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Did you realize that seeds from watermelon offer many advantages also?

These seeds comprise of supplements like unsaturated fats, basic proteins, minerals like magnesium, potassium, manganese, press, zinc, phosphorus and are loaded with vitamin B like thiamine, niacin, folate.

Watermelon seeds have citrulline substance which acts a cancer prevention agent, which has a constructive outcome on account of arteriosclerosis, hypertension, angina and erectile brokenness, consequently advancing the extension of veins.

These seeds are additionally helpful in treatment of kidney and urinary tract diseases.Consume tea from crisp watermelon seeds and stones and sand in the kidneys will be normally evacuated.

Formula for watermelon seeds tea:

Take 20-30 watermelon seeds. Crush and bubble them for 15 minutes in 2 liters of water. Devour this drink for 2 days and make a delay the third day. Proceed with like this for half a month.

Beneath you can discover all medical advantages that watermelon seeds bring to the table:

The seeds which are awesome wellspring of magnesium that is required for ordinary capacity of our heart. What’s more, they keep up ordinary level of circulatory strain and improve the digestion system prepare.

Because of cell reinforcement properties of this seeds, maturing will be backed off and your skin will have more youthful look.

Because of high protein and amino corrosive substance of this seed, your #hair will be fortify. Besides, simmered #watermelonseeds make hair gleaming in light of the copper they contain which deliver melanin, a shade that offers shading to your hair.

Watermelon seeds have #lycopene cancer prevention agent which is a fantastic and proficient therapeutic technique to support the male intensity levels.

On the off chance that you are managing #diabetes get ready drink from a modest bunch of watermelon seeds in 1l water for 45minutes. Expend this drink no less than two times each day.

Next time when you purchase #watermelon, don’t discard its seeds!! #uglybynature
Source: http://fitfifi.com/2017/03/24/take-watermelon-seeds-and-boil-them-the-results-will-shock-you-recipe/2/

<🔮SELF LOVE + SACRED FEMININE = WELL BEING [FOR ALL HUMANS] 🌸🌸🌸 7-Part Initiation into the Sacred Feminine: 🙌🙌🙌 [1] Place your left palm over your heart and your right palm over your belly.[2] Breathe love, light and bliss deeply into your body. [3] Breathe out doubts and thoughts of limitation. [4] Find a clear and still place to reside, deep within your being free of thoughts or worries about restriction or limitation. [5] Hear a whisper in your left ear – “Here is the love you are searching for.” [6] Hear a whisper in your right ear – “Be love. Feel freedom.” [7] Feel mother Earth (Gaia) supporting you fully in body, mind and spirit.

Start the initiation on a [New] or Full Moon.
Continue this practice for 14 days. ✨Dakini Chantelle.
सुप्त बद्धकोणासन Yoga Pose: Supta baddha konasana

Bring the souls of your feet together and open your knees wide. Place one hand on your belly and one hand on your heart. On every inhale, feel your belly rise up as your chest expands and your diaphragm contracts. Hold your breath at the top. Exhale through the back of your throat slowly, as if you are fogging the pane of a window. So deep inhale for 4 counts. Hold at the top of the breath. Slow exhale for 4 counts. Repeat for 10 deep breaths. ✨Jenn Zerling
Bed Yoga
note: If you wish to engage this asana, please do so as your body allows. Do not force the pose, but rather, relax into the position, using support if needed. 💕Benefits of practicing this pose / Strengthens and improves flexibility in the inner thighs, groins and the knees; Helps prepare the hips and groins for meditative seated poses, which require more flexibility in these areas; Helps to sooth menstrual discomfort and digestive complaints; Stimulates the abdominal organs, potentially improving the health of the ovaries, prostate gland, kidneys and bladder; Alleviates fatigue, according to traditional yoga texts; Helps open up the lower back and relieves sciatica; Metaphysically opens up the groin area helping to relieve sexual inhibitions and guilt.

