Hey guys! I’m sorry for the lack of study posts the past couple of weeks - I’ve been enjoying my summer break😍 Unfortunately, I only have about a week of summer fun left before the studying must go on! I’ll be prepping for my dosage calc exam that is in mid-August. It’s a doozy and set back 4 people from the cohort above me last semester (😩) so I am going to try to adequately prepare! I hope everyone is having a great summer whether that be at work, school, or wherever else your little summer heart leads you 😘

So here’s a fun update - this semester for my “community health” clinical I will be placed in a...wait for it.. TEXAS PRISON 😎😱 I am so stoked for this opportunity. This clinical rotation will help me stand out to future employers in interviews because every one gets to experience rotations in hospitals, but how many people will be able to say they had a rotation in a prison 😬 All of the older cohorts have told me this was their favorite rotation so I am just so pumped!

Today is a GOOD Friday 🙏🏼 Anyone who is a tech knows it is unheard of to be adequately staffed. I have a whopping 8 patients because they allowed us to have 4 techs on the floor today 😩 seriously feeling blessed! Would anyone be interested in a post about the average shift for me?

Dealing with a lot of change in my little corner of the world right now. That’s the danger of growth - sometimes you outgrow the things that once meant the most to you. However, you can’t keep running back to things that are comfortable. Otherwise, we become stuck in our old habits and can’t become who we are meant to be. Keep moving, keep focused, keep growing. Love yourself! ❤️ #NotEasy #ButItsWorthIt

😂😂😂 stolen from studymate but omg this is seriously me right now. I’m so excited but also dreading starting school in two short weeks 😍😫 Mixed emotions!

•An Average Shift of a PCA•
Every day is different! Even if you have had the same patients for 2 weeks you can come into work and they can be completely different than they were before (better or worse) so keep this in mind! Greet each patient cheerfully. ☀️ 6am-8am: Receive report, take AM vitals, update boards, notify RN of any abnormal findings. ☕️ 8am-10am: take blood sugars, set up trays for breakfast, answer call lights
1030-12: take noon vitals, chart patient activity, linen changes, showers, etc. 🍎12-3: I call this the “maintenance time”. You keep your patients happy, get people in the shower, help RNs with dressing changes, ostomy/Foley, turning patients, etc. 😴3-6: take evening vitals, chart every thing from the day, straighten room, update boards for patients, get ready to give PM report!

Tuesday night my mom started to develop severe stomach pain. On Wednesday, she was unable to stand up straight or lift her right leg up to her chest and so I suspected she might have appendicitis and took her to the ER 👍🏻 All in all, from the time we got into the ER and out of surgery took 5 hours 😱
Appendicitis is diagnosed using a CT scan and WBC count (my mom’s was a 16.5). Thankfully, her appendix had not ruptured yet so they were able to perform a laparoscopic procedure. She has 3 very small incisions that are about an inch wide or so!
Before surgery, she was started on prophylactic antibiotics and after the procedure the doctor gave her one more dose due to some “ooziness” after the procedure.
Overall, it was really reassuring to see every thing I have learned in school implemented in this case. Every thing is a lot less overwhelming when you can anticipate the next steps of care for your loved one in the hospital!
⁉️Question: what is a complication that can occur from an appendix that has ruptured?⁉️

I’m 10 days away from the beginning of the semester and the nerves are starting to kick in! Starting my senior year feels overwhelming in the fact that my end goal is only 9 short months away. I have grown so much in the last year and a half of nursing school and I know this next year will change me even more. I’m going to spend the next 10 days relaxing, enjoying my families company, and prepping for my dosage calc exam. What are you doing to prep for this semester?

I’ve got to brag on my childhood best friend because tonight she graduated with her ADN! She is one exam away from calling herself an RN 😍 it was so special to get to listen to her pinning ceremony and know that I will be there in nine short months! It definitely was the little push I needed going into this semester. To make things even better - she will getting her RN-BSN from the university I am attending so we will both be BSN grads from the same school!! 🎉❤️

I’m obsessed with the gift that I’m giving my friend today at her grad party! I received so many great recommendations from y’all! I ended up getting her a @thirtyone bag, an organizer that I see a lot of nurses carry on their COWs with flushes, tape, etc., a portable pulse ox, a little toiletries bag, a picture of us, a clipboard, the nursing blessing cards and a few other fillers! I’m so excited 🤗

Breakfast 😋


Guys I can’t believe it. 6th semester is officially over 😭🎉 I was honestly terrified of taking classes this summer, but I am so happy that I did. Although, I cried more than I ever have in a semester and worked harder than I have ever had to in college, this was my favorite semester of nursing school so far. 👩🏼‍⚕️💉📚🤓 This semester pushed me way out of my comfort zone and helped me grow as a person and as a student nurse. I was elected to be our class treasurer 💸 I continued my work as a nursing research fellow in the Bio Behavioral Research Lab 👩🏼‍🔬🔬 All in all I am so thankful for the opportunities that have been presented to me and I am looking forward to the next chapter of my nursing school education in 7th semester 💕 #OnToTheNextAdventure #ICantBelieveItsOver #9MonthsFromGraduating #HardWork #BloodSweatAndTears #NursingSchool #FutureBSN

Many hospitals and healthcare facilities will require nurses to have a bachelor’s degree by 2020. The #LPN to BSN program at our Knoxville campus is a great way for working healthcare professionals to earn their #BSN degrees.
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문과출신 과학문맹🌧🌩 간호학과 미생물학 배우려면 기본이라도 알아야 되는데 고민하다 찾은 고등학교 EBS 기초강의!! 2월부터 들으려고했는데 미루다미루다 지금와서 하는 클라스👍
Online biology course for beginner✔
It would be more fun, because I'de be using science to find out more about something that i enjoy!

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This man that you see in this picture is my instructor Dr.Khalil, he has thought me so much about not only becoming a surgical tech but how to grow and become the best Sarah that I can possibly be. He push me to the limits but I didnt give up, blood, sweat and tears I am overcoming obstacles and making it through as a shining star. "She believed she could so she did." #surgicaltech #scrubtech #surgicaltechnology #medicine #surgery #ilovemedicine #scrublife #hospitallife #futurebsn #ornurse #blessed #BlackGirlMagic

How do you deal with the guilt of not seeing your children as much? I’m transitioning from a stay at home mom to full time Nursing school next week and I’m having major mom guilt! Help 😩

Just because school starts in two weeks for me.. I need to brush up on my med math! Love this little cheat sheet 😊👩🏻‍💻 Do you guys have all your books/supplies needed for this upcoming semester?! Let me know! 👍🏻 #nurselife #studentnurse #nursingschool #studentnurselife #medmath #nursesofinstagram #futurecrna #futurebsn #futurern #nursingschoolproblems #studygram #premed #medlife #physicianassistant #nursingrocks #dowhatyoulove #lovenursing

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