the highest good for our Mind Body & Soul. #gaiatv #documentary #healingthemind #thegreatestwealthishealth #knowlege #vegetables #postmeditationbliss #meditation #healthylife

Keep them hips aligned girl! Getting into the breath and movement in my body today. Feeling so good! It’s been about a week since I’ve done yoga and today’s practice with @seanecorn was perfect for recentering my focus. Feeling all the good vibes. #namaste #selflove #healing #gaiatv #yoga #bodylove #centering #meditation #bodymeditation

Listen!! - Everything we see in any individual besides a Divine Soul, or in any situation besides the hand of God is a Story. - Labels, images, experiences, he said, she did ..... but but but.... but what? We are all Divine souls here to learn to love. You can attach to the story or see and nurture the soul beneath it. In the moment, what we like to call the NOW, the only thing that exists, is where God lives - past and future again just part of the story. Am I recommending that you let go of anything anyone has done and see the soul beneath all of it, to forgive so you can love and nurture them? Absolutely!! I know for some of us this may seem unimaginable but it's the only way back to Divine Love - we cannot leave anyone behind, not even One beautiful soul. - So much love to teacher and friend @seanecorn for planting these seeds many years ago. Here is a audio clip of her visit last year to @oneyogatrinidad if u can get past the humm: - Earlier this year I sat in the chair of a Tattoo artist in Vancouver BC with the concept for this Tattoo and after he said, "Yoga teacher! .... plenty girls!" - I kindly offered to pay him for his time and said goodbye as I left his chair. - A tattoo to me is as sacred as prayer and I have so much gratitude for Ami @thelotusboxtattoostudio Trinidad for creating the space for this piece. After months of design work to find the power in simplicity...we prayed, we shared in this lesson, and we created.

As with all "religious" inspired holidays I am often afraid that the true essence of Diwali is forgotten in the excitement of the food, culture, and excitement of celebration. Diwali is the celebration of Light over Darkness. - sounds profound I know, but really.... are we getting it? If you want to celebrate Diwali truly, I invite you to look at your live, forgive those who have hurt you,l. Pick up the phone and let them know you love and forgive them. - Then reach out to those that you have hurt and say that you are sorry, it was not your intention. Then look at all the habits in your life that don't serve you or those around you, commit to changing them. Then commit to loving Everyone without limits, even when threatened, afraid, hurt, and insecure. This is Diwali!! This is light over dark & hope over despair!!! While the celebrations are beautiful, this is what our world needs... Shiva said to Arjuna, - "You have a very partial image of me in your head young warrior. You have to recognize me in all that exists, including what seems to be ugly and evil. See me in the dark Arjuna, in that which you cannot defeat and which your human will cannot conquer. See me in misfortune. See me in the downtrodden, the wounded, and the de-feated. See me even in failure." - have an absolutely beautifully epic Diwali full of food, celebration and love - but remember to take the Light with you even into tomorrow. Love

Step into the shadow, see the depths of the darkness, only then can you turn that darkness into LIGHT. And fear not, darkness itself is an illusion - there is always Light in their somewhere: sometimes you just need to expand your horizons and take a universal perspective. #shadowwork
#weareone #justbreathe #love #oneyogatrinidad #yogaeverydamnday #practiceandalliscoming #yoga #meditation #sweatonceadaytttt #trinidad #trinidadandtobago
#love #oneyoga #practiceandalliscoming #yoga #meditation #sweatonceaday #trinidad #trinidadandtobago
#love #oneyoga #livingyoga #reconnecttospirit #God #myyogaongaia #gaiatv #livingprayer #christlike

Rabbit hole gets deeper and deeper #coreygoode #davidwilcock #gaiatv #faudernaughts #f2b

I highly recommend this book. Wow, it feels like it's written from inside my head. Danielle cuts through the good, the bad and the ugly of modern spirituality - being spiritual without thinking you are too holy, balancing holistic health with traditional medicine as required and the list goes on. Her humour and white hot truths (especially about her own shortcomings and experiences) is refreshing. Modern spirituality should = authenticity and love. Love, love, love her message! Most importantly she says what I tell clients: psychics and all other spiritual advisors and healers are here to help you, but YOU are in charge, YOU know best and like gaia.com says: 'BE YOUR OWN AUTHORITY!' 💜 This books is so close to my heart I'm going to also buy the paperform and keep a copy for the future! #daniellelaporte #whitehottruth #gaiatv

Watching #ancientcivilizations on #gaiatv while I practice a little #alchemy for #dinner 🔮🍜


Same poses over and over and over... if this is the way you feel your missing it. The posture is NEVER the same. Every breath, every movement, every moment: all with something new to teach, something new to feel. Every time you step to your mat let if be like the first time ever. "don't do the pose, allow the pose to do you." On top of it all, it's NOT about the pose! It never was and never will be. It's a training ground where we learn to be present, where we learn to come face to face with challenges, obstacles and self- limiting thoughts, a place where we learn compassion for ourselves and quiet the mind enough so we can learn to Listen, a place where even for a moment we know stillness and hear the voice of GOD. This practice of Yoga prepares us so we can show up in the world with a LOVE that is Fierce and Unconditional.

The natural flow of life moves with a certain ease and grace. We all can use some of that in our lives. Flow state. May your weekend be filled with ease and grace. #flow #grace #positivevibes #positiveenergy #positivethoughts #love #lovewins #peace #meditation #mindful #consciousness #wellbeing #wellness #holistichealth #fitmom #gaiatv #healthylifestyle

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