Be blessed.> ✨TOP IMAGE & TRANSMISSION REPOSTED FROM:: 🔵TheGypsyPriestess on FB 🔻 🔻🔻@boundariesarebeautiful

Meine Hunde und buddeln? Niemals! Nein... hab ich noch nie gesehen! Glaub ich nicht, dass sie das tun und vor allem gaia sicher nicht!! Nur wie zum Henker ist sie so dreckig geworden? 😂😂 #hundemädchen #Gaia #langhaarcollie #roughcollie #roughcolliesofinstagram #collie #bluemerle #trickdog #dog #hund #doglover #hundeliebe #lieblingshund #dogscorner #dogtag #dogphoto #collage #instacollie #instadog

Learn to truely love yourself ✨👌🏽



do you feel trapped?

oftentimes, the walls aren't real. they're a figment of your imagination. something you've constructed, like excuses and self-limited beliefs designed to hold you in. to hold you down

realise the walls aren't real. and break free... #Mindset #MindsetTip #MindsetTipOfTheDay #Prison #DisempoweringBeliefs #Excuses #FakeWalls #SelfLimitingBeliefs #LifeOfAStrengthCoach #LifeOfAnEntrepreneur #LifeOfACoffeeAddict #LifeOfASunsetJunkie #LifeOfASquatAddict #Gaia #Meditate #Entrepreneur #Eleebana #Wantrepreneur #WarnersBay #Startup #Startups #BusinessOwner #Business #SmallBusiness #SmallBusinessOwner #Newcastle #YourPotentialIsNearlyLimitless

"There will be no blood — no life force — squeezed from the ancient stones that inform our subconscious psyches without the proper period of rest, for this is our soul’s hour of resuscitation.
This is our spirit’s reckoning, carried over the past weeks and awaiting the ceremonial pyre where we’ll be reduced to ashes. Where we’ll produce our own fertilizer to raise our earth-worn bodies from their exhausted states and infuse a vital dose of life — and light — into our starving cores, once again." #JillianKristina
Happy New Moon, Rebelles 🌑 Let us surrender our shadows, set our intentions, and prepare for the light, once again 🔥rebellesociety.com
#rebellesociety #newmoon #taurus #warriorwomanrising

New white quartzite eggs are now available along side the others. These are all 1.5 inch tall by 1.25 inch wide and weight 3 ounces each. They all come from Mexico. 5.00 each, or 1 of each type (5 total) for 20.00 or get a bakers dozen assorted eggs for just 40.00!(that's 3 free) - add 7.00 to ship or 13 to ship if buying multiple dozens. Other than the new white quartzite, here are golden and orange calcite and black and green Jasper polished eggs available. Great for the collection, gifts, Easter egg hunts, yoni eggs, actually chicken coop for your hens, and more! Thanks for checkin'. :). #eggs #egg #polishedeggs #crystaleggs #stoneeggs #yoniegg #yonieggs #eggstravaganza #eggzactly #maternal - #fractalfinds #crystals #gems #minerals #stones #geology #earthporn #crystalporn #gemporn #rockporn #crystalline #crystalhealing #healingcrystals #earth #gaia #nature #rockshop #crystalshop

Very excited about my new #essentialoils blend from @sajewellness, appropriately titled for I am full of #gratitude and lust for life. I have my favorite single oils (bergamot, vetiver, neroli, lavender), but am not a talented mixer. This uplifting mix here smells magical - orange, vanilla and coffee, as well as spearmint, rosewood, sage and pepper. It's going in my eo #diffuser in my bedroom tonight 🍊🍵🌿🌹😏 #CMT #natureknowsbest #lavitaebella #healing #rejuvenation #naturalcure #heaven #gaia #sweetdreams #bliss

Em contato com a natureza, sumaúma rainha da floresta #ClienteTrilhaseRumos #natureza #espiritoaventureiro #gaia #mãenatureza #minhaamazonia #euamazonia

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