#Throwback @ladygaga arriving at Ben-Gurion Airport in Israel 🇮🇱 9 years ago today!
Aug 17th 2009

#Throwback @ladygaga arriving in Perth, Australia 🇦🇺 4 years ago today.
Aug 17th 2014

bitch I need the undistorted versions in HQ like NOW


#Throwback @ladygaga arriving at Z100 Studios and then arriving back to her apartment in NYC, 2 years ago today.
Aug 17th 2016

Check out this amazing artwork of #ENIGMA by my talented friend @myartt___ 😍🔥

Two years ago today, @ladygaga announced her first single ‘Perfect Illusion’ from her 5th album Joanne. Where was you when it was announced? I was on the train from London 🙈

"She was one of the first people to tell me to go to Mugler. She was like, 'I will support you, you'll be amazing. When I went to Diesel she was supportive again. It's been a couple of years and we were like, 'I think it's time to do some stuff together again'." - @nicolaformichetti on @ladygaga ♥️

#Throwback @ladygaga went surfing in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico 🇲🇽 7 years ago today.
Aug 16th 2011

LOVE this edit made by @artfloozyy 😍 now imagine if this was an album cover! WIG

I’m so excited for this project!!

#Throwback @ladygaga at Narita Airport in Tokyo, Japan 🇯🇵 4 years ago today.
Aug 15th 2014

#Throwback @ladygaga out and about in LA, 5 years ago today.
Aug 15th 2013
Hair by @fredericaspiras
Makeup/face paint by @taralizsavelo

Ну, красивую девочку вам в ленту) ph by me, st @smirnskaya.gala , mua @slavagordeevv #russianradio #fashion #blackandwhite #jenniferlopez #calendar #editirial #female #modelling #gagastyle

#Throwback @ladygaga outside the ELLE TOKYO Club in Tokyo, Japan 🇯🇵 4 years ago today.
Aug 14th 2014

#Throwback @ladygaga brought The Born This Way Ball to Sofia, Bulgaria 🇧🇬 6 years ago today.
Aug 14th 2012

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