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Lots of sheep in South America. Found this cool little fur workshop in Punta Arenas. #bonissewing #furstitching #furmachine #madeinusa #madeinnewyork

Ancient sticker on my new ancient Bonis never stop. #bonis #furmachine

🔹U P D A W G🔹
Up dog with my rad dog.🐶
Chances are if you pass through the studio more than once, you'll meet our hound-in-residence, and sequencing assistant, Daisy Duke.
A word of warning, once you pat her, you will be besties for life. ✌🏼️ We keep a sticky roller on hand for just such love-ins 😝 #furmachine

I hope you like your pjs extra furry 😹 #loveyou #furmachine #ragdoll

Floor will scratch back, rub the belly.

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My fur-niece is just as adorable as the day i met her. And 100x crazier.
@kiralough @clintonlough
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Looks like she just took a rad selfie, but really this is sass and miss Malu punching my phone #maluthehusky #huskylife #husky #sassy #selfie #dog #mylove #furbaby #furmachine #idaho #sassqueen

Lazy morning. Just sittin here shedding 10 pounds of fur per hour. Thinking about my kong full of peanut butter and jumping in a mud hole at the river and pretending I'm not a white Aussie. Good times. Good morning all...
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Fur cup seaming machine #japsew #sewingmachine #furmachine #furrier brand new cup Seamer for sale contact Maury sewing machine co

"Obstacles are placed in our way to see if what we really want is worth fighting for."
After what seems like forever I've finally got my cup seamer machine set up. I bought this second hand (and it wasn't cheap!) after bringing it back to the studio, I realised it didn't sew properly, took it to my machine man (Richard from N J Sewing repairs in Falkirk is God I highly recommend him!) to then be told not only is the machine worth MAYBE £20 but someone had moved all of the cams, changed the tensions, fiddled around so much they almost broke the machine. Rule no.1 when buying a machine - thoroughly check it works!!! Finally got it home after its service/was made correct for the motor to then blow up on me. Had to locate an electrical panel which was made in China (and proved impossible to track as the machine has no branding/makers mark on it) so had to buy a new motor. Except new motors are £160 so I went for a second hand one instead. Despite all of this I'm so pumped to officially begin my training with Brian, who is the most meticulous craftsman, and I can definitely say the journey so far has been worth it. Here's a wee clip from Fridays session, we pieced together marten pelts taken from a vintage stole, to be made into a hat for a client. More to follow 👊

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