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Behind the scenes in this #customfetishvideo #fetish #gagtalk #tapegagged

Credit to @thequeenofgags : On a ballgag tear lately, enjoying this one in the shower 😊 #gagged #gaggedgirl #bondage #bdsm #bdsmcommunity #bdsmlifestyle #ballgag #ballgagged #gaggedmouth #gagtalk #gaggedvideo

http://NyssaNevers.com. "BIND & GAG THE SNOOPY POLICEWOMEN" **STARRING @tomiko1 & A.R.TISTE!!!** Officers Tomiko and Nyssa have been investigating a case on corruption and bribes. After weeks of hard work and following leads, they've found themselves in an awkward situation. Everything leads back to their head chief! Now confronting him isn't going to be an easy task, but it must be done, so they gather up the nerve to do it together and approach the head chief.
Unfortunately this is no surprise to him, and as be berates them for being dumb rookies and having gotten so far in the case while he expected nothing from them, he also puts them in quite a predicament. He forces each of them into handcuffs and down onto chairs. The two policewomen never could imagine how the confrontation would go, but they are getting a good image of it now. And it's not turning out very well for them. They try to plead with him that maybe they've made a big mistake and they should just go and not say anything to anyone. But that just doesn't work. They try to plead with him some more, accusing some other officers. Suddenly he places his hands over both their mouths at the same time, not wanting to hear any of their nonsense. He starts to think how he is going to get out of this mess and asks them as he keeps them tightly hand gagged. The officers try to reply but the head chief does not left go of their faces and you can hardly understand what the officers are trying to say. He lets up on one of the officers faces only to hear a couple words and then call bullshit on her and then re-gags her with his big hand, turning her words into muffled noises. He proceeds to ask the other officer if she has any good idea for his to get out of this mess. She starts to blame another officer and is quickly hushed up again by his other big hand. The head chief is very angry now and is supposed to be on his way to a meeting with the mayor, he doesn't have time for all this.

Shot a great video with Jamie Daniels today where we tried on a variety gags. It was so much fun trying to talk & understand each other. Which kind of #gag is your favorite!? #MyFetishLife #GagTalk

Reposting @thequeenofgags • I just did this on my way back to work from lunch - wonder what the people on the road thought 😜 Haha!! Spider gag from @officialstockroom ❣️ #queenofgags #officialstockroom #spidergag #bondage #bdsm #boundandgagged #tiedup #gaggedmouth #gaggeddrooling #submissive #submissivewoman #droolfetish #gagtalk #tonguefetish


Credit to @thequeenofgags : On a ballgag tear lately, enjoying this one in the shower 😊 #gagged #gaggedgirl #bondage #bdsm #bdsmcommunity #bdsmlifestyle #ballgag #ballgagged #gaggedmouth #gagtalk #gaggedvideo

Shot a great video with Jamie Daniels today where we tried on a variety gags. It was so much fun trying to talk & understand each other. Which kind of #gag is your favorite!? #MyFetishLife #GagTalk

@baby_cake2017 made these awesome self gag videos. Thank you so much 😄 #gaggedvideo #selfgag #gagtalk #sockgagged

“Cleaves & Pleads”

Cupcake in a nice tight cleave gag. Bound tightly with rope, her legs are bound in front while her arms are secured in the back. Cupcake struggles and talks a lot against the gag, her struggles futile but accentuating the swell of her breasts in her tight corset, and her efforts to struggle casing her already short pvc skirt to ride up further up her thighs. She looks up at you wide eyed, begging you to let her go through her gag. Will you? It's so much fun watching her plead through her cleave gag, helplessly bound for your amusement.... Features:
#struggling | #cleavegag | #gagtalk | #pvc | #rope | #bondage | #ropebondage | #corset | #damselindistress ✨FIND THIS CLIP BY FOLLOWING THE LINK IN MY BIO!!! ✨

Genevieve is chair bound and mummified on sale now at clips4sale.com/109778

Genevieve is dragged roughly into the room, her wrists handcuffed behind her, a hood over her head, held in place with an electrical tape cleave gag.  She has no idea where she is or who has taken her, and finds herself roughly forced into a chair and taped in place.  Her captor removes the hood and immediately clamps a hand over her mouth moments before shoving a two inch ball gag in place (the largest ball gag Genevieve has ever worn) and strapping it in tightly.  She begins to drool almost immediately, protesting and begging as the man begins securing her more tightly to the chair, taping her legs together, then locking them off to the chair, wrapping her entire body slowly and methodically, stopping only occasionally to change her gag or grope his helpless plaything.  Her clothing is soaked in spit and a large puddle of drool has collected in her lap.  The man stuffs a large sponge in place and wraps microfoam tape around her face, sealing it in for good.  She mewls and "mmmmpphs", never ceasing her struggles for a moment, even as thee man completely encases her from neck to feet in the duct tape cocoon.  She can hardly move now, and she certainly can't stop the man as he pulls a pair of pantyhose over her face and winds black electrical tape around and around, covering her already stuffed and taped mouth, and now even wrapping over her eyes so she is once again unable to see. This last gag is almost more than she can take, as she barely moves, reduced to a whimpering package.
#gagtalk #ballgag #mummification #tapebondage #tapegagged #packedmouth #mouthstuffing #

Behind the scenes in this #customfetishvideo #fetish #gagtalk #tapegagged

First time ever bound for Mabel Syrup, who ends up tape-tied, topless and struggling. A BRAND NEW model not seen ANYWHERE on sale now at clips4sale.com/109778 #tapebondage #tapegagged #topless #damselindistress #redheads #bluejean #struggle #gagged #gagtalk #hogtied #barefoot

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