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2 more days to the freedom!! Here is the latest collection done by my group for #thewhiteshirtproject
Developing a fashion technology that equips the visually disabled athletes with sensory awareness of their three dimensional enviroment, XTRICATE is the future of active design development. The intelligent sportswear will guide the athletes and keep them on course through a series of vibrations using haptic and proximity sensors integrated with flexible photovoltaic cells, potentially eliminating the need for a sighted guide.
Inspired by the elements of a white shirt, blends minimalism with a bold, futuristic outlook and combines this with the progressive pace of technical advancement.

Model: Soleil and @ctopher7
Photographer : @dannysean @photreak
Designer: @gina.qxx @gabriellageorgiana and me!!
#lasallehasit #thatshoestho

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