Ceej takes his big brother duties serious! We tried the @playtexbaby VentAire Bottle and it was a success. The bottom vent design allows for air-free feeding and baby girl had no problems! The new fox design is also super cute. #ad #GabeBabeTV #PlaytexMoms #ForBetterBeginnings

TGIT...Make sure you take the time to tell everyone you care about just how much you care about them. Never take your time with someone for granted and never be afraid to show them love. I love you @gabeflowers, @reaganelizabethslife & @ceejlife ...Have a wonderful day Peeps! #GabeBabeTV

We can't believe how much our family has changed this year by welcoming babygirl Reagan!! Watch our latest video (https://youtu.be/ha2brusu8TA) to hear all about how @havenlifeinsurance can help secure a future for you and your families! #ad #havenlife #GabeBabeTV

First triathlon this weekend and I am looking to beat my last years time! Thoughts: It doesn’t matter if you beat your previous result, it matters that you have pushed yourself and worked your butt off to beat it. If you know you have given your all then the results really don’t matter, and you can be proud. Make a commitment today to work hard for what you want to achieve and I bet you actually do beat your time because the best version of you will show up! You can do it! #ChadsLife #GabeBabeTV

Happy Monday Peeps! #CeejLife #GabeBabeTV

Y’all! This happened this evening. I got to meet my favorite YouTubers ever, @gabeflowers @crader12 !!! Chad and Gabrielle are amazing and I couldn’t wait to meet them after the @kevonstage event! Sorry Kev, priorities. Gabe and Babe were so gracious and awesome. Now when is the Indy meetup?! 😊But the Comedians of Social Media show was phenomenal! #gabebabetv #anightoutwithfriends #momlifeisthebestlife

First race of the year! Took 16th overall and 3rd in age group! Rained the whole time but it was fun, and I still made it to church on time!
Oh yea, I used my @adidas Boston 6 shoes for the first time and they were amazing! #WontHeDoIt #GabeBabeTV

Cheesin because it’s the weekend shawty! 😆 #HappyFriday #MomLife #GabeBabeTV

Turning three months calls for a mini photo shoot! She was over me by the end of it though. 😄 #BabySister #ReagansLife #3MonthsOld #GabeBabeTV

This was fun! (Remember that goal you wrote down, now go get it!) #RoadToIronman #GabeBabeTV

#Repost @crader12 with @get_repost
More training = More recovery. @abywellness #Negative221F #GabeBabeTV

More training = More recovery. @abywellness #Negative221F #GabeBabeTV

Thanks Gabe and Chad for the inspiration!!! I had to dig back a couple years to find this for my friend she said thanks !! We literally used your pattern lol it was perfect !!! #gabebabetv #hgtv #diy @gabebabetv @gabeflowers

That’s right dreams, I’m coming for you...Challenge: write down that one dream you want the most and start working for it, but first truly believe that you can achieve it! #neverstopdreaming #yougotthis #GabeBabeTV

Central Regional Conference #misslellisworld #gabebabetv #aka

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