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Off-roading doesn't just mean on dirt!! 😝 here's a shot from when we drove all over the abandoned water park in between LA and Vegas. Though tomorrow I'll be back on the dirt road for a quick camping trip to test out the new tent!! Be sure to peep the story cause I'm sure I'll be all over it 😂 #offroading #onsidewalking #4x4tresspass

I wish I was cool enough to daily an ex-military G-Wagen #mercedes #gwagen #gwagon #g300d #4x4 #northvancouver


Just another average Sunday. How are you spending yours?? 📸: Booboo Stewart who doesn't have Instagram but will be all over the epic vlog I filmed and will post as soon as I finished editing it.
#outdoorliving #rooftoptent #adventurebun

I can't wait to go explore again.
It's been too long, but in the meantime I can reminisce about one of my favorite trips I took last year: a little off-road adventure with my dad. I'm so glad we got to spend some time together on this trip, can't wait to do it again this summer!! #happyfathersday #offroaddreams #fatherandsontime ➡️➡️➡️ swipe to watch the video!!

TFW you just want to be alone for 5 minutes. #tookmealldaytodrivehere #fiveminutesofpeace #softroading

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