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St. Patrick’s 🍀ski day in boot deep powder. No one was pinching me today with my bright green jacket! I 💚 outside fitness. I am always all smiles on a pair of skis.⛷ I hope you all have a great weekend and are able to do something fun you love! .
When I ski, I take protein bars with me so I can keep on skiing without having to stop in the lodges. 😉 My protein bar today was a G2G bar. @g2gbar They are my favorite! 💪🏼#instaphoto #g2gbar #instalove #instafit

Date night!
Right after eating this the waiter asked if we wanted dessert.
Obviously, he did not see the @g2gbar I had waiting for me.
I'm happy I had a healthy alternative. 😁
#g2gbar saves the day
Who else packs a healthy dessert option when eating out?
#g2gbars #healthydessert #datenight #healthyfood #pokebowl #proteinbars

Okay guys, if you seriously haven’t tried these yet then GET 👏🏼 ON 👏🏼 IT 👏🏼
these protein bars from @g2gbar are seriously the best I’ve had. they’re made with the highest quality ingredients, they’re high in protein, and they taste BOMB. these things are perfect after a gym sesh, and keep me full for several hours.
don’t believe me? check them out at good2gobar.com and see for yourself. .
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I love finding new protein bars, and discovered G2G Bar at Expo West!
I'm all about the texture of my protein bars, and these definitely made the cut. Plus they taste even better refrigerated. 🙌🏽
Swipe for the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip flavor I tried today! 😍
Thanks Garret and Ben for hooking it up with the variety box!
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Do you like delicious, all-natural, freshly made protein bars? Come by our table at the TsC and grab a free sample of a @g2gbar 😄
We now sell them at the ARC front service desk! •••
Flavors include: almond chocolate chip, peanut butter chocolate chip, PB banana chocolate chip, PB coconut chocolate, almond fruit nut, PB fruit nut and almond coconut. •••
Which flavor would you try first? Comment below and let us know! ⤵️
#g2gbar #good2gobar #g2g #usuaggies #usucampusrec #usufitness

✨ My fitness must haves ✨
✨G2G bars. I’ve said it a million times I’ll say it again- I. Love. These. Bars. Seriously the yummiest protein bars I’ve ever had in my life. .
✨Resistance bands! I love the circle ones to up the intensity with leg and booty exercises like squats, hip thrusts, etc. I also love the long loopy ones for assisted pull ups & at home workouts. .
✨Lululemon align 7/8 yoga pants 😍 Oh mah gawshhhh. Let’s just pretend they’re not ridiculously expensive for two seconds and just talk about how magical they are. So soft and flattering. Let’s just say Tanner doesn’t love that I love them but what can ya do 🤷🏼‍♀️😂 .
✨Wireless headphones. Seriously a workout game changer. No more annoying cord getting in my way on the cables or randomly yanking out of my ears cause woof 🙅🏼‍♀️ I’m curious though- what brand do you like better- bose, beats, other? Looking to invest in another pair so all suggestions welcomed 👇🏼👇🏼
.✨Notice I didn’t list any supplements. I’m not against them- but i think people get way too caught up in the supplement world when really they’re just that- a supplement to a healthy diet and exercise regimen. I’ve used BCAA’s on and off but hardly notice a difference with them. I’ve used preworkout maybe 4 or 5x total in my life. Just don’t find myself needing it. The one that I do fully support is protein powder! Such a convenient and quick way to get in some extra protein. #musthave #whatsinmybag #whatsinmygymbag #g2gbar #proteinbar #wirelessheadphones #lululemon #resistancebands

Come by our table at the ARC today from 11:30-12:30 to try our new Good 2 Go Bars (@g2gbar) sold at the front desk!
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Today was a great day all around 🙌🏻. Cherry on top was my FAVORITE#proteinbar as an after work snack...@g2gbar I’m sorry but you can do no wrong 🤷🏼‍♀️🙏🏻😍.... ❤️ #g2gbar #iifym

Today was a great day all around 🙌🏻. Cherry on top was my FAVORITE #proteinbar as an after work snack...@g2gbar I’m sorry but you can do no wrong 🤷🏼‍♀️🙏🏻😍.... apparently my #chocolatecoconut breakfast struck a nerve since I went straight for the #peanutbutter #coconut #chocolate bar today ❤️ #g2gbar #iifym

