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Behind the scenes in this #customfetishvideo #fetish #gagtalk #tapegagged

Shot a great video with Jamie Daniels today where we tried on a variety gags. It was so much fun trying to talk & understand each other. Which kind of #gag is your favorite!? #MyFetishLife #GagTalk

Actress with sock in mouth #gaggedvideo #gagtalk #mouthstuffed

It's so humid I think my face is going to fall off 😂👏 #smutslam #sexperts #gagtalk


“Struggling to Survive“ ft. Tim Woodman & Janira Wolfe 🖤⛓ Cupcake and Janira were dared to go visit a haunted house. They tiptoe through in their satin nighties, whispering as they look around. Suddenly Tim Woodman swoops up behind Janira! He holds her by the throat, telling the girls that if they scream he will do terrible things to them. The girls are terrified but obedient. Tim then takes a rag and instructs Cupcake to knock out her friend. Cupcake feebly protests but after being threatened more, reluctantly takes the rag to Janira’s nose. Janira goes unconscious on the mattress next to them, and then Tim swoops over and knocks Cupcake out with the same rag. The girls wake up, tied to the mattress, and each other, bound and gagged. The girls wiggle and try to talk, but their pleas are muffled. They squirm, wiggling their satin clad bodies eager for escape. Tim comes back, pressing a knife against the girls, before ripping through their nighties. The girls panic more, their nude bodies revealed as he runs the blade over their bodies, threatening them to stay quiet..or else. He then takes a picture of the girls and leaves them alone to struggle while he goes to make arrangements for the vulnerable girls… ⚙️ Features:

#Knifeplay | #Bondage | #Satin | #Shiny | #Ballgag | #GagTalk | #blackmailfetish | #KnockOut | #Chloro | #Limp | #ClothesDestruction | #Struggling ⛓FIND THIS CLIP VIA THE LINK IN MY BIO!! ⛓

✨👑”Belle Bound”✨👑 Princess Belle is in dreamland..when suddenly she awakes in damsel land! Princess Belle finds herself in a strict rope bondage hogtie, exposing her dainty bare feet and securely binding her satin glove clad arms. The Princess is indignant and goes to speak - and realizes her mouth is cleave gagged! Princess Belle squirms and struggles against the bondage, demanding to be let out immediately. She wiggles her bare feet, rolls around, and does all she can to escape - angrily muttering to herself and calling out the entire time. After all, you simply cannot treat royalty this way! The princess struggles on her stomach, then rolls onto her back trying to find the perfect position of escape from her hogtie. Finally, exhausted, she goes still, panting. What will happen to her next? ⛓👑Features:

#struggling #barefeet #cleavegag #footfetish #gagtalk #ropebondage #bondage #rope #cosplay #costume #damselindistress 👑✨FIND THIS CLIP VIA THE LINK IN MY BIO! ✨👑

Shot a great video with Jamie Daniels today where we tried on a variety gags. It was so much fun trying to talk & understand each other. Which kind of #gag is your favorite!? #MyFetishLife #GagTalk

@baby_cake2017 made these awesome self gag videos. Thank you so much 😄 #gaggedvideo #selfgag #gagtalk #sockgagged

“Cleaves & Pleads”

Cupcake in a nice tight cleave gag. Bound tightly with rope, her legs are bound in front while her arms are secured in the back. Cupcake struggles and talks a lot against the gag, her struggles futile but accentuating the swell of her breasts in her tight corset, and her efforts to struggle casing her already short pvc skirt to ride up further up her thighs. She looks up at you wide eyed, begging you to let her go through her gag. Will you? It's so much fun watching her plead through her cleave gag, helplessly bound for your amusement.... Features:
#struggling | #cleavegag | #gagtalk | #pvc | #rope | #bondage | #ropebondage | #corset | #damselindistress ✨FIND THIS CLIP BY FOLLOWING THE LINK IN MY BIO!!! ✨

Behind the scenes in this #customfetishvideo #fetish #gagtalk #tapegagged

Just finished a #gagtalk #custom and now I'm all floaty! Time to make coffee and edit. You should order one too at customs@missmonicajade.com ;) #monicajade #bts #fetishes #gaggedvideo #mypantiesarewet

"I'M AMERICAN NOW" **FREE CLICKABLE PREVIEW & FULL CLIP AT** http://clips4sale.com/8029/17151726

STARRING @milfgigi & @nyssanevers
GG and her husband has taken in a female student from the foreign exchange student program.  Her name is Nyssa and she came all the way from Japan!  So much culture to be shared between them, but it wasn't exactly as the couple thought it would be.  Nyssa has already started doing her own thing, making her own friends and picking up bad habits and traits.  Nyssa thinks she's "become American" and can act and dress however she likes.  Nyssa decides to go out with her friends and is about to leave the house when a sleeping GG wakes up from her nap to find Nyssa wearing damn near nothing!  GG is pissed!  She makes Nyssa come over to her so she can inspect her.  Her ass cheeks are hanging out of her shorts! And that top?! You can pretty much see her tits!  GG demands that Nyssa go change, but Nyssa is super defiant and starts to fight with her host mother and knocks her out.  Nyssa is a very bad girl, and while her host mother was out, she tied her up tight with rope.  She's tied her elbows together so tightly and wrists behind her back, and her thighs and ankles together too!  GG comes to and screams at her to untie her.  All Nyssa wanted to do was go out with her cool American friends, but no, GG had to yell at her and tell her how to dress and be bossy, and look how this all turned out!  Nyssa doesn't like her host mothers dress, so she decided to destroy it, she goes to rip the dress and GG is shocked and appalled that Nyssa's big tits are in her face.  So Nyssa mocks her with her tits and shakes them in her face and then starts ripping her dress apart.  GG is furious now!  She can't believe any of this is actually going on!  Nyssa pushes her over on her side and starts to put her into a hogtie and...

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