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لوریا: من خیلی از رنگ بنفش خوشم میاد.
جان: چه خوب، منم رنگ آبی رو خیلی دوست دارم،
بنفشو یه کم کمرنگ کنی میرسی به آبی، رنگ های نزدیکی هستن تقریبا...
لوریا: آره، رنگ های نزدیکی هستن.
جان: البته نیازی به اینهمه فلسفه بافی نیست،
دوسِت دارم...!
حتی اگه تو از سفید خوشت بیاد،
من از مشکی!

#TBT Thug lyfe wedding attire 👰🏻🤵🏻
Thanks @swan_stewart for the 📸, couldn't have done it without your selfie!
#JustMarried #TheBensons #FureverLove

Do you ever look at your dog and think to yourself...how did I get so lucky?!? 🐾💗#ido #luckyme #mybabytank #fureverlove

A year ago today Gabbana was brought back to Momma. We were separated for a long, sad 19 months. We never gave up on finding each other. Thanks to her microchip and a pawsome family who spotted Gabbana roaming/limping through their neighborhood we were reunited. #FureverLove #PitbullMom #microchipyourpets

After reading how the SPCA is over capacity I talked it over with my husband about just going to see if we have a connection with any of the animals. This picture was from the 1st of 3 that we visited today and we will be doing meet and greets tomorrow to see about giving one a furever home. NOW check out this sweet soul. There was a cat who had a bowl full of food housed next to 3 kittens with an empty bowl. JB was picking piece by piece up to hand feed them. As a parent I couldn't help but snap this picture of her pure heart. I pray the world never makes her cold ❤️#fureverlove #adoptdontshop #help #sosweet

Find someone who looks at you the way you look at your pup.
#fureverlove #rufflife #monstergirl #d oh double g #shelovesmebackiswear

Mama doesn't know that I met a new boyfriend at camp @barkingsprings 🐩💕Luv u Kevin the white poodle, and sister coco approves too. You are my #fureverlove


Khaleesi woke me up with this next to my head on my pillow. Like really??? She isn't patient.
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Training gear fund

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SMILE😋 it's friYAY!!

#Repost @dundaswestanimalhospital (@get_repost)
Dale from @teamcatrescueca is staying with us while he waits for his new family and can always be found cradled in someone's lap just as he likes! 😻 this sweetheart might be adopted but if you're looking for a new family member @teamcatrescueca has many in need of furever homes! #fureverlove #adoptdontshop #teamcat #catsoftoronto #catsofinstagram #fureverhome #rescuecats #dundaswest

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