Repost @havingandeatingcake

Congrats to @lizzy_ellingson4 on winning the @g2gbar giveaway! Please email or DM me your shipping address and we will get these bars to you ASAP 🙌🏼 Thanks to everyone who entered. I wish I could choose all of you 😭 I have so many more giveaways coming for you, so stay tuned and keep entering for more chances to win.
I’m grateful for all of your support here on my page. The least I can do is give back to you through giveaways like these with my fav products like @g2gbar . ❤️💪🏽

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What? You haven’t tried a G2G bar yet? Well, friends, I highly recommend you grab some. If you live in Utah you can find them in a whole slew of places from Costco to the gas station, if they don’t have them near you, then you can always order them online. Most people like the peanut butter based ones the best, but my favorite is the almond fruit nut. They taste incredible and are a good source of protein. If you want more info then you can go check them out @g2gbar

@g2gbar at @natprodexpo in California. @bencahoon86 and @gpope8 manning the booth.
Booth babe voting contest - who is your favorite?
#g2gbars #g2gbar

@g2gbar at @natprodexpo in California.
Ben and @gpope8 manning the booth.
Booth babe voting contest - who is your favorite?
#g2gbars #g2gbar #expowest #expowest2018

Since I ran a giveaway for my challengers I want to run one for my followers on my page as well. I’m teaming up with my favorite bar company this time! Ya’ll know my obsession with @g2gbar. I don’t go a day without one, and some days I’ll have two. Lol. I love that they are all natural, no BS ingredients, don’t upset my stomach, have quality fats, and taste like a treat that completely satisfies my sweet tooth daily! Another few awesome pluses are thy are gluten free and have over 70% organic ingredients.
It doesn’t get better 🤷🏽‍♀️
To enter to win 2 FREE BOXES OF BARS:
1. Like this post
2. Follow me and @g2gbar
3. Tag 2 friends in the comments
4. Comment your favorite way to stay active outside of the gym💪🏽
***more tags and more comments=more entries!***
Good luck lovers ❤️💪🏽
#mhfitness #strengthwithmh

#giveaway #g2gbar
#onlinepersonaltraining #healthyeating #workoutmotivation

Can I ask you a question? Do you allow the scale to define you? Dictate how you’ll feel all day after stepping on it in the morning? If so - then hi!! You are HUMAN! 👋🏼. We all go through this journey, we learn from what our challenges are and adjust accordingly. I remember when I used to step on the scale and if it 1. Didn’t move or 2. Was higher than the day before, I was in an AWFUL mood!!! I’d snap at the people I cared about and felt FAT. it was miserable and exhausting.
This #transformatio photo is exactly 2 years apart, SAME exact leggings. Same mirror. SAME WOMAN. But now, the one on the right doesn’t allow the scale to define her. To dictate how her day goes. Because fuck that shit, you with me?! If you currently struggle with the scale, toss it out! Avoid stepping on it for a few months, go by how your clothes fit and just keep doing ya damn thing! That’s what helped me and I hope it does for you too!! ❤️

🎼🎼In a hurry and somewhere to be...Grab a green tea and a G2G!🎤🎧 Bet you didn't know about my hidden rapping talent...Welp, now you do! 😂
#macrocoaching @bbacksmeyer #g2gbar

My favorite protein bar, husband approved as well! #intuitiveeating #healthyeating #eattolive #freedomfromfood #g2gbar

So this was Friday’s dessert and it’s what happens when I have half a blaze pizza for lunch and go back and have a whole blaze pizza for dinner #imnotkidding 😬 which takes up a million carbs and no protein ...
But then I’m like- I can eat pizza for lunch and pizza for dinner and still have a giant sweet bowl for dessert and it’s all part of the master plan. I LOVE MACROS I WANT TO MARRY MACROS. 💏
And this is NOT a bad tier-two dessert. TWO servings of the @idealfit chocolate coconut protein powder (which I’m obsessed with now- certainly the one I got the most love for when I asked in my stories FYI) blended with califia farms coconut almond milk, pbfit, some ice, and xanthan gum, then topped with @purely_elizabeth, a little @g2gbar and @cocoabarinajar. Once I’m eating it I always think... why don’t I just do this every night.. it would free up so many carbs 🤔..
But then the next day I panic that I’ll die without my giant sundae so I pre-log it and forget about this until my hand is forced... but lemme tell you I LOVE HAVING IT IN MY BACK POCKET. For days where I double-dip at blaze or finish the whole bag of soy crisps when I swore I’d stop at ten🙄 ... and what not. 💁🏼
I’ll link to a similar “pro-yo” on my blog — really is a killer way to still get a treat and knock out your protein if you’ve got some lying around ... click the link in my profile @lillielovesmacros. And swipe for macros for this bowl!